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The Best Two Hours Of Your Life

If you want to understand money; if you want to understand the simple and salient fact that Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services are nothing more glamorous than Economic Hitmen, take the next two hours and listen to the below video. Whom I am and whom I work for or with are both immaterial. Listen, contemplate and consider.

I have never made any bones about the fact that I am revolutionary in both my thoughts and that which I write. Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services are no different than the Financial Institutions. These subhumans know that the minute you begin working you are dependent upon them. They know that when they defraud you they are able to scurry behind a mountain of legalese and secretaries whom refuse your calls.

There never will be change. Everyone knows that; everyone is afraid to vocalize it. If you carefully reflect back, not a single Contractor has ever condemned me. The only subhumans whom ever enter the fray are Order Mill types. Contractors need to contemplate the next order they receive; when they are owed money, Contractors should simply drag the Work Orders out and never perform upon them. You see, when you submit anything, the Order Mill gets paid. You are and always will be a Slave to the System.

Take a Stand. Do not try to FIX the System; do your best to dismantle the System. Exercise your Right to Free Speech. If you will blog about your situations I will code your website FREE OF CHARGE and set up Google AdSense so you get a check each month! Demonstrate. Lawfully obtain permits and picket outside of these corrupt offices. Contact your local representatives and law enforcement when you are defrauded.  I personally do not know of a single solitary Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services whom is willing to change. Each and every one of these people will always place their profit before your family. Eric Miller stood by while a Contractor’s family was made homeless by his Bronze Level Contributor Carol Boyd. They never have and never will care about you.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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