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An Open Letter To

Foreclosurepedia publicly states that we are ready and willing to create a viable in 45 days and bring it in for $1.73 Million. Yes, that is ONE POINT SEVEN THREE MILLION DOLLARS, not the THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY FOUR MILLION DOLLARS CGI Federal stands to make. The off the shelf examples listed below address all security, database, accessibility, scalability, and Live Communications necessary. The problem? It doesn’t enrich the Lobby nor the corrupt politicians. Sound familiar?

I have been coding and implementing for years within the Open Source Community. I’ve worked within the MediaWiki and TikiWiki Communities, both OpenSource, with the former running Wikipedia and the CIA Intellipedia and the latter running the European Space Agency. With respect to TikiWiki, I have worked with some of the founders for years.

The point I am making is this: Open Source has been frowned upon for far too long. Linux based software powers the Planet today. Predominately, the only dinosaurs still using Microsoft based software are those within the Financial Sectors and the Property Preservation Industry. The irony is that Joe Badalamenti’s IT guru allowed a subsidiary Company, ForeRunner, to be hacked as we reported upon over a month ago when he was a Linux head himself.

While Forelosurepedia knows that the US Government will not even look at our bid, what we are attempting to demonstrate is the mentality prevalent in both the US Government and the Property Preservation Industry.

That is today’s Food For Thought.

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