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Drinking The Kool Aid: Why Douglas And Hummel Deserve An Emmy

Bret Douglas, founder of IronClad Preservation just got back from the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Love Fest down in Texas. Seems he and Joe Hummel, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Keystone Property Services LLC, got all hopped up on the Kool Aid. Good ‘ol Douglas got on LinkedIn like a zealot in the Bin Laden Brigade and wrote,

Namfs a rebuttal

founder at ironclad preservation,inc Top Contributor

I don’t understand how people can report on namfs. if you’re not a member how do you know what goes on with in the walls. the idea that everybody secretly knows what every other firm is doing is ludicrous. the amount of bad information flying around is insane. as I just spent the last 9 hours with the core group of namfs members. I would have no idea if the gentleman sitting next to me paid his vendors or not. somebody on the outside would have the same chance of knowing as I would. I don’t think it’s polite North politically correct to ask if they pay their vendors. however I do know that we spent the afternoon trying to better the industry. contrary to what some people would have you believe its not a group of people who are trying to screw over other people. that’s like assuming that all attorneys are bad. yes some are ambulance chasers but sometimes when your in dire needs they pull thru for you. all I know is that I’m an honorable firm. I pay my people and I care about their welfare. in fact I dare someone to write about me saying I’m not. I have been in business for 5 years and I have never missed a payroll. I stand up for other contractors in need and I genuinely wish goodwill on all people. are their members in my organization that screw people over. I’m sure there are. can I point them out by name or by sight nope. like anyone would point out. that is between the 2 parties that are involved in the business relationship. you sometimes have to question motives. I know there’s rumors floating around about failed background checks. in fact it also comes down to one person’s word against another. I’m not a judge nor the jury. I’m just a human being trying to make it one day at a time. I am namfs

If your not. Then join
there’s room for more

by the way tell me one perfect business that there’s not rumors of bad doings in it.

we have scandals in every area of our lives try for once be in on the side with honor and integrity

I choose to remember what my grandmother told me

if I don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all

by the way people who are reporting on namfs

Joe hummel is now on the Membership Committee
however he’s just a member that committee is chaired by David Dolan

if we’re going to report on our organization let’s at least have the facts straight

as always I’m just a nobody in Florida

I left the above unedited. I apologize as it is painful to even attempt to decipher without a quart of gin! That’s not really the point; the fact that Douglas and Hummel are kicking it with Herr Eric Miller, the NAMFS Regime Commandant who receives OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR CONSUMING NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES, isn’t really the point either as Douglas and Hummel sell out to the highest bidder anyway.

What is material is I want the world to be educated on precisely whom these two rouge red herrings are. Let’s take a look on Douglas’ opinion on Hummel,

Joe hummel  from linked in was visiting. Off record  can you do some digging for me. Need some intel. How is he saying he does 4 million for safeguard. In play for three years  strange. Lets blow up namfs on the podcast  i want to call them out  lol. Hummel little pushy Cant figure him out thx man.

Douglas on Foreclosurepedia,

We believe that with faith and diligence we will change the face of what preservation looks like, and hope that we continue to have your support as we move forward with this strategy. We 100% support foreclosurepedia’s mission to educate the preservation industry, to be the be the voice of reason when other companies are not paid the money that is do to them, and generally speaking the shining example of what free speech means to the American people. We still live in the greatest nation in the world. Thank you for service to the preservation people in general.

Douglas on NAMFS,

We are ashamed that our brothers and sisters from namfs are allowing our name to be sullied. We will go on record demanding change or upheaveful if necessary to retain some sense of dignity.

On Feb 25, 2014 6:01 AM, “Eric Miller” <> — I added this to make sure we are ALL ON THE SAME PAGE HERE!

Hummel on NAMFS,

I have been working with other regional companies like me about current industry issues, and trying to get them to voice concerns, LOUDER! I am getting involved even more with the NAMFS to try and make a difference, and as it starts, a lowly spot on the conference committee is where I found a temp home.
First order of business: how to help Safeguard not screw everyone over?
My own experience is seeing my receivables stretch 120-180 days in some cases, and compliance standards seem to help them stretch them further, and the awesome ability to complicate resolve with HUD price reductions that make no sense. HUD is reducing prices now?  Frustrating.
I agree DC is where to go, and this years agenda seems to be promising with HUD cash going to Philadelphia ahead of other states. My headquarters is in Reading PA, and I anticipate a lot of HUD work being approved in Philly, but I am worried companies like safeguard will ultimately eat all that money, leaving most vendors with scraps, and all liability! Again, frustrating.
I should have said something to Robert Klein last July when I was in the elevator with Him in Cleveland, but what is he going to do? They took his mic away at his own conference, from babbling!
There is NO ONE in charge in this industry. No rules, no ambition, or remedy in sight.
Now, many out there are going to ask why it is that I am presenting Classified ISTAR Information. The reason is that when you have a Judas running around pretending to have no blood on his hands and disparaging everyone whom even questions his love affair with the NAMFS Regime, then someone has to have the balls to stand up to he and the rest of the sodden lot! Make no mistake that these people are Black Listed by Foreclosurepedia. If you are working them you are eventually going to get an Article written which inquires why it is that Douglas is allowed to work a stable of felons and yet his lily white NAMFS Regime vis-a-vis Aspen Grove Solutions prohibits it by and through Wells Fargo! Hell, I thought that was the Industry Standard?!
Douglas is allowed to work felons because it gives him an UNFAIR ECONOMIC ADVANTAGE OVER HIS FELLOW COMPETITORS! No two ways about it. And this dovetails nicely with his recently aforementioned licking of Herr Eric Miller’s boots!
Let’s not bullshit around. Either Douglas is still high, like #RobFord is, or Douglas is a Judas. Hell, even his rambling resembles somewhat of a lunatic when juxtaposed with what he has stated on LinkedIn and in personal conversations — yeah, we can present documentation on that as well.
This is no game; time and time again Members of the NAMFS Regime have defrauded Contractors and then turn around to start anew with NAMFS Regime blessings — take Carol Boyd working from home as we are reporting tomorrow. How about Heather Berghorst, NAMFS Regime Secretary shifting gears over to HHS?!
Get real Douglas. You and Hummel really, really believe you are going to silence those whom might question your Crew? You think because you are allowed to work felons as W-2 Employees and pay them piecemeal that you are the Sterling Example; the Light at the end of the tunnel? How about you Hummel? How’s your great Safeguard Properties? Looks like they hit another house! Yeah, I know. It’s the Contractor’s fault. Problem is that it was Safeguard Properties paperwork! Wait till Klein gets a load of what has really been released about his Company. Gotta wonder what that’s gonna do for Revenues!
People like Douglas and Hummel must hire #CharlieSheen to teach them PR. I mean this is shit you simply cannot make up! What a tragedy. Another classic example of the Greatness Florida has to offer compliments of the NAMFS Regime. More later.
Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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