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The Conversion To A Paid Platform

For over three years now, Foreclosurepedia has provided a platform for Members of Labor and Management; US Government Representatives and Mainstream Media to understand the unregulated Wild West which we call the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Thousands of hours have been dedicated to this task including the implementation of a multitude of spin off platforms such as the ISTAR Clear Base which has begun to compile dossiers upon every individual in the Industry --- from C Level and Processor to Contractor and Inspector. Additionally, we have implemented Property Baggage which is a Potential Lien Database. Both of these need my time and now they will have it. If you are familiar with data entry and are interested in access, feel free to drop me a line.

To complete the aforementioned has required some tasks to go by the wayside. ISTAR Clear Base is a prime example. While many may refer to it as d0xing, I like to think of it as Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). I have a backlog of nearly 12,ooo files ready for entry and simply have not had the time to upload them.

Foreclosurepedia, today, is a household name. The term Order Mill was coined by Foreclosurepedia and is now even used by Management. I venture the guess that if you polled the Industry, Foreclosurepedia is more well known than even the acronym NAMFS --- National Association of Mortgage Field Services --- both inside and out of the Industry. With such saturation, the reality is that the time has come to step back from the rapid and prolific postings and begin to enter into a new and matured distribution phase.

What Foreclosurepedia is probably most well known for is the ability to drill down upon an Industry Firm committing fraud and deliver justice in a very swift manner. I suppose that justice is a relative term depending upon which side of the delivery mechanism one is facing. Regardless, the reality is that from the highest levels of Board of Directors of NAMFS --- Heather Berghorst, former Secretary of NAMFS, forced to file her second bankruptcy and ordered by a federal judge to repay Members of Labor --- to the lowest NAMFS Member --- Carol Boyd whom defrauded Members of Labor upon VA Contracts including a disabled wartime veteran and a fireman --- Foreclosurepedia has executed upon a targeted set of goals in a timely fashion.

With over one thousand two hundred articles now on Foreclosurepedia, the time has come to begin to concentrate upon a more narrow audience. The reality is that while I always have been a Blue Collared Worker; while I will always remain a Friend of Labor, I am hard pressed to find any true Members of Labor in the Industry. This isn't to say that there are not folks out there whom work in the Industry and inevitably get screwed out of their money. This is to say that the Old Guard whom I made my bones with 5 years ago are gone.

The final realization came to me when I saw Labor had an opportunity to crucify SEAS LLC. Scared and unwilling to strike the final blow, Floridians buried their collective heads in the sand and refused to file criminal charges against Newkirk and Kapeluch even as those in South Carolina did. It is a testament to the fact that there are laborers in the Industry; however, there are no longer any Members of Labor that I am able to find.

Moving forward, Foreclosurepedia will begin to concentrate on a heavier content format. What I mean is that whereas in the past the deadline would be set by the importance of notifying Labor about a new and eminent threat of fraud, Foreclosurepedia will begin to drill down upon matters of a Regulatory Nature. Regulations are almost here and the reality is that no one --- not Eric Miller whom can barely tie his own shoes; not Robert Klein whom hates regulations; and not even Milan Thompson whom recently got the nod from the Indiana Governor for laying out $2.3 Million in a quasi Long Term Employment strategy --- has sat down and contemplated the inevitable. This is not to say that Klein and Thompson are ignorant --- Miller is beyond ignorant in that he allowed a debt of $82 owed to me to fester into Foreclosurepedia --- it is to say that they have diversified and could give two shits what happens in the Industry as a whole.

Foreclosurepedia will become somewhat like Inman News in that it takes money to make money. I hate to get all biblical as I am an agnostic, but the phrase casting pearls before swine does come to mind.

For those in the Drive By Social Media whom have come to plagiarize my material without even giving a simple hyperlink back --- Utah is a huge offender --- and simply copy and paste it as their own; for those whom have become accustomed to eating at the table and not even offering to help wash the dishes, I loose no sleep over them. In fact, I give no more thought to paywalling off Foreclosurepedia than I do passing salt at the dinner table with respect to these parasitic creatures. Where I was loathe to implement this strategy was with respect to the two or three folks I was able to help each month. I struggled with this for over a month now --- I had almost implemented the move last week and held off as several folks reached out pleading for help.

I settled on $9.95 per month as a benchmark as I felt this is low enough for even the most common laborer to get insight and mathematically a break even point on bandwidth and server fees --- I am not getting rich by any stretch of the imagination as the Facebook hacks would have you believe. What many folks do not realize there is that over the past three years I probably ended up with maybe a couple hundred dollars in donations. Granted, I supplemented expenses by doing Consulting, the reality is that it was a testament to the fact that just like Management, Labor wanted something for nothing.

While Foreclosurepedia will still hammer away at Firms whom are on the #FraudFest train, we will additionally begin to drill down on important items which are becoming more and more relevant today. For example, I am finishing up a large exposé  dealing with the recent email spoofing which occurred a month ago. It will lay out the entire postmortem; discuss the interviews with Sources, and delve into strategies to combat against such going forward. Foreclosurepedia will additionally tackle problems such as the auditing of remote contractors which, as we recently have been hearing from Benjamin Lawsky, Superintendent of the New York Department of Financial Services, is going to become a regulated matter very rapidly.

From time-to-time Foreclosurepedia will publish articles which are available, free of charge, to the General Public. Our Podcasts will always be free and continue to stream through iTunes and also over on the Foreclosurepedia YouTube Channel. The fact of the matter is simply that the Truth is blinding in its brilliance to the masses. Too much Truth is actually detrimental to those whom do not have a Need To Know. In that I am like Rush Limbaugh; an entire segment of the financial sector of both real estate agents and Industry Professionals may hate me, they come regardless each and every day. As the Gatekeeper, it is my responsibility to move from the watered down version to the high octane; it is time for the rhetoric to shift gears and become the Actionable Intelligence with Industry Professionals require going forward.

Be advised there is nothing below here other than a thank you. If you want to purchase the Industry Insider to read all of my other material, be my guest.

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