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NAMFS New President Justis Smith Shows Immaturity

This entry is part 6 of 8 in the series On The Street

Justis Smith, Rowe Enterprises’ Chief Operating Officer, and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) President, demonstrated why allowing little girls to play Barbie eventually turns into a Jerry Springer show. For years, Trade Associations have realized that social media is the engine of both their Recruiting and financial stability. Many have mandatory social media policies to ensure that firing from the hip, as Justis Smith has become notorious for, doesn’t take place — at least not while they hold office. The reality, though, is that NAMFS has been in a downward spiral ever since Foreclosurepedia began #OpNAMFS. Targeting the NAMFS Leadership, one by one, they have all succumbed to the fraud, waste, and abuse all are notorious for. Born with a silver spoon in hand, Justis Smith was never destined to rise much above the cesspool of where she learned, at an early age, precisely what it meant to be a woman in NAMFS.

Justis Smith is the wet dream of NAMFS when mommy walks in. Fairly young, if you don’t mind crow’s feet on a dyed job girl, the attempt to put a human face on the boogeyman, has gone terribly awry. Garbage in and garbage out. The fact of the matter is that in the same way that Adam Buczek’s wife wrote a long winded letter, in its entirety here, to me begging for forgiveness, there is not much to be found in the wake of the bodies left behind by NAMFS Members,

Unfortunately for our current business model, this work is set up for corporations working with individuals — the way we started. Many clients do everything they can to cut invoices and hold pay as long as possible, this makes it almost impossible to cover a large area (which they want), continue to be able to pay subs on time and stay in business.

Whether or not Minority Females and Labor will come forward about Silver Spoon Smith is unknown — at least for now, publicly. And the #GlassSlipper hashtag is already going viral about dear ‘ol Justis Smith. What we do know is that her fellow NAMFS Member, Buczek Enterprises, fell from grace in only a few keystrokes, when Foreclosurepedia took interest.

Adam and his sister Amanda Buczek come from a long and distinguished line of criminals. Adam’s father, pater familias  of Buczek Enterprises during the John Ward – NAMFS Regime Spin Up days having a go at their own currency. Danny boy’s daughter Amanda — yes, Amanda Buczek Lewis except her boyfriend back then was Joel Lattuca — went down to the refreshment stand at the HSBC Arena in December, 2005, to grab a bit of grub. The only problem was that they were using Liberty Coins and not US Legal Tender and Currency. With respect to Shane, Adam and Amanda’s brother, it only gets better,

According to Assistant United States Attorney Mary C. Baumgarten, the lead prosecutor in the case, the proof at trial demonstrated that [Shane] Buczek used a fictitious account at Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation of New York City to “pay off” balances he incurred on an HSBC credit card in buying electronic equipment and expensive home appliances from Best Buy in Hamburg. Use of the non-existent account made it look like Buczek had a zero balance just long enough for Buczek to make additional purchases before his payment “bounced.” In all, Buczek, who had only a $3,300 line of credit, made about $8,900 in purchases in this manner, never intending to pay for them. Ms. Baumgarten stated further that once HSBC discovered Buczek’s scheme, Buczek sent HSBC a fictitious “bonded promissory note” reflecting that Buczek had $100 million in yet another fictitious account supposedly maintained for him by the U.S. Treasury. The merchandise Buczek obtained from Best Buy was seized from his home by federal agents during a search conducted pursuant to a warrant issued by Magistrate Judge Jeremiah J. McCarthy.

In the same, miserable way that Beers Housing had an #EpicFail when it came to their run on the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) 3.10 running — heavy emphasis on the last hurrah for Adam Buczek and his psycho dad Dan — so to is Justis Smith beginning to run her family’s business into the ground.

Diverting the conversation has always been that which Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, has been good at doing. Miller, whom is paid over One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars Per Year; Miller whose salary consumes over SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of all NAMFS Member dues, is out on the rope on his selection of Justis Smith. In fact, Miller appears to be ready to take it up the ass the same way he did when Foreclosurepedia brought forward the Joe Hummel convictions and Miller had to drop him as a NAMFS Board of Directors inductee several years ago.

NAMFS had this to say about Justis Smith, the NAMFS President, for her biography,

She always provides excellent customer service by performing her work to perfection and learning how to provide our clients with exactly what they required at each trip to the property.

What NAMFS Members, Minority Females, and Labor alike are asking is how does the below profanity and inflammatory statements really convey,

One thing is certain, NAMFS needs to help the wet behind the ears upstart, Justis Smith, figure out her priorities when it comes to Social Media. Above and beyond the abysmal failure that her parents, Jerry and Donna Rowe, founders of Rowe Enterprises appear to be, no financial institution wants to be associated with the toxicity which Justis Smith is pumping out on Facebook.

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