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The Fallout From Eric Miller’s Protection of Joe Hummel

I reached out to Eric Miller, Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), today by phone. No, I couldn’t reach him, but that’s not the story. As a testament to precisely how screwed up things are, Deanna Alfredo is still the NAMFS President on their phone systems. For three years now, NAMFS has been unable to update Adam Miles as NAMFS President and they continue to state they have over 500 Members when, in fact, they have lost over 150 Members since 2011 when apparently this recording was made. This stands as yet another testament to the fact that as a Trade Association, NAMFS is unable to serve either its Membership or the Mortgage Field Industry as a whole. Simply listen to the 10 second recording below,

For nearly a year now, Foreclosurpedia has warned Eric Miller and NAMFS Committee Members, including those below, about the problems associated with Joe Hummel. For nearly a year now, all of them have turned a blind eye.

Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, Adriana Farelo-Fernandez NAMFS Vice President and principal of the Farelo Group,  Andrew Nikeli and Kevin Merritt at Quest Preservation, Jack Bryant at MSI, Mike at Bargain Locks, Mary Stewart at Assurant Field Assets, Elspeth Spransy at Mortgage Contracting Services, Kyle at NY Field Services, Kathleen Campbell at hEYE Quality Service Group, LLC, Matt at Property Preservation Wizard, and John over at A Town Properties amongst others.

Foreclosurepedia has continued to write all of the aforementioned people, whom are Appointed NAMFS Committee Members, about the well documented fraud which Joe Hummel has been involved in over the past several years. Beginning with Hummel’s conviction for his involvement in a conspiracy to commit financial crimes against a Texas Business by and through an Invoicing Scheme which defrauded well over $130,000. Hummel continued to press on with the same type of fraud while at Keystone Property Services. Utilizing the capital of a co founder at Keystone to pay off his restitution, Hummel dodged the felony bullet. Problem is that Hummel never paid back his Partner. More on point, though, as it became more apparent to Hummel that his pilfering of the Keystone books was ultimately going to be challenged, Hummel needed an exit strategy.

From the beginning, Eric Miller and the aforementioned NAMFS Committee Members possessed information about the fact that Joe Hummel was appointed to the Education and Membership Committees in a manner contrary to the NAMFS By Laws. In fact, both Miller and NAMFS Committee Members had full knowledge that Joe Hummel was representing that he had been appointed to the NAMFS Fundraising Committee.

Hummel LinkedIn 6 2015
Joe Hummel’s LinkedIn Profile Showing His NAMFS Committee Membership

Neither Miller nor a single NAMFS Committee Member had a problem with breaking the law with respect to violating the NAMFS By Laws.

Foreclosurepedia delivered information to both Eric Miller and the NAMFS Committee Members clearly representing that Hummel had a prior criminal record with respect to financial crimes and even the owners of the firms where he continued to further his nefarious fraud were willing to testify to Hummel’s continued behavior. All parties refused to consider any of this material as grounds to dismiss Hummel.

Over the pas several months, Foreclosurepedia additionally provided information pertaining to the fact that Hummel had begun to collectively utilize his access on the NAMFS Committees to further his fraudulent schemes.  This included obtaining insider information from Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) in his day-to-day activities at Integrated Solutions (IS) and the furtherance of yet more fraud against the innocent men and women of Labor. This, too, was whitewashed by both Eric Miller and the NAMFS Committee Members.

Today, Foreclosurepedia received confirmation of precisely how bad it became under the Hummel Regime at Integrated Solutions,

Hummel, several months ago, began a scheme to defraud Contractors used by Integrated Solutions (IS). Hummel had orchestrated a scheme which was nearly identical to that which he ran over at Keystone Property Solutions. What happened was that in order to float pay and back bill at will, Hummel stated that MCS had ordered investigations against certain IS Contractors and that their pay would be on hold for at least 45 days. In fact, this was a lie as you will read below.

Dear Paul

This is an email I received on the 22nd of June. Funny thing is, this was also a payday! I smelled a rat, so I called my buddy over at MCS to see what was up. He knew nothing about any audits being done in his company. [Redacted] is my contact, he is the head of contractor relations. You may recall I called you about SEAS…as the tail of the ship was going under! Not gonna happen again, or will it?

Due to numerous deficiencies found regarding compliance, and/or quality of work performed, your account has been placed on a temporary hold while our audit team, along with our client completes a full QC Review on all work completed within the last 45 days.

The only problem was that neither Hummel nor Brent Uitermarkt could produce a list for the above referenced Contractor stating precisely what orders were not in compliance. This information was made available to Eric Miller and the NAMFS Committee Members as well.

In fact, all of this was discussed with IS owner Brent Uitermarkt in June of this year during an email discussion between Hummel, Uitermarkt and myself. Uitermarkt stated, “…thanks for your concern but I’ll be fine.” Apparently, Uitermarkt must have drank the Kool Aid Hummel was serving up. This is what came down the pike next, which was also forwarded to both Eric Miller and the NAMFS Committee Members,

Dear Paul

Today was the 3rd payday that was missed! I called and talked to Integrated today and they told me that some contractors will receive some of their money next payday and most will be caught up on the following payday. They blamed it all on Joel Hummel, I think I read that on a website somewhere? Joe is now gone, so let the healing begin? They told me they were in 17 states and now will only be in 3! They assured me that Indiana was one they are staying in, so we will sit and watch? Thanks

Standing out, front facing, are the two shot callers at Quest Preservation. Kevin Merrit, President, and Andrew Nekeli, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Quest Preservation.  Now, Meilad Rafiei, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Cyrus Kennedy, Chief Financial Officer (COO), are actually the founders of Quest Preservation. For years, Quest has included several of Foreclosurepedia’s YouTube Videos upon their Application Paperwork for Contractors. Foreclosurepedia had never asked for compensation nor had we publicly condoned such. It simply was an arms length relationship. Today, though, it is time to take a far closer examination of precisely whom Quest Preservation is and what they are involved in.

Stay tuned as we roll out our Article on Quest Preservation and their apparent interest in not only keeping the status quo with Joe Hummel, but keeping calm waters overall. Coming on the heels of Altisource’s reaching out to former SEAS LLC Contractors and offering 30 cents on the dollar to disappear, it is shaping up to be a heat wave this Summer!

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