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Amanda Lynn Buczek: Why Trophy Wives Should Stick To Nails

Amanda Lynn Burke Buczek is obviously one of those types of folks whom glides on the coat tails of others. Kathryn Przybyla runs a Blog over on on Beauty and whatnot. Not that bad of a rag if you are into the Beauty scene. Buczek apparently is. To show to what lengths Buczek will go to in order to be recognized, though, is nauseating,

Amanda Burke Buczek January 05, 2012 @ 11:09pm — Your wish is my command Kathryn 🙂  I shared this story on her fb page.

Sad, really. When you really begin to drill down on Lynn’s pathetic attempt to get noticed, you find a sad, little girl behind all of the scantily clad and makeup covered photos like that on her LinkedIn profile. The reality is that the photo looked like something more belonging on a .xxx domain as opposed to a business and professional exchange. Hey, if it floats her boat I am sure that those folks with sweaty palms are grateful for yet another picture to pin on their walls while wearing the nylons. You know, if Adam spent a quarter of what he does on Lynn’s maintenance, the Contractors would have been paid in full. I would also venture the guess that if dear ‘ol Amanda cut back just a wee bit on her fluff, maybe her kids would be fed as she moaned about earlier today. Yeah, that throwing stones in glass houses deal will get you every time girlfriend!

Hey, why let me take swipes at Amanda and her emasculated hubby Adam? Why not allow a Contractor whom they have defrauded put it in his words? Kim Connolly wrote me and said to quote him on this verbatim. If the kids are still up, cover their eyes,

Hi Paul, this is my response to Adam’s wife comment. Please feel free to quote me.
Hey Amanda I’m a contractor your scum bag husband screwed. You sound like Dorthy Sanduski.  1 big thing the people your husband screwed can fight back. I work 14 fuckin hours a day  7 days a week;  haven’t had a vacation in 10 years. I took a fuckin second mortgage to start my business and your husband fucking destroyed it! I talked to that pussy on the phone and he gave me a bunch of hog wash bull shit. I paid out for the orders I performed dump fees, dry lock, sheetrock.  Your fucking husband didn’t lay out a dime! It was my fucking hard earned money  and he got paid for those orders and stole it. Unlike your husband my company wasn’t handed to me from mommy and daddy that he ran down the tubes. Not only is he a thief hes a fucking loser! I assure you I will do 1 more at cost order because of him and that’s when I arrive with the sheriff with a Writ of Execution to move you scum bags from your home. Hey you want to help out I have some wints tomorrow why don’t you come down and clean some filthy toilets for me and I’m getting more and more contractors that your husband screwed. He belongs in jail and I will hire the best criminal lawyer to file the charges against him and his cronies.
So, sweetie what say you now?! Are you all pro NAMFS Regime like Joe Hummel and Bret Douglas whom drank of the Kool Aid down at Fraud Fest?! Some of that fake mascara smearing with tears of rage girlfriend? Maybe a “…whiskey on the rocks…” is in order like you talk about on your Twitter Profile. Make no mistake the roast has just begun. Lady, I have a pot of coffee on, Southern Style, to rebut your Holier Than Thou statements. You have driven the final nail in the coffin of Buczek Enterprises. You have the audacity to speak with your beak nose thrust up in the air about people going hungry?! Maybe come off that high horse Adam has perched you upon and get a dose of reality. Pay the Contractors and stick to Barbies.

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