The Borscht Belt: Religion Leaves Its Mark On The Industry

Orthodox Jews In Lakewood Follow An Industry Pattern

In Lakewood, New Jersey, just minutes down the road from Jack Jaffa and Shari Nott’s House of Horrors known as National Management and Preservation Services dba National Field Network (NFN), state and federal prosecutors began to notice a troubling trend. In a town which is dominated by ultra-Orthodox Jews, the inordinate amount of state and federal money being used to subsidize that community was disproportional, at best. The LA Times did a large piece on the multi-count and multi-defendant investigations.

A report by the Asbury Park Press found that Lakewood had received 14% of the money from a $34-million state fund for catastrophic illnesses in children, despite having only 2% of the state’s children. It also found that the town had 29 times more grant recipients than any other town in New Jersey. In 2015, the New Jersey state controller’s office flagged the disproportionate sums of government money being absorbed by Lakewood. The town didn’t look poor by any conventional yardsticks of poverty.

Digging in deeper, the Asbury Park Press closely studied the fraud and it began to sound almost like a snapshot of how Jack Jaffa, Shari Nott, and Robert Klein — Safeguard Properties (SGP) founder and owner — have functioned for years.

Public assistance scams in the township are both “widespread” and some of the “most sophisticated financial fraud” cases authorities have seen in recent years, one ranking law enforcement source said. How could such an alleged scam work so well for so long? Hidden income, fake applications and phony company owners were integral parts of a complex scheme several wealthy families used for years to fool the government into doling out nearly $2 million in aid reserved for the poorest citizens, federal and state investigators say.

More than $1 million flowed through limited-liability companies — legitimate corporations set up to hide ownership — that enlisted relatives as straw owners and used corporate bank accounts to hide money, according to the charges.

Jack Jaffa, an Orthodox Jew, carefully crafted an intricately woven fabric to ensure that no one would ever learn about his 100 percent ownership of NFN and camouflaged the flowing of nearly $100 Million, over the past several years, through his personal Schedule C filings with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). And that is the deal, when it comes to race and religion: Privilege Extended To A Select Few. You see, Amnesty is the talk of Lakewood today. Many believe that had this inordinate amount of conspiratorial fraud occurred in the African American or Latino communities, there would only be talk of sentencing guidelines. The LA Times reported,

Ultra-Orthodox votes are even more important in local political races. They have installed candidates who favor their interests on the Lakewood school board, township committee and zoning board. Lakewood’s 30,000 ultra-Orthodox children are ferried to 130 private religious schools on public school buses — boys and girls separately, since they attend single-sex schools — while public schools with only 6,000 children, mostly Latino and African American, have been gutted by a lack of funding.

And in the same way in which Jack Jaffa, owner of Jaffa and Associates, requested preferential treatment by the federal bankruptcy court with respect to appearing to testify as owner of National Field Network, so to it appears that the ultra-Orthodox Jewish leaders in Lakewood believe that they are exempted from the law,

The Asbury Park Press revealed a single community group was consulted before the amnesty offer: The Lakewood Vaad, a council of businessmen and rabbis that advocate for some members of the Orthodox Jewish community.

There will be many whom are unable to see the correlation between Lakewood and the Mortgage Field Services Industry. In fact, the anti-Semitic card is perpetually in motion to be dropped upon the table of public discussion. And bluntly, I wasn’t alive during WWII and could give two fucking shits about it. Same goes for slavery. Save the whining for the white supremacists and the Nazis. And those whom are not Jewish would appear to have blinders on and thump the bible like a worry stone. They still believe that their daughters are at evening vespers and not at a kegger with the high school football team.

Here are some pretty blunt facts in which the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members have known for years and refuse to ever discuss openly,

  • Robert Klein, the dead Orthodox Jewish founder of Safeguard Properties (SGP) has been sued more times than any other NAMFS member and accused of defrauding Minority Females and Labor out of tens of millions of dollars.
  • Alan Jaffa, an Orthodox Jew, is the son-in-law of Klein, currently is the CEO of SGP, and is the brother to Jack Jaffa.
  • Jack Jaffa, an Orthodox Jew, defrauded nearly SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS from Minority Females and Labor and is currently going through an Involuntary Bankruptcy.
  • The Erie County Government is currently investigating Dan and Adam Buczek, Buczek Enterprises, for welfare fraud, in Buffalo, New York. The Buczek’s have contracts with SGP.

I don’t know. Call me old fashioned. If you see and smell smoke, chances are pretty good there is a fire. The modus operandi present in the Lakewood cases is pretty damn close to that which is going on in the Industry today. You have a perpetual state of hiding company owners; a perpetual state of the inability to ever get paid; and you have a perpetual state of lining the pockets of NAMFS members. Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, is a prime example.

Miller’s annual salary eclipses ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR. With several years of ten thousand dollars per year raises, Miller’s salary now consumes in upwards of Eighty Five Percent of all NAMFS member dues.

And it is not just myself whom is saying that we all have a stake in policing our own. Here is what Bethany Mandel had to say in her article, Orthodox Town Has Jewish Obligation To Shame Fraudsters In Its Midst,

The message must be clear: This behavior is a chillul hashem, a desecration of God’s name, and is not acceptable here. Being observant should, first and foremost, involve living and working ethically.

Sounds pretty basic. I mean why not begin to shame these Orthodoxy types into doing the right thing? Oh, I know, this is what Eric Miller and his ten cent mouthpiece attempted to threaten and intimidate me for recommending to Minority Females and Labor five years ago. I mean I must be missing the simple and salient fact that these Orthodox Jews were taught to be Talmidei Chachamim — practitioners of the Torah’s wisdom.

There is no arguing the fact that when it comes to the disproportionate amount of reported financial terrorism waged against Minority Females and Labor, it originates from Orthodox Jews. I mean the Naxi words Arbeit Macht Frei are not lost upon me. Granted, the number of deaths are far less than in Nazi death camps used to exterminate Jews, Romani, political opponents, and homosexuals — yes, more than Jews were murdered in the camps. The reality is that financial terrorism against Minority Females and Labor impact both those not paid as well as the future of their children by and through malnourishment and inability to pay for even the most basic of necessities. And these calculated attacks in the forms of illegal chargebacks and alleged adjusted pricing are just the tip of the iceberg. For the past two decades, NAMFS members have waged a war against those least equipped to protect themselves. In fact, Foreclosurepedia released a NAMFS 2003 Memo laying the groundwork for the systematic financial genocide which has been perpetrated by NAMFS members, spearheaded by the Orthodox Jews I have written about, upon Minority Females and Labor.

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