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Safeguard Properties: Staring Down $6 Million With One Firm Alone

Safeguard Properties, a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime was named along with HomeStar Property Solutions (HomeStar) whom is also a NAMFS Regime Member in recent correspondence to Foreclosurepedia. In recently obtained correspondence to Safeguard Properties General Counsel, Linda Erkkila, it is quite obvious that Safeguard Properties has no intention of every paying the Millions of Millions of dollars outstanding. Below, is a Confidential Letter sent to Safeguard Properties General Counsel Erkkila from M & C Property Preservation’s Legal Counsel Corey J Ayling. It should be noted that Safeguard Properties in now in the death spiral of litigation. With multi million dollar claims from home owners, the Illinois Attorney General, Racial Disparity Suits and Federal Racketeering litigation, Erkkila has her job cut out!

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So, what should Safeguard Properties expect along with fellow NAMFS Regime Members? Here, let’s take a look at what recently happened to Bank of America when Armed Sheriff’s Deputies showed up to seize their assets for an illegal foreclosure — unless you are one of the Contractors whom are working with the NAMFS Regime’s latest attempt to pretend to organize Contractors under the guise of Boots on the Ground.

An Email to Foreclosurepedia from M&C: Due to Safeguards unjust internal affairs as my documentation proves and also is a large part of our case being they are committing fraud to date as my firm is still receiving scorecards for completed work and we have been inactive for over a year.

Our firm was pressed big so quickly to ensure that we couldn’t possibly put everything in excel format we performed nearly 300,000-500,00 orders with a 6-8 months period of time costing over $1.65 million just in operations. Our staff was well over 100 employees and our bi-weekly payroll averaged $60-80K.

We have all orders data and jobs completed etc. but they are all paper documentation in work order format etc. talking about a room full of boxes with these invoices we went through for over 3 straight months.

The internal accounting, tracking system of Safeguard and how corrupt it is, my firm can demonstrate their numerous faults and strategies for embezzling money from contractors through the system by changing contractor codes and much more.

I can also provide you with a document from HomeStar’s project manager stating they are not paying their subs and why-if I already didn’t provide you with this document? Case in point we have dirt on all these assholes who are breaking the morality of the industry along with the values and laws of our states/country and would love to bury their nose in it deeply.

I’m ready to go on this and will provide you with as much information as needed, perhaps we need talk via phone? I also own and operate 3 other businesses that are demanding so my apologies. Let me know the next steps moving forward thank you.

To read the first 54 of thousands of pages of Invoices Foreclosurepedia now possesses for entry into the Property Baggage Website for Potential Contractor Lines, see below.

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