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BREAKING NEWS: Boyd Property Preservation Defrauds Disabled Military Personnel

Carol Boyd, over at Boyd Property Preservation LLC, must be on the down slope of a manic high. Carol Boyd is yet another Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services whom is defrauding Contractors across state lines by and through delivery of worthless checks. What Carol may have also done is one of the most heinous things I have ever encountered: Carol Boyd has defrauded firefighters and disabled military veterans, that much we know. The question is whether or not this National Association of Mortgage Field Services Member set out with the Agenda to target these public servants.

Boyd Property Preservation LLC, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services Member is not even paying some of their employees now. The paperwork for bankruptcy is already in the mix while Carol Boyd, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services Member has begun her move over to Tunnel Hill Road in Dalton, GA. We believe that the new Company name will be Global Services from Sources speaking on condition of anonymity.

Carol Boyd, a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, is also bragging that she, “…[doesn’t] care about any of this. I have the FreddieMac Contract and will make 4 Million on that.”

We reached out to Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, to discuss the matter. This is the same man whose salary is OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR and absorbs almost SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBERSHIP DUES. Obviously, Eric has not responded. It is business as usual at the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

FreddieMac, the Veterans Administration, FannieMae, Wells Fargo, unnamed (as of yet) National Order Mills whom are Publicly Traded and others need to closely examine their Portfolios. What we have here is a classic case-in-point of the False Claims Act wherein Carol Boyd attested to the fact that she paid for services rendered and was compensated thereof.

Personally, I believe Carol Boyd did actively target firefighters and disabled military personnel to defraud. Personally, I believe Carol Boyd just like the rest of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services Members I report upon, have a disdain for the men and women whom wake up each and every day and put their lives on the line so that the rest of us are able to live safely!

Below is a letter sent to the Lead Detective appointed to the case (For those vendors who would like to speak to the Detective working
the case, his name is Detective Helton, and his number is 706-278-9085 ext 143),

Dear Mr. Helton,

My name is Deena Bish. I am the sister-n-law of Gretchen Bish, whom you spoke with on the telephone. Since you and Gretchen spoke the other day, we have received more phone calls and emails from other vendors, which have been scammed and intentionally defrauded by Carol Boyd. Below, are the list of names and telephone numbers of other vendors which are hoping you will call them, as they would  like to see her in jail as much as we do.

Vanessa McMillan, Cardena Holness, Raquel Martinez, June Summer Denny, Mark Bish and Ricky Bish, David  Nix and Anthony Harrison, and Marty Brown.

The following is how much so far she owes money to, and to whom:

  1. To Vanessa McMillan, over $1000 in bounced checks (which bounced 2x’s) (her account is now in negative, due to the bounced checks).
  2. To Cardena Holmes, $560.00 bounced twice
  3. To Michael Degeorge,: Paid but still will testify about originally getting bad check.
  4. To Raquel Martinez, $1,300 bounced twice
  5. To June Summer Denny, $375.00. Never received anything.
  6. To Mark Bish and Ricky Bish, $1,700.00 bounced.

7.    To David Nix: $1,000.00 bounced

8.    To Anthony Harrison: Still owed $500.00

9.    To Marty Brown: $1,000.00

Key people to also speak with:

  1. Summer Nix, Dalton Area Chamber of Commerce, 1-706-278-7373
  2. Vendor Resource Management, who oversees the VA contracts, Mr. Julian Smith. His email is:
  3. Holly Kinsey, Wells Fargo Bank, who oversees the Boyd Property Preservation account: 706-275-8262
  4. [Redacted], former inside employee of Boyd Property. [Redacted] has informed us, that a few of the office employees were not being given checks. Carol is refusing to pay due to vendors knowing she shut her doors. She has called you. She has been our inside source. Please do not reveal her name, as the employers are all being threatened with civil suits!

Some information which should interest you:

Her right hand man in all this fiasco, is none other than Jerry Leonard. When we pulled up his face book, we learned he ran for Circuit Court Magistrate last year, yet lost. However, he was employed with Boyd, and if he would have won, would have been the magistrate to oversee the court cases that would come up against her. He is still with Boyd.

  1. In September of 2013, Carol Boyd helped to sponsor, as well as paid to attend the National Association of Mortgage Field Services Conference in Chicago, Ill. Now, if she had no money and was bouncing checks since August to her vendors/subcontractors, then how could she afford to be a Bronze Level Sponsor of this Conference. The price to be a Bronze Level Sponsor was $500.00.
  2. When you speak to [redacted], she will inform you about Carol closing shop and making plans to file bankruptcy and open another business on Tunnel Hill Rd under a different name. Also, Carol has resulted to threatening her employees, as well as playing the blame game on everyone.

Carol Boyd gave us VA homes, so we have no doubt she was paid. However, her vendors have yet to see the money. She also has a Freddie Mac contract set to take place under the new business in January 2014, and has already picked out a new Mercedes SUV, which she has already picked out, that she wants to pick up in January with the money made from the contract.

I know Gretchen has many emails, which she can forward to you. Also, the other vendors have kept records. Raquel has every email, and phone call between her and Carol Boyd. We will be sending you a copy of the bounced check with this letter, along with the invoice and continuous promises of payment from Boyd Properties.

When vendors go everyday into the bank, and the teller says they wouldn’t try to run the check again, that is a huge clue. I will have Gretchen forward an email to you as well, from a vendor that was going to start working for them, but seen our ad asking for anyone else that has been ripped off by Boyd Property Preservation.


We are really hoping to bring her to justice! Mr. Helton, if it wasn’t for Mark and Gretchen providing a roof over our heads, we would be on the streets right now thanks to Carol Boyd. Raquel and her husband and family lost their home and are now having to live with others. Not only that, but they are about to lose their possessions as well, due to not having money to pay the storage bill. Vanessa has lost her home, and is worried about how she is going to pay bills and feed her children. She is a single mom and was really depending on this money. June and her husband as well. They had to move out of the place they were at, due to not being able to pay their rent from not being paid by Carol.

My family and I were out in the middle of summer, in over 100 degree heat, for a week in Panama City. My husband, Ricky Bish, already has a bad heart and was out there working hard. We all were working very hard. Ricky and Marks mother was also out there in the heat working those jobs, and come very close to heat exhaustion at one point. We racked up a lot of expenses due to hotel and food, which were not paid for by Boyd. Essentially, we paid a lot to be ripped off a lot by Carol Boyd. Please help us, and many many others in our boat. Something tells me we have just seen the tip of the iceberg with the handling of funds. I am really wondering what other bank accounts are connected to her name at this point. I  am also very uneasy now, that she has all our account info, as well as account info for many others who signed up for direct deposit.

Thank you so much for taking time to help us all in this matter. I know there will be many people very eager and happy to talk with you.

PS: Gretchen has been feeling a bit under the weather .  We have been working very hard to get all the information ready for you. Please let us know if you have any questions. Also, can we have your email, so that we may forward you all the email transmissions that we have from Boyd, as well as what others have sent to us. In less than a week, we have had 6+ people scammed out over $6,000.00 with no pay insight.

We are leaving for Florida this coming week to do a live Podcast with the Bish’s. Over the weekend we are going to have TREMENDOUS Articles out documenting yet another Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services defrauding Contractors.

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