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The Craigslist Saga: Is It Another Lee Or One In The Same?

Craigslist is the bane of the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Contractors are recognizing the value of 21st Century Technology. Only two days ago, we reported upon a questionable Craigslist Ad. I call a Spade a Spade. Below is an additional Craigslist Ad documenting more fraud and identifies a person by the name of “Lee” whom is also mentioned in our aforementioned article.

With that said, it is also fair to note that Craigslist is an Equal Opportunity Life Wrecker. We generally reach out to the Address associated with the post to get confirmation of the person and their information. Today, we actually took a pass on a Craigslist Article Posting as the information did not check out; the Craigslist Ad was an Opinion against a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Serivces (NAMFS). The reason I bring this up is because not all NAMFS Members are bad. NAMFS, in and of itself, is not bad. There are bad apples in both Contractors and Order Mills. I will have a larger Article out later this week on Viral Social Media which discusses the whole deal.

At some point-in-time National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills are either going to self regulate their Craigslist Addiction or I anticipate Federal Regulators will do it for them. I believe there is a reason why the financial institutions whom Originate the Work Orders do not hire from Craigslist. Perhaps the Mortgage Field Services Industry ought consider implementation of a Non Craigslist Policy in the Contracts. Or, perhaps the reality is that the Industry has no concern over the fact that it is nearly impossible to accurately background check people in this manner.

Below is the Craigslist Ad. You decide,

Scam alert property preservation (East tn)

Did you answer an ad for property preservation work in east tn offering 100,000 potential income from southeast property preservation with Daniel also known as Lee Vass or Amber as known as Macha Whitney. This is a scam they hire you to do all this work with money out of your pocket then they never pay. Tons of excuses like a child dying in a car accident to not getting the check in the mail or maybe a parent dying in another state and even moved to Florida to live with a father that lives in Chattanooga. Check is always in the mail but never received. Please respond if you are a victim of the Theft of Services these crooks have put upon many others including his own friends. We are putting a class action lawsuit against these people. Please don’t become the next victim I have a family that I am unable to support due to these people not paying after using all my savings we are about to lose our home and truck while they collect money for work others did.

 Location: East tn  post id: 4264139218  posted: a day ago

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