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The Rendition Buy: Why The Industry Is Going To Be Sold Out

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime seems to attach great weight to the fact that their Network of Operatives; their Membership, are their closest allies. All is not quiet on the Western Front, though. The reality is that over the past several years, Foreclosurepedia has unearthed millions upon millions of dollars which NAMFS Regime Members continue to refuse to pay Contractors. The reality is that while these criminals whom refuse to pay Contractors belong in jail, the far better approach is to destroy them financially.

Foreclosurepedia has been in quiet discussions with a Prominent Collections Bureau with respect to the AltisourceBuczek Enterprises disaster. We are hopeful that this will be initially used to judge the Fertile Market upon.

Extraordinary rendition is an old operations term we used to use for the transportation of a principal to an area wherein both the law and environment was more suitable for a favorable outcome. I believe that, in the instant case of NAMFS Regime Members defrauding Contractors, the extraordinary rendition of these accounts to professionals whom deal with these types of deadbeats daily is appropriate.

Collection accounts remain seven years from the original delinquency date of the original account. Collection accounts are treated as a continuation of the original debt and are deleted at the same time.

The true irony: As Contractors are now defined as Debt Collectors, at least in the State of Maine, these Debt Collectors must hire other Debt Collectors to get paid. With that said, let me walk you through the hypothetical scenario. Actually, this scenario is currently being laid out for a real world test,

The Connollys are a family in Pennsylvania whom both Altisource and Buczek Enterprises have refused to pay a single dime to. They are owed well over SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS by Adam Buczek. So, the Connollys reach out to me. I create(d) a file on their issue (I actually already have) and I pass that on to the Collections Team. As I am bound to that Team by a Non Disclosure Agreement, I am no longer allowed to publicly discuss the matter. So, the Contractor does not have the fear of reprisal. The Team then begins their Campaign against, in this hypothetical case, Adam Buckzek. The letters, the phone calls, the whole ball of wax!

Adam decides to balk because he knows his brother did federal prison time and wants to look cool for his brother and pops and little miss Amanda Lynn Burke Buczek. When Adam Buczek decides not to settle, the Team then files both a Collections Entry and this, in turn has a negative impact on Adam’s Credit Report. They additionally go after his DUNS Number. In tandem; the Social Security Number, the Tax Identification Number and the Dun and Bradstreet Number, effectively ensure that Adam Buczek is never able to either meaningfully participate in Contracting again let alone buy so much as a toaster on credit. In many cases, Adam Buczek begins to use a Wal Mart Pre Paid Card for the long term future.

It is win – win. The perpetrator of the fraud loses, the Contractor gets paid and there is one less NAMFS Regime Order Mill around to screw people. Foreclosurepedia has amassed thousands of files on NAMFS Regime Offenders. We tried to work with them; however, even those whom pretended to respond to treatment had a high rate of recidivism. To effectively and efficiently address these NAMFS Regime Repeat Offenders, you need to bring in the Strike Teams. Over the next week, we will create the One Stop Shop to do this. Imagine: The ability to collect upon monies owed without the Publicity normally associated with it! Additionally, having the knowledge that you will potentially destroy these Offender’s Credit? Priceless!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.

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