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The Band Played On: Industry Buries Mold

We have been making inquiries of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with respect to the reporting of Mold and whether or not Mold is documented.  Looks like a giant barrel of worms was knocked over!  A2Z Field Services is allegedly requiring all Contractors in the State of Georgia to NEVER post mold signs on “…any HUD Property.”  My source wrote this to me the day after the meeting.  I called them to reverify and make sure I understood what the underlying meaning was.

Just thought I would mention that at the recent A2Z mandatory vendor meeting it was stated that HUD houses absolutely NEVER have mold. They may have a “mold like substance” but as we are not licensed or certified to ascertain whether the substance we find is definitively mold, then it is not!! And under no circumstances are we to put a “danger mold is present” sign in the window of a HUD house.

Also it is fine to install/erect non spec items into and onto HUD homes. Examples were large pieces of glass, stair and guard rails.

I probably should have recorded it all.

Have a good one.

HUD’s Senior Public Affairs staffer, Brian Sullivan wrote to us in response to our media inquiry about multiple questions.  Below is the pertinent information with respect to Mold and Meth:

 Meth documentation and remediation.  The same protocol is used for mold contamination however; it depends on the level of mold contamination.  Remediation protocols will differ depending upon the level or extent of contamination.  FHA minimum property requirements dictate that any condition that exists in the property affecting the health and safety of the occupants be corrected or remediated.  Therefore, mold is not specifically mentioned.

Now, my source quoted above, states that an A2ZFS representative, Larry Ballard gave the speech to the A2ZFS Contractors in Marietta, GA.  I have reached out to confirm the name.  My recounted the meeting as follows in pertinent part:

Larry Ballard, yeah I’m pretty sure that’s the guy’s name.  Anyway, he was real [Source’s emphasis] specific on no signs ever being posted.  He commented on the fact one Contractor posted a sign recently and Larry said, “What a joke.”  We were told that anything [Mold] up to 50 or maybe it was 100 square feet requires a ring [telephone call] to A2Z.  We bid it and report that it is a mold like substance.  Anything above that A2ZFS said their specialists come in and we loose the property.

We are playing with people’s lives here.  “As Is” may be well and good for reducing the liability of structural matters; however, in my opinion when Prime Vendors go out of their way to ensure that the public, Contractors and brokers have no notifications whatsoever with respect to “mold like substances” are present they are jeopardizing the health, safety and very lives of those whom both service HUD’s Inventory, the brokers whom show the properties and the public at-large whom are prospective purchasers.

As a moral human being I believe that all entities should place the health and safety of those whom may be affected above the profit line.  In all fairness, we have reached out to Contractors to all of the Prime Vendors of HUD for comments and will update as they come in.  We also were advised by Sullivan, earlier mentioned, to direct all questions to Craig Karnes, Director of the HUD M&M Acquisitions Center (he signs the HUD Contracts in essence).  So, we will additionally report on what information is forthcoming from him with respect to this issue and others.

Paul, please direct your queries to Craig Karnes.

Karnes responded to other issues specific to our Robosigning allegations; however, nothing further has been forthcoming with respect to the Mold issue.  Here’s the real deal though:  This isn’t HUD’s complete responsibility.  The Prime Vendors know that they have way, way, WAY underbid the M&M Contracts Nationwide.  They also know that the responsibilities which used to bid into the Contracts were cut out to be able to Play the Game.  So, screw the windows A2ZFS wants done for free in Georgia; screw the fact that PK Management has only visited 481-277505 3 times since taking over under HUD 3.6 and NEVER for a maid service with grass almost a foot tall in some areas — this will be in our Weekend Article.  Pressure needs to be brought down swift, firm and hard when lives are being placed at risk.  To refuse to examine whether or not Mold is present is bullshit!  Folks, too many corners are being cut.  Lives are going to be permanently damaged if not LOST if something is not done!

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