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Adam Buczek: Why Pay Your Contractors When You Can Hide Behind Skirts

Adam Buczek, proprietor at the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member Buczek Enterprises, has a problem. That problem is similar to many whom have childhood insecurities: Run for the skirts when the heat turns up. It’s the sandbox syndrome; when little Adam gets picked on mommy comes to the rescue. No wonder Adam froze like a deer in the headlights! Good ‘ol NFN screwed your sister and now your Company! What a yellow bellied coward! Here, let me put it in his wife, Amanda Burke Buczek’s, own words,

Dear Aaron/ D. Paul Williams,

The time has come for me to contact you and chat about your recent publications and our past experiences together.

I am writing to you as Adam Buczek’s wife. I no longer work in our company and I have not since soon after the birth of our son, three years ago. I feel partially responsible for the recent claims on your blog and honestly- putting my husband’s company on your radar to begin with.

A few months ago, I ran across an article on LinkedIn regarding people that I have worked with in the past in the industry. I couldn’t believe a lot of things I was reading, because some people that were written about, were very nice people in my opinion. I didn’t really understand why anybody would write about them, so I continued to click around on your site and read other blog posts. Apparently because I was on for as long as I was, and made so many clicks, it prompted you to think that someone was hacking your site. Is this correct? I’m just honestly trying to put the pieces together, and since you have been primarily in contact with Brian Drain, I thought for sure whatever ill intended thoughts you had would have been cleared up- and there was surely no intended harm or foul. After reading a lot of your writing, I did agree with some and understood your standpoint and why you have the views that you do regarding certain situations and industry trends.

I was motivated to write to you, candidly (because that’s the type of person I am) after reading the latest response from Brian Drain and your notes on the subject matter etc.

First and foremost, I myself have no say in what happens to BE or the decisions that are made. I do know- with full conviction- that Adam Buczek would never ever voluntarily quit or liquidate any business he owns. During this very hard time, we are doing absolutely EVERYTHING – including taking food from our childrens’ mouth to pay our contractors.. as you previously suggested. While I cannot comment on Amanda Buczek-Lewis’ (my sister in law) behalf, I will say that I know full well she has also done the same.

Adam has consistently gone above and beyond, out of his way, and around the corner to help any of our subs or employees in need. We have maintained healthy, working, PAYING relationships with many people and a lot of the people we work with have turned into very close family and friends. Brian mentioned this being the most difficult situation the business has endured, I’ll take it a step further and say that this is the worst pain my husband and I, my family, has EVER endured. We put everything we had into this business because we had the passion for it. We took advice, grew as requested by clients, changed business models, paid contractors faster than we were getting paid and never had any issues changing with the industry when in need. We have maintained the same lifestyle since we were straight out of college and are not the people to push for more, or be motivated by anything other than the success that comes from hard work.

Unfortunately for our current business model, this work is set up for corporations working with individuals- the way we started. Many clients do everything they can to cut invoices and hold pay as long as possible, this makes it almost impossible to cover a large area (which they want), continue to be able to pay subs on time and stay in business.

This is very long winded, I apologize. It is literally just touching on everything I want to say. This is not any effort to have you or anybody else feel sorry or badly for us or our situation. We are fighters and survivors and will do every single thing in our power to continue to do business, dig ourselves out of the hole, and pay the people that are owed. I wish there was more time to chat- or even that you initially contacted Adam to begin with. I truly don’t think anybody who has ever met him or spoke with him in length would have very many bad things to say about him.

My heart bleeds for poor Adam. What a bunch of simpering douche bags. Hey, Amanda NEWS FLASH: Buczek Enterprises OWES CONTRACTORS MONEY AND HAS DEFAULTED ON CONTRACTS! Let me back up, though. You posted in a LinkedIn Group I am not a Member of. Why not put your ovaries in check and give me a call?! It is apparent that little ‘ol Adam is too terrified to do it let alone pay his Contractors.

More on point, though, you have exposed Brian Drain. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you go over all the back channel information which has flowed. While, on the one hand, you state you are not even close to being insolvent, that is not the impression that I have in writing. You see, when you people want to play with fire; when you want to pick a fight with the Devil, you had best know how to dance. So, I am presuming that it is now fair game to publish the ENTIRETY of the months of conversations between Drain and I?! How about the recordings as well?!!!

I cry a river of tears about your pompous and unruly children starving. NEWS FLASH: Buczek Enterprises owes money and NOT A SINGLE CONTRACTOR SIGNED ON WITH YOU TO FOOT YOUR INEPT MANAGEMENT’S BILLS! If your kids are hungry, it is due to the fact that Adam should have ran a better business. Quite bluntly, why not drive you and the kiddies down to Welfare and get some Food Stamps in one of THOSE MULTIPLE VEHICLES YOU F*CKING OWN!!! Hell, make it a family event! Oh, c’mon it could be real life changer! Get a 40 and roll some dope; grab some Brillo — hell, probably nothing new under the sun for folks like you, ‘eh?! Nothing but public restrooms in the future, huh?!

Look, Amanda baby, get back to the Barbie thing as in your hack Barbie Bu Couture or perhaps bury your head in your Chloe and Isabel drag queen line up.

You know, Drain did MORE FOR YOU PEOPLE than you will ever know. Brian Drain is a man with talent and class — something you and Adam “Hide Behind The Skirts” Buczek should take note of. Let me tell you what you have now: You bought yourself front row seats to a f*cking hog roast southern style. While Drain and his colleagues at Altisource had the matter sewn up, you come along with your 5 o’clock shadow looking, 3rd grade make up and lay waste to a ballet which was flowing smoothly. I mean did you think you f*ck people and everyone should just keep their mouths shut? Amateur hour.

So, tell Drain and his colleague that as soon as I finish my drain tile work on my Barn to House conversion — you see, some folks have to ACTUALLY WORK AND NOT MAKE A LIVING BY DEFRAUDING OTHERS — I am going to give them and you sweetie the 15 minutes of fame you are so demanding of.

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