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Foreclosurepedia and Drones: How We Entered The Federal Bidding Arena

As we have long stated, the Contractors in the Industry need always be on the lookout for diversifying their portfolio.  Many of the skill sets necessary within the pre and post conveyance market are in demand across-the-board in the federal arena.  Yesterday, we were contacted to submit a focused set of bids with specificity to a new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Facility (that is a drone facility for those of you whom don’t keep up with world events) by and through a General Contractor whom we are not at liberty to name due to Confidentiality.  With this said, Foreclosurepedia is not a purveyor of high tech equipment nor are we on the front lines of counter terrorism.  So, why were we contacted to submit a bid?

Good question!  When any Contractor forms their Company (sole proprietor or otherwise) they need to obtain a DUNS Number.  This Number, in addition to several others such as their NAIC and CAGE and other Numbers allow the Contractor to begin to compete with the Big Boys!  There is a great article on the whole aspect of government contracting and the number systems here.

The System for Award Management (SAM) is a free web-site which consolidates Federal procurement systems and the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance.

On July 30, 2012, the Central Contractor Registration (CCR), FedReg, ORCA and EPLS were migrated into the System for Award Management (SAM).

Per 2 CFR Part 25, all grant applicants must have current SAM status at the time of application and throughout the duration of any Federal award. In addition, registering with SAM will allow you to access the full functionality of the SAM system.

You can register with SAM at You only need your personal information to create an account on SAM.

Here’s the reality folks:  Virtually each and every new, existing and renovated federal facility needs to have work done on them.  Diversification is the one tool which the Nationals cannot steal from you!  Take a look through the Nationals DUNS profiles and you are going to see they have their hands into just about each and every pork barrel there is in the federal arena.  Do you change locks?  Do you cut grass?  Are you capable of painting?  Folks, the federal arena is looking for you!  Why?  Chances are that you are an 8(a) business to begin with and that means POINTS for the General Contractors.  Additionally, after years of getting screwed around by nefarious subcontractors, the Generals on these sites find it very refreshing to have people whom want to give one hundred and ten percent coupled with a fair bid as opposed to attempting to steal every penny possible!  Man, that almost sounds familiar with our situation when juxtaposed!

Even if you do not get your first or second bid, it opens up the doors for new possibilities!  Oft times the same General Contractors whom reach out to you have recurring Contracts and when they review your materials they keep you in mind for other ones coming up.   These types of Contracts are regulated and the players involved are generally old hands in the game.  Make no mistake the garbage you are currently experiencing in the Industry on this side does not occur on the other side.  Why?  Folks, it is regulated; it is cut-and-dry.  You do your work to Client Specificity and you get paid.  There is none of the crap we are currently experiencing because everyone looses!  In this same paragraph I am reiterating my prediction that government regulation is coming to the foreclosure industry as well!  The Nationals have cast the dye and the Industry is simply past the point of no return and in essence beyond salvage.

We are going to do an entire series on this in our Industry Insider Section and host a webinar in the first week of February as well.  If you are interested simply click the Contact Us Button below and drop us a line!  Space is limited in the webinar so make sure you aren’t left out!

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