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The NAMFS Piggybank: How Eric Miller and Harvey Weinstein Are Alike

Eric Miller, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Executive Director, has always been the Harvey Weinstein to the financial institutions. The how and why of what brought Miller to NAMFS is up for grabs and many insiders have stated that he was to be there only two terms and then the position was to be handed off to another, fellow LPS colleague. Nearly a million dollars later — a million in salaries, perks, and losses — Miller is still at the helm, pimping out anyone he might make a dollar on. What has changed, though, is the willing complicity by many to participate in Miller’s support of #Fraudsters.

For years, Miller and his all white NAMFS Board of Directors, have refused to address the millions of dollars in fraud perpetrated against Minority Females and Labor. In fact, Miller’s right hand woman, the former and now disgraced NAMFS Secretary, Heather Berghorst, was the highest profile NAMFS Member which Foreclosurepedia has reported upon, to date. At each and every step of the way while Berghorst defrauded not only Minority Females and Labor, but financial institutions such as Fifth Third Bank, Eric Miller had email reports and documented proof. Additionally, Altisource, by and through their Associate General Counsel, was aware.

So heinous and egregious was the fraud that Berghorst committed and Miller had knowledge and aforethought upon, that Fifth Third challenged the Berghorst Bankruptcy saying,

26. 11 USC 523(a)(6) provides that a debt arising from a willful and malicious injury by a debtor [Heather and Doug Berghorst] to another entity or the property of another entity is not dischargeable.

27. The Debtors [Heather and Doug Berghorst] willfully caused Berghorst Enterprises to transfer the Collateral outside the ordinary course of its business without the approval of Fifth Third.

30. The knowing transfer of the Collateral, subject to Fifth Third’s security interest, was a willful and malicious injury to the bank’s property interest in the Collateral.

This is the standard modus operandi which NAMFS Members operate under daily. And all the time, Eric Miller is the Gatekeeper, paid to protect they and their continued Membership in NAMFS. To say that NAMFS is a Criminal Enterprise as defined by RICO, is an understatement. And to say that Eric Miller handles the day-to-day operations of NAMFS, as a Criminal Enterprise, crossing state lines, in the furtherance of artifices and schemes is calling the kettle black. Hit Them Hard; Hit Them Fast; and Hit Them Continually is the mantra which has caused change in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. And Foreclosurepedia has just begun.

Justis Smith, the daughter of Rowe Enterprises founder Jerry and Donna Rowe, is the new face which NAMFS is attempting to put forth. The gender card is nothing new and we all remember what Mitch Davidson, Purdy Enterprise, had to say about Deana Alfredo. And most notably, is the telling fact that NAMFS continues to refuse to allow Minorities upon their Board of Directors. Born with a silver spoon in hand, Smith has been doing her best to attempt to smooth ruffled feathers while quietly plotting for the resurgence of NAMFS as a semi legitimate Trade Association. Problem is that Eric Miller has blown through roughly One Million Dollars of NAMFS monies while Executive Director. Moreover, though, NAMFS continues to refuse to release their IRS Form 990, required to be presented, upon request. Foreclosurepedia reiterated our request for such and have, once again, filed an IRS 13909 Complaint for the fourth year in a row. What Miller hasn’t confided to Smith is that when Foreclosurepedia begins to dig, and dig we will, it is an #Epic excavation project. The sad reality is that virtually anything which Foreclosurepedia investigates pertaining to NAMFS, virtually everything we need to know is publicly available.

For years, Miller has stated that NAMFS is not in the business to regulate its Members. That, though, is a lie. First and foremost, NAMFS provides education and certification. Above and beyond the fact that the NAMFS By Laws govern the conduct of its Membership, when a Trade Association begins to provide the very fabric and foundation upon which is the cloth sewn by the Industry, regulation of its Membership becomes not simply necessary, but mandatory.

Had Foreclosurepedia not came on the scene when we did, the reality is that many of those innocuous blips on the fraud radar would never have been located. Always a Friend of Labor, Foreclosurepedia has been able to connect the dots, of NAMFS Racketeering, using a Wiki Type Mind Mapping System we call ISTAR — Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance. NAMFS stands as the poster boy for mismanagement of its brand, reputation and franchise. In fact, Miller’s protection of firms, such as ASONS, has done nothing other than protect predators charged with rape upon underaged, hadicapped females in Eden, North Carolina. Mickey Snow’s behavior, both as a sexual deviant and arsonist has stretched over three decades. Snow is well known to Eric Miller and in fact Miller’s friend and CEO of ASONS, Milan Thompson, had this to say about the horrific rapes committed by Snow,

If he did wrong, he should be punished, but I am here to tell you that Mickey was my friend and I’d probably go visit his stupid butt in prison. — Milan Thompson, 21 October 2015

Thompson is no stranger to achieving wealth at the expense of those whom might least afford it. In fact, Thompson, along with his wife, Carol Beeson, obtained a $27 Million facility for a bit over one million dollars by promising to give 100+ jobs to Indianians. With the blessing of Vice President Mike Pence, Thompson bought his current facility through a scheme which narrowly tailored those whom could bid resulting in ASONS being the only entity to bid upon the former Muncie, Indiana, school. Then, almost immediately, he forced his employees to take a massive pay cut and fired those whom questioned him. Employees or former employees who contacted The Star Press this week expressed concern that the proposed pay cuts were so high that they would jeopardize their own family’s income at the expense of keeping the company operating. “The group meeting ended with, ‘What if we don’t offer to take enough pay cut, what happens then?’ The answer was, ‘Here’s the door,’” said Eric Laughner, who was terminated as project manager in recent days.

Years ago, when Countrywide Inspection Services (CWIS), a NAMFS member, got their larger start in the Mortgage Field Services Industry, Thompson partnered with and played a pivotal role scaling Dave and Carolyn Ramagos, the owners, up. Word on the bricks is that CWIS is now under investigation for issues stemming from their US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) Contract. In fact, after a scathying Foreclosurepedia Podcast Interview with L&B Management‘s Owner, Billy Maysonet, a native Puerto Rican, CWIS was forced to pay nearly One Hundred Thousand Dollars they owed to L&B.

CWIS, a [HUD] FSM Prime Vendor, has been under fire from multiple quarters recently. Billy Maysonet, a native Puerto Rican based in Carolina, Puerto Rico, alleges they owe him nearly One Hundred Thousand Dollars amongst a litany of criminal accusations leveled at Dave Ramagos, CWIS CEO. During the course of the investigation, as earlier reported by Foreclosurepedia, ASONS attorney, John Bravacos, HUDs Backdoor Man, was able to transmit information pertaining to the confidential Maysonet investigation to personnel whom had no need to know. More on point, though, questions remain how Bravacos, the former HUD Philly HOC Director, was able to access this information and what his statement, “It’s being fixed,” actually meant with respect to the confidential Maysonet Investigation.

Miller, with the blessing of his fellow #Fraudsters, has perpetrated a protection racket, without public disclosure, by effectively silencing any form of dissent. For years, Miller has exercised his ability to keep people like Berghorst and Patricia McTaggart, Altisource, out of NAMFS By Laws Section 2.6 Proceedings. The pertinent portion of Section 2.6 reads as follows,

Conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Association.  Upon determination by the Board of Directors that a member has engaged in conduct materially and seriously prejudicial to the interests or purposes of the Association, the Board may vote to terminate the membership of that member.  The decision to initiate expulsion proceedings shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board in accordance with the quorum and voting rules set forth in these Bylaws applicable to meetings of the Board.

The case of the haggard Heather Berghorst is a startling example of precisely to what lengths Eric Miller is willing to go if the payoff is right. Patricia McTaggart, Altisource, is yet another example of the level of criminality NAMFS and Miller are willing to accept. After years of reporting upon the millions of dollars that Buczek Enterprises and Berghorst’s firm Berghorst Enterprises had defrauded from Minority Females and Labor, Altisource commissioned a DO NOT USE list targeting those whom objected to being defrauded. Illegal in any fashion with respect to federal contracting, NAMFS was so brazen that when a South Carolina firm brought it to the attention of Miller and the NAMFS Board of Directors, earlier this year, Miller informed the misclassified employee that NAMFS would do nothing about the issue.

I want this to sink in, for just a moment. Above, you may clearly read that Altisource willingly transmitted its legal acknowledgement that they maintain a DO NOT USE LIST. Miller stated clearly, that even the existence of such would be grounds for expulsion. And then, in the same breath, Miller tells the misclassified employee that NAMFS would do nothing to help him.

In fact, here is what Miller had to say to the misclassified employee earlier this year,

NAMFS appreciates your bringing this issue to our attention and for taking the time to discuss your concerns with the Officers last week.  To address the comment regarding recording the phone call, NAMFS does not record any calls.

As to the issue discussed, NAMFS stands firm that the creation of an industry blacklist has not nor will be supported. That said, NAMFS does support the right of individual companies to make business decisions regardless of size.  NAMFS did speak with additional parties and was provided with communication between yourself and Laudan Properties in which reasons for the decision to end the business relationship were provided.

The decision of the Officers is that no further action will be taken at this time by the Association.  As discussed on the phone call, your NAMFS membership is not at risk should you decide to take any additional action.

Using private monetary settlements, with gag orders for Minority Females and Labor instead of public courtrooms, is precisely how NAMFS Members have continued to commit crimes and moreover, to defraud US Taxpayers. Going back as early as John Ward’s early days of founding NAMFS, pools of money have been set aside to cover NAMFS Member perpetrated fraud in much the same way as Big Pharma does when a new drug comes to market. People like Robert Klein, Founder of Safeguard Properties (SGP), one of the largest serial predators within NAMFS, have bragged openly about how it works.

Home Star Property Solutions (HSPS), a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Offender Member was of the WORST CALIBER, facing bankruptcy according to HSPS Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Steve Hozie. Foreclosurepedia has been covering the HSPS Trainwreck of Fraud for several years. Here is what Hozie had to say to one misclassified employee with both NAMFS and Miller well aware of the dialogue,

Thanks for taking my call today.  As I mentioned, I am working on behalf of the company to resolve issues without the aid of attorneys due to the company having very limited resources. Please send me what you think you need to be paid to settle the AP between HSPS and your company.  The Homestar AP records I have receive from our accounting group are attached for your review.  Let’s compare notes and see if we can’t come to some reasonable settlement to clear up all matters. Keep in mind that Homestar Property Solutions is having severe liquidity issues and there is a strong possibility that the company will go bankrupt at some point and very limited resources, if any, would be available to settle claims with general unsecured creditors. — Steve Hozie, HomeStar CFO, 06 February 2015

Wow! And everyone knew it, whom were NAMFS Members. And not a single person contacted law enforcement. In fact, Foreclosurepedia worked directly with the State of Minnesota’s Senior Labor Investigator, Dan Cunningham, in having HSPS business licenses revoked. At each step of the way, Foreclosurepedia ensured that Eric Miller was advised. Miller’s only action was to continue to ensure that HSPS continued to remain a NAMFS Member. In fact, millions of dollars were defrauded from Minority Females and Labor during the period of time that Miller protected Londa and Micheal Breese.

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (“Department”) has revoked the residential building contractor license of HomeStar Property Solutions, LLC and taken enforcement action against HomeStar LLC and HomeStar Field Services, LLC.  Attached is a copy of Licensing Order and Administrative Order issued by the Department, with both actions taking effect on or about October 21, 2015. As this is the extent of the Department’s authority, we will close our files at this time.  If you have any questions, please contact me at the number below.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Dan Cunningham, Sr. Investigator


There is not a single NAMFS Member today whom could cover all outstanding work order debt with cash on hand. In fact, anything which even remotely resembled a Margin Call would cause a catastrophic house of cards collapse of NAMFS Members. Justis Smith, Rowe Enterprises, would know this and know it intimately well. You see, people like Smith and the rest of those whom keep silent the criminality of NAMFS, are just as guilty as those committing the crimes.

The people whom this policy truly hurts; the most vulnerable, are the minority female business owners. The socioeconomically deprived are footing the bill for the latest in a wholesale blood letting within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. And it isn’t going to let up until HUD steps in. — Paul Williams, Editor-in-Chief Foreclosurepedia, in recent radio interview.

Five Brothers recently skated on a ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR Lawsuit filed against they and US Bank pertaining to False Claims Act violations. Fact of the matter is that the identical issues presenting to that case are now visible in how Countrywide Inspection Services (CWIS LLC) is handling their US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Contract in Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. More on point, though, is the simple fact that HUD has had just about enough of the bullshit. Time and time and time again, Labor is paying the price for the litigation and protests people like Dave and Carolyn Ramagos, owners of CWIS LLC and Joe Badalamenti, Owner of Five Brothers and his ne’er-do-well, ambulance chasing son-in-law become embroiled in.

US Assistant Attorney Valorie Smith, New Jersey, appeared to have an agenda when she stacked the deck against the Relator in Brown v Five Brothers, et al. As the Brown case became a thorn in the side of Smith; as we are told that US Bank requested full disclosure of what was in the pipeline and immunity from such, the wholesale sell out of Kelly Brown began long before the wheels of his plane ever touched down to discuss the case. The fact of the matter is that Smith appears to have been assisted in the sell out by Brown’s very own attorneys, Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller and Shah LLP (SFMS). Did I forget to mention that Assistant US Attorney Smith’s law firm formerly represented US Bank? Or that both Smith and SFMS knew intimate details which allowed for ongoing security compromising of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s computer data system referred to as the P260?

Now, here is where the story becomes stranger than fiction. I brought the case to HUD and no one within the HUD Management and Marketing (M&M) Program had ever heard of it. They asked permission to move it over to the HUD Office of the Inspector General (OIG). A year later, HUD OIG stated that they had never heard of the case and were going to formally look into the matter. This is the problem when one begins to expose the connected dots in the ISTAR System I spoke of earlier.

The Watertown Daily Times reported upon a meth lab bust, on 04 December 2016, located at 3205 Church Street, Port Leyden, New York. In conjunction with Lewis County sheriff’s deputies, the NY State Police’s Special Operations Response Team, the US Drug Enforcement Agency, the US Department of Homeland Security and the NY State Police’s Contaminated Crime Scene Emergency Response Team apprehended three people stemming from the methamphetamine lab. Port Leyden firefighters and the Lewis County emergency management also assisted, according to the Watertown Daily Times. According to sources speaking on condition of anonymity, Vendor Resource Management (VRM) contracted with ASONS to perform the cleanout at 3205 Church Street. At no time were any methamphetamine remediation services performed. In turn, VRM listed the property for sale located here. The same sources informed Foreclosurepedia that neither in the public nor private MLS documents appear any information pertaining to the methamphetamine contamination. In fact, in a Waiver Form required for entry into the Church Street property, obtained exclusively by Foreclosurepedia, no information is present which would advise necessitation for the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) normally required to keep humans safe from exposure. To use the terms which properly describe VRMs Church Street asset, a Clandestine Drug Laboratory (CDL), the DEA issued its Red Book in conformance with Section 2405 of the 1988 Anti-Drug Abuse Act. The Guidelines are very specific and, in fact, delineate the hazards associated with methamphetamine. If you are a NAMFS Member, though; if you work the right deal with Eric Miller, even laws pertaining to Clandestine Drug Laboratories do not apply to you!

Fact of the matter is that for years Melissa Shankin, Vendor and Operations Manager (depending upon which emails you read) for Five Brothers, is a convicted drug offender. She has a felony record for possessing under 25 grams of cocaine. With a tax lien for nearly EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS and multiple judgments against her, including one from JARZEMBOWSKI FUNERAL HOME INC, one has to wonder precisely where stands.

That is reassuring, though, to others like Amy Edgil and Erla Shaw  — the same Erla Carter Shaw whom was Executive Vice President, at Taylor, Bean and Whitaker. The same Erla Carter Shaw whose proliferation of signatures are legend in robo signing circles. Carter-Shaw, whose boss, Lee Farkas, defrauded $2.9 Billion dollars and was convicted on 19 April 2011, and profiled on American Greed. And the same Erla Carter Shaw whom is Five Brothers’ Compliance Director. Look, there are nearly two thousand articles on Foreclosurepedia which stand as a testament to the corruption and criminality overseen by Eric Miller. Miller, whom receives OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR, CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES AND TWICE THE NATIONAL AVERAGE SALARY FOR HIS POSITION, has served as a surrogate and shelter for the NAMFS Offender Members over the years.

Help Foreclosurepedia continue our Mission of No Contractor Left Behind. Help Foreclosurepedia tell Eric Miller that his continued support of NAMFS Members whom worked closely with accused child rapist, Mickey Snow, is not going to be tolerated any longer. Help send a message, TODAY, that you will stand with Minority Females and Labor by Donating to Foreclosurepedia.

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