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Proprietary Software: Why The Mortgage Industry Is Being Left Behind

Government Technology had a great piece out in May’s Printed Magazine, I receive, pertaining to virtually all of Western Society making the shift over to Open Document Format (ODF). The reality is that other than Massachusetts implementing ODF, no other state has taken the leap. The single most heavily contributing factor for the United States rebellion, in my opinion, is the heavy lobbying of legislative interests. The reality is that if you have the ability to engage a population; if you cannot control that population through monetary means, then they might just decide that they were capable of making educated decisions — sounding like the Electoral College yet?!

To appreciate the shift to ODF, it’s important to distinguish between open format and open source, two concepts that often get conflated.

Open format, also known as open platform, refers to the bedrock upon which an IT system is constructed. Open source on the other hand describes software tools developed by collaborative communities and distributed for free. One is infrastructure, the other is an application.

It’s possible to have proprietary software run on an open platform (the data still will be fundamentally accessible by all ODF-based systems). You don’t need open source software, but in practice those who pursue ODF frequently turn to open source software in the spirit of openness and ready interoperability.

One of the greatest inhibitors to the advancement in technology is collaboration. Take Henry Ford, for example. Many folks do not realize that Ford had to sue the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers (ALAM) in 1903. They owned the 1895 Selden patent, and they claimed it covered all gasoline-powered vehicles. This patent allowed them to dictate whom could build and sell cars. Is this starting to sound like the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime?

Anyone strolling by 58 Bagley Street in Detroit early in the morning of June 4, 1896, would have seen a strange sight: Henry Ford, ax in hand, was smashing open the brick wall of his rented garage. He had just started his first gas-powered car, and it was too big to fit through the door. Ford would tell the story over and over in the years following—the rain that night, the brief drive down Grand River Avenue to Washington Boulevard, and the seven years it took him to build his “quadricycle.” What was most remarkable, though, was not the event itself—others had already figured out how to build cars and make them run. What was remarkable was that Ford grasped the implications of a horseless carriage and had the vision, perseverance, and ability to make cars for the multitude of Americans.

One of the largest problems in the Mortgage Field Services Industry today is that Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services Regime dictate to others what platforms and which firms must be used in order to effectively participate within the Industry. This monopolization of the Industry is both illegal and irresponsible. Take Aspen Grove Solutions, for example. Here is a Foreign National, based out of an obvious terrorist hotbed — go no further than the fact that Martin McGuinness is a convicted terrorist and now sits on The Assembly of Northern Ireland —  and here on Domestic Soil forcing Contractors to pay anywhere from SIXTY FIVE DOLLARS to OVER ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to get a background check. This same background check, which Aspen Grove Solutions does not perform is available for FIVE DOLLARS by a firm which clears Intelligence Personnel Globally! Aspen Grove Solutions is now cornering the Market with respect to the entry and transmission of Work Orders within the Mortgage Field Services Industry — for a price as well!

Each and every day, National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills choose to support the same environment which has been adopted to the detriment of the Industry. The NAMFS Regime continues to roll out their Dog and Pony Shows and they use their henchmen to pretend to liaise with Contractors while forcing them to use the same old proprietary methods which, time and again — take a look at Safeguard Properties Database Architecture as an example — are antiquated and force Contractors to languish in the submission of Work Orders to get paid — IF THEY GET PAID AT ALL!

At the end of the day, the most stifling variable in the Mortgage Field Services Industry is the NAMFS Regime. The monopolistic and proprietary model that the NAMFS Regime forces down everyone’s throats is calculated to enrich they and their Membership. Their attempts to inject themselves into the affairs of Contractors, vis-a-vis software, background checks and the utilization of Committee Members pretending to Organize is a testament to the lengths to which they will go to ensure Market Control. To further emphasize this, we are breaking a story today on yet more Contractors whom NAMFS Regime Secretary, Heather Berghorst, has refused to pay. The Buczek Enterprises Affair continues to wind on with Contractors to reach out to to begin the process of filing Liens against Altisource. On and on and on.

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