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New Year Old Year: SOS On A Shingle

Been a wild ride this year. Contractors and Vendors sentenced to prison; prices plummeting; and a new bubble on the horizon. Bankruptcies; cash for animal corpses; and Contractors on the lonely payment plan string. The reality is that the same mentality which got us into the Sub Prime Crisis is alive and well in the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

2014 is looking even worse. With margins barely visible, the Industry is going to have to become extremely creative to continue making the payments on the offices, suits and children’s college tuition. Naturally, this will come at the expense of you, the Contractor.

2014 is shaping up to be the year for litigation. With the Independent Contractor vs. Employee Status settled in some jurisdictions in favor of Employee and Class Actions pending, I venture the guess that the legal fees are going to have to come from — you guessed it — the Contractors.

A truly ironic Industry. While fighting to keep the term Contractor in play, Company after Company seems to be jumping on the Training Bandwagon. Implementing more rules than virtually the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have, I am really at a loss how Vendors are anticipating to prevail in the judiciary.

When Order Mills most need a Trade Association, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is out courting Wells Fargo and their steam roller Aspen Grove Solutions. Instead of making some calls to the K Street Boys, NAMFS has taken out permanent real estate on the beach to bury their proverbial heads in the sand. More on point, while the Mortgage Field Services Industry languishes under archaic and bug ridden software; while comparable Trade Associations make bold moves into innovative technology partnerships, NAMFS still backs the dinosaurs like Field Comm and PPW. Pretty sad when the oldest trade association in the Industry still displays their Membership Roster in PDF and even Foreclosurepedia has an Interactive Map.

We are upon a precipice this evening. The reality is that because Order Mills have been allowed to run free and defraud Contractors, those few skilled remaining are gun shy. I have not been able to locate a single Order Mill willing to say they have all of their areas covered and those areas they do have covered would rarely pass a true inspection.

The Viral Social Media has finally caught up with a corrupt Industry. The statements I keep hearing that, “What can I do,” ring hollow. If your next door neighbor were abusing his or her children and their significant other you would definitely do something.

Oh, it’s not all doom and gloom. We are hearing some good inside information from outfits like Buczek Enterprises in relationship to technology. Brian Mingham, over at Pacific Preservation Services, seems to have a pretty well defined vision of how the future of the Industry should be — imagine that after being shunned by the very same NAMFS whom should have been contributing to the Vision to begin with. We are also seeing SEAS LLC opening up some dialogue with Contractors which is long overdue for the Industry.

Foreclosurepedia is standing strong with Labor this coming New Year. We are going to profile the Companies whom are making positive changes while still forging ahead with our groundbreaking Investigative Journalism. We wish each and all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.


  1. Buzcek would be a great company if they did not keep slashing contractor prices, grouped work orders to not waste valuable time and money and most of all correct their payment snafu which happened last September (2013). We (and many other contractors fro that matter)are owed thousands of dollars for work performed between November 2013 – February 2014 and have not been paid a dime yet they expect us to keep on trucking, doing their low paid dirty work. At least have an answer, not “I don’t know” when asked about pay. The office people in NY just seem to care that they get their weekly or bi-weekly pay checks but don’t understand how it is to perform jobs and not be able to feed their family. Wish Adam and the rest of the group were in the same predicament us contractors are and have to starve and beg for monies owed.



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