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The Industry Insider Package Rolls Out In February!

Premium Content Pricing Structure

Many of the hard hitting exposes and Industry Insider articles which Foreclosurepedia produces exclusively here are read by both National Vendors and Contractors alike.  This Premium Content brings the same take no prisoners attitude which our original HUD 3.6 Campaign did in 2012.  Make no mistake, to be able to execute decisions in the Field, this Content is Must Have on any Contractor’s Desk!  Additionally, if you are an Industry Insider we take ten percent (10%) off all Products!

  • Per Post:  $10.00
  • Per Month:  $19.95

Property Preservation Vendor Application Package

Foreclosurepedia, after numerous requests, has finally developed a unified model to deliver custom tailored Applications on behalf of the Contractors.  After an Initial Consultation, we pair the best matches a Contractor with specificity to both Region and Field of Work they pursue.  As most of these Applications range anywhere from 5 to 300 pages in length, we ensure that each and every field is properly filed out and submitted with all the required documentation the Vendors require.  Additionally, we utilize Adobe Acrobat to ensure your Application is delivered professionally both to the Vendor and to you for your records.  While we cannot guarantee you will be hired, we have yet to have had a complaint!

  • Price:   $229.95

Federal Vendor Application Package

Our Federal Vendor Application Package is a one-stop-shop to ensure that your ability to meaningfully participate in some of the most lucrative Contracts on Earth come to fruition.  We implement the paperwork necessary for your TIN/EIN, DUNS, CAGE, NAIC, SIC and SAMS data.  Missing a single step in this process will guarantee that you are never qualified for Federal Contracting!  You’ve read the articles here and know that we implement state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that your process goes both painless and productively!

  • Price:  $445.00

Foreclosurepedia Video Training Series

Foreclosurepedia was the first Field Service Contractor to bring you its educational series premiering on the Foreclosurepedia YouTube Channel.  As opposed to the soft toss that the Other Guys were hawking for hundreds of dollars, we brought you no nonsense videos you could use and we did it FIRST free of charge.  To this day we are still being embedded on large Corporate sites!  As opposed to those folks whom we are leaving behind in the dust, we are pushing the envelope with new and riveting Content which is LEGAL for use in public display.  That’s right!  All your Initial and Refresher Training for pennies compared to the Big Box Guys!  What’s even better is this:  We give you Hands On, Real World Training in our videos.  Make your dollar stretch with Foreclosurepedia and Own a DVD Set today!

  • Per View:  $7.95
  • DVD Per Subject:  $29.95
  • The Entire Series:  $139.95

Quarterly Updates and Library

Time and again I get calls from Contractors whom simply aren’t up-to-speed on requirements from both National Vendors and the US Government (DoI, DoD and HUD).  Foreclosurepedia decided to create its Now Famous Quarterly Updates.  Each Series is specifically targeted to Contractor’s requirements.  Whether it be the novice Contractor just entering into the Industry or the seasoned veteran, our extensive Library provides the precise knowledge in layman’s terms to ensure delivery of the Product the Clients want and insures the payments the Contractors desire.  PDF is the transmission of choice.

  • Quarterly Updates:  $79.95 per Quarter
  • Field Service Manual (V 2.3):  $29.95
  • OSHA and You:  $14.99

Personalized Webinar Consultation

All Contractors, from time-to-time, have the need to reach out and receive personalized attention to their unique situations.  By utilizing the cutting edge Linux technology which the Nationals run from, we are able to give you the one-on-one, encrypted and secure advice you need!  We are able to teleconference anywhere on Earth; there is absolutely NO software necessary to install!  That’s right, the last thing you need is to worry whether or not you have downloaded the proper application or program.  We are both Linux and Windows compliant and meet MILSPEC security protocols.  Reach out today and schedule a video session and let us shoulder the burden and set your mind at ease!

  • Hourly Session:  Price Upon Request


Foreclosurepedia is here for you, the Contractor.  Why?  We work out there each and every day with you!  From time-to-time, we realize that there is a need to have specialized consultations which are not covered in the voluminous tomes we provide.  Whether it be discussing The Art of the Deal or how to streamline forms from HUD onto an Android, we stand ready to assist.  Feel free to reach out and discuss a Consultation by clicking the Contact Us Button at the bottom of the screen!

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