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The Price of HUD 3.6

We decided to do a little bit of digging around and find out what HUD 3.6 is going to pay.  The reason for this was that earlier this morning we received a confidential email containing copies of the HUD Award Notice (AN).  We are currently still going through some of the material and will make future posts to keep Contractors in the loop.

By-in-large, the ANs are generally overlooked by most whom are not associated with either the Awardee or the Company(s) loosing the Contract.  The reality is that unless you know what and where to look for information you probably will never find it.  It sometimes boggles my mind why we ever Classified any data as it was buried so far out of the normal nomenclature that it would never be found!

With that said and being that the HUD 3.6 pricing is flatlining I had thought that the AN price had to of fallen to record lows.  Bah, not a chance.  Can I get a drum roll, please?!  Here is the price agreed to by HUD:


Base and ALL options ceiling value $1,122,112,254.00
Simply Google :  DU204SA-12-D-10.   I even hyperlinked the page for ease of access.
Now, if I take FY11 HUD properties for Tennessee which were 3,999 if my memory serves me correct and simply multiply that by 3 I get about 12,000 properties.  So, at the end of the day not a bad Return on Investment, ‘eh?!

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