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BOTG Florida 2014: The Official Statement

I have had a tremendous amount of emails and phone calls with respect to why I am pulling out of BOTG Florida 2014. Before I address them I believe it is prudent to state that the organization of Contractors is something that I am supportive of. With that said, I am extremely concerned about the fundamental elements underlying the event which have recently come to light.

The Transfer Of Data To NAMFS
The Transfer Of Data To NAMFS

The bottom sentence is disturbing when coupled with the fact that there were emails and phone calls between Douglas and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, “…authorizing [Douglas] to have the meeting… [.]” First, Eric Miller’s position; the same Eric Miller whom is awarded well over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR WHICH CONSUMES NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES, has always stated that the NAMFS Regime is not empowered to instruct their Membership what to do.

So, if the NAMFS Regime is unable to cause change amongst its Membership from the Ethics Side, why on earth would they attempt to force them to pay more money to Contractors, Bret? Let’s back up a moment, though. Why did you need permission from the NAMFS Regime to hold a Meeting? Is it a paranoia like Terry Platt attempting to Service Mark just about every word in the dictionary? What a pathetic hack. To be so paranoid that you have to Copyright, Trademark and Service Mark everything. I hope that #Anonymous takes a REAL HARD LOOK at you and your belief you OWN WORDS!

Intelligence and Counter Intelligence are familiar worlds. When I look at the latest ISTAR Intercepts I get queasy. Email and Smartphones are pesky things. Took a HELL OF A LOT of engineering before President Obama was allowed to utilize his. One thing in life I do not believe in is coincidence. Against better judgement, I am going to allow folks into my rationale; the raw intel part of my thinking.

Over the past couple of months several critical things happened. First, the NAMFS Regime took direct hits. The hits were direct enough to justify extensive discussions about how to handle Foreclosurepedia including some off the cuff comments about accidents. I take the accident shit with a grain of salt as no one wants a body count. As NAMFS Regime Members like Heather Berghorst began to become financially insolvent the concerns became more vocal and two people appeared on the scene: Joe Hummel and Bret Douglas. For all intents and purposes, neither of these folks have much of a record within NAMFS until recently as both have been tossed up on Committees.

Around the same time that the NAMFS Regime began to take direct hits, Terry Platt began to do a complete roll reversal from supporter of the Contractor to NAMFS Regime Supporter. Matter of fact, we hear that Terry Platt has obtained his Sponsorship Letters from some very interesting participants. More on that as it is publicly put out by NAMFS — the Sponsorships really don’t matter as we have shown in the past as the NAMFS Regime just cares about the money.

With respect to the NAMFS Regime attempting to collate data on Contractors I am extremely concerned. Never in its quarter of a century in existence has the NAMFS Regime attempted to do something like this. I will promise the Contractors one thing — take notice that my predictions have always come true — your names, information, beliefs and photos will be duly noted by the Board of Directors of the NAMFS Regime. I guarantee that if you refuse to bow down and kiss the brown ring, you will find an extreme work reduction heading your way.

The very idea that Bret Douglas needed approval and will send all data to the NAMFS Regime communicates that there are concerns within the NAMFS Regime that Contractors actually might organize. Reflecting back to the formation of the National Property Preservation Guild a similar strategy was taken to overrun Contractors with Shot Callers and Order Mills. We know how that went. Who knows, though. Maybe the NAMFS Regime simply wants to obtain all the information they possibly can because they care about Contractors; perhaps the NAMFS Regime wants to help Contractors sign up for Obama Care?!

The private reasons for not attending are personal. Some deal with Intelligence I have and some deal with the simple fact that communication is not Douglas’ best suit. While I like IronClad’s W2 Model, I am deeply concerned that the purchasing of several new facilities in areas where he does not currently have work are, perhaps, in anticipation for Contracts which will be awarded as payment for Services Rendered. People may read into that whatever they like.

My job; what I do, is both grotesque and incomprehensible to many. The Art of Intelligence; the Cult of Intelligence if you will, is a dark and lonely endeavor. A tremendous amount of collateral damage occurs. Innocent people pay the penalty of Guilt By Association. Take what I do, for example. Withdrawing the simple fact that Wells Fargo is now quietly working on a Document which will ensure that NO CONTRACTOR WILL EVER BE ALLOWED TO SAY ANYTHING NEGATIVE on Social Media about any NAMFS Regime Order Mill — Yes, it is coming and not a single one of you will reject it — the reality is that sometimes people are guilty of their past. Joe Hummel, Bret Douglas and Terry Platt all appeared out of the blue to come and fight for the NAMFS Regime. Douglas is still contributing OVER TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS TO THE NAMFS REGIME and yet purports to be concerned about the very NAMFS Regime Membership whom defraud Contractors daily.

I call a spade when I see a spade. This BOTG Florida 2014 is a set up; it is a Honey Pot. I am simply thankful that I performed some deeper due diligence before I caught a plane down. The NAMFS Regime is desperate, make no mistake about that. If Contractors were ever allowed to organize, they could easily Deep Six the Power and Control these Predators currently have. Eric Miller knows this.

For those of you whom make the Pilgrimage, I wish you the best. Before you decide to kneel down, ask yourself this question. Who is our Leader in BOTG Florida? You see, that is a critical question. If you are an Order Mill, then the Douglas – NAMFS Regime leadership would work well. If you are, though, an actual Boots on the Ground Contractor would you not rather surround yourself with fellow Contractors? What I mean is that if you are a sole proprietor, do you really think folks like Douglas, Platt and Hummel are going to turn their backs on the NAMFS Regime when they issue out the No Negativity Document?! No, they won’t. I also ask you to keep tabs on those two Florida Facilities which have been recently spun up by Douglas. If you see work flow into them after the Meeting, then you know the reason. The NAMFS Regime makes money on your backs, folks. They DO NOT CARE about anything other than you doing the work because that is how they make money — they take every possible dollar they can from your Work Orders and then they back bill you to get the rest of them.

Change is coming. As I am positive that I will never be allowed to cut grass in this Industry again, I am comfortable with the Nuclear Option. When the Debt Collectors enter and enter they already have, these Predators are going to go by the Wayside. Much like the Parting of the Earth at Sinai, history is going to reflect those whom stood with the NAMFS Regime and those whom stood with the Contractors. Finally, should anyone offer anything at the After Hours Party, my recommendation is to take a pass. Glass pipes are a one way street.

You Send The Kids To School And ...
You Send The Kids To School And …

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