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This entry is part 7 of 29 in the series NAMFS Offender Member Fraud
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National Field Network: A Cross Section Of Labor Paid Conferences

This entry is part 7 of 29 in the series NAMFS Offender Member Fraud

Each year, around this time, the fraud within the Mortgage Field Services Industry ramps up to a level which is almost measurable as I track the chatter both within internal communications and external social media. Chatter is not a proverbial phrase; it is a distinct intelligence term which is quantified mathematically. And as usual, National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Offender Members are leading the pack with fraud in the millions of dollars — that, too is both quantified and measurable.

Five Star, NAMFS, MBA, IMN, REOMAC all come to mind when we think of Mortgage Field Services Industry Conferences on the radar for the rest of the year. And if we use last year’s All Star NAMFS Offender Member Cast as a yardstick to measure precisely how bad the fraud is going to be for this year, it certainly is shaping up to be a historic circuit of events.

National Field Network (NFN) is back to their old tricks again. Many remember the NFN fraud of over One Million Dollars which collapsed Buczek Enterprises. Well, Safeguard Properties (SGP) Alan Jaffa’s brother, Jack, whom appears to control NFN, is proving that the Chabad Mafia are hurting for legal and legitimate money again by offering Contractors pennies on the dollar to settle claims that they already owe Labor to begin with. I always find it ironic when Jews want to get out there on their pedestal and whine about how the world is fucking them; about how unfair the stereotype of money grubbing and trading in diamonds is unfair. Maybe, just maybe these Holy Rollers in the Industry ought to cut back a bit on the fraud! One would think Robert Klein would understand this type of thinking. It’s never that simple, though. Wheel out the plastic god in a shoebox whenever anyone calls you on the carpet. The only difference is that not everyone is buying the bullshit Tel Aviv is selling these days. You know, Schindler had is List and I have mine as I published earlier this month.

I am going to stick on this for a moment because the largest, most calculated assault upon the innocent men and women whom are not Jews originates from the Klein – Jaffa Clans. Here is the latest anti Christian shit Jaffa is throwing down,

Alan Jaffa's Testament to Hatred of Labor
Alan Jaffa’s Testament to Hatred of Labor

I mean how much money is enough for the Chabad Mafia? If you don’t want to pay for the work done, I can see that. Creating illegal money grabs out of thin air takes some balls. And it is starting to show that most people are done financially supporting the financial terrorism these pro Israeli factions are handing out. How else does one explain the simple fact that Safeguard Properties has lost virtually every single contract they ever had?!

Perhaps not everyone is dead set on creating a no man’s land in Palestine. Perhaps, and really more probable, is the fact that until the late 1800s the idea of a Zionist Homeland in Palestine had never crossed the lips of a Jew in over 2,000 years.

I mean for those coming like Captain Save-a-Ho to rescue Klein and condemn me, explain precisely what Robert Klein meant in this woman hating cartoon he circulated awhile back.


The question to ask, though, is whether it is perhaps time for the Temple Sheiks to move aside and allow the real world to move on. Klein’s faith would have us believe that those Jewish Men below being married and embracing each other is a sin punishable by death. Not any normal death, no. Klein’s faith would have these men stoned to death and I am not talking about reefer. I mean is this the kind of Leadership we need at the Helm today? Perhaps its time to send a very clear message, which many Contractors already are, that Safeguard Properties is a dying breed. Perhaps it is time that Klein and his cronies head back over to whence they came.


This morning, at 0428CST a flurry of private phone chat messages bounced their way across the AT&T Network. These messages were between two parties and are the genesis of a full scale, no holes barred campaign we are ramping up against Michael Breese. The series we possess includes a pretty clear statement about Ponzi Schemes. Breese, as many in the Foreclosurepedia Nation are aware, is the little boy whom started his fraud in Minnesota as HomeStar Property Solutions; was investigated by the MN Department of Labor for fraud and after defrauding every penny possible from both the innocent Members of Labor he additionally defrauded MN Realtors whom he stiffed for rent as he ran like a little bitch to Texas. — Yeah, we bought the shirt baby! 😉

Anyone Ever Ask Where HomeStar Properties Went? Yeah, FRAUD!
Micheal Breese’s LinkedIn Profile:  Anyone Ever Ask Where HomeStar Properties Went? Yeah, FRAUD!

This article isn’t so much about this crossdressing looking little boy — if he doesn’t crossdress he damn sure ought to with skin like that 😉 — as it is about the amounts of money fuckstick here and his fellow NAMFS Offender Members funnel into Conferences earned by defrauding Labor. Don’t worry Mikey, we are going to get to you in the next couple of articles. And the next time you send those private, little 4 am texts accusing me of something, something that I well could own your Companies over, you best not be worried of the NSA intercepting your lines as the danger is far closer to home.

Here’s the Roll Call of Costs for the Conferences Coming up,

National Association of Mortgage Field Services:  Booth $1500 – 2500; Demonstrations: $1000; Supplemental Meetings; $1000.

NAMFS #FraudFest 2015 In The Big Easy
NAMFS #FraudFest 2015 In The Big Easy

REOMAC Conference: Exhibitors costs are from $1500 – well over $6000.

REOMAC Conference Layout
REOMAC Conference Layout

The Five Star Conference:  It is nearly a thousand dollars just to attend. Taking a look at the multiple labs and sponsorship opportunities, though, we are easily in the tens of thousands of dollars overall here.

We aren’t even talking about the mandatory tens of thousands of dollars associated with travel, hotel accommodations, food, exhibit material and other ancillary expenses associated with these Conferences. If you want to talk about the booze, cocaine and prostitutes — and I am able to bring those stats forward along with those whom have witnessed such behavior — we begin to truly understand why the Mortgage Field Services Industry Conference Schedule has become more like a Jerry Garcia Tour.

Almost like a statistician’s wet dream, one is able to plot the ebb and flow of ramped up charge backs and outright fraud when juxtaposed with each Industry Conference spinning up. And the names are always the same — always the same whether it is the fraud ongoing or those out hocking their wares at booths like worn out prostitutes on the avenue.

Foreclosurepedia released the latest figures in our Recon Report which went out last night summarizing both the Trends found and the Offenders participating in them. On that note, as many were wondering precisely how the money moves in and out; precisely how the money is converted into a non traceable format, here is a clip from our latest investigation.

How Diamonds Have Become The Ideal Repository For Fraud
How Diamonds Have Become The Ideal Repository For Fraud

The real question that Labor needs to ask when they look to work for Management is whether or not they are spending money at Conferences. Bar none, this is generally a good indicator that Management has not developed the ability to procure Contracts on their own. Many remember Foreclosurepedia’s questioning of Guardian Asset Management’s (GAM) far too cozy relationship with Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS). When GAM began to roll out their pitch to Labor they whined about how they could not afford to pay anything even coming close to minimum wage let alone prevailing wage. As usual and highlighted in the Recon Report Q2FY2015, we find one of the bigger reasons why,


Here you have a firm, a firm which I reaffirm is questionable in structure anyway with respect to ownership vs corporate structure, spending tens of thousands of dollars when you factor in the Sponsorships, Admissions, travel, hotel accommodations, food and ancillary items. This is a Company which is obviously committed to lining the pockets of the Corporate Power Structure as opposed to handling its commitments to Labor. In the opinion of Foreclosurepedia, Labor would be better served by working with Assero and Lee Mertins. The Foreclosurepedia Nation knows precisely what my opinion is with respect to them. At least with Mertins & Co., though, Labor is told up front that they are going to get fucked!

Look, as usual, the #Fraudsters number count is giving competition to Bill Cosby’s accusers. And just as significantly, only those yelling the loudest are getting compensated. That’s the problem with Labor today: Too many needle dicks marching to the beat of the Pink Brigade. Dime store drive by divas aside, the sad reality is that Labor has a bad case of Keep Your Mouth Shut Bitch.

Quick Excalation

At the end of the day, what drives the fraud, in part, is the desire to be the Big Swinging Dick in the Dick Waiving Contest which is predominately measured by how many Conferences a firm appears at. The dirty, little secret is that as we began to track the fraud and conference patterns, we are now able to conclusively draw a corollary between the two. Foreclosurepedia has every intention on publishing our findings and to hell with the Conferences themselves. If you doubt our findings, simply ask why Michael Breese why he calls his company, ever so pedestrian in nomenclature, HomeStar Property Solutions I.

If my opinion has pissed you off in the least; if my opinion has upset you in any way, it did its job.

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