Safeguard Properties: Staring Down $6 Million With One Firm Alone

Safeguard Properties, a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime was named along with HomeStar Property Solutions (HomeStar) whom is also a NAMFS Regime Member in recent correspondence to Foreclosurepedia. In recently obtained correspondence to Safeguard Properties General Counsel, Linda Erkkila, it is quite obvious that Safeguard Properties has no intention of every paying the Millions of Millions of dollars outstanding. Below, is a Confidential Letter sent to Safeguard Properties General Counsel Erkkila from M & C Property Preservation's Legal Counsel Corey J Ayling. It should be noted that Safeguard Properties in now in the death spiral of litigation. With multi million dollar claims from home owners, the Illinois Attorney General, Racial Disparity Suits and Federal

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