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HUD Takes the 5th: Sullivan Passes The Buck

As the result of a separate investigation we were conducting about the insuring of Mold and Meth homes by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) we were referred to Brian Sullivan, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Public Affairs Supervisor.  Sullivan’s attitude on the original phone call struck me as one of a rushed bureaucrat pressed for time as it was interfering with his Ruth’s Cris appointment in Georgetown.  His gaffe was to invite me to send in a set of questions which he assured me would be answered.

  1. PM Management was awarded the HUD M&M 3.6 for TN amongst other areas.  I am a Contractor in TN whom contacted Craig Karnes, HUD PCO and stated PK Management’s policy of not paying for 70+ days violates both the Prompt Payment Act and OMB 12-16.  How does HUD justify its Prime Vendors waiting over two months before paying direct subcontractors?
  2. What is HUDs Official Statement as to PK Management Group’s Exception For Convict Labor they have filed?  Additionally, does HUD condone the use of Convict Labor on HUD REO Properties?
  3. Every Contract signed by Karnes, Hines and Graves (15 total valued at tens of millions of dollars) were robosigned (See:  How is HUD allowed to sign one set of forms for use in 15 separate Contracts?
  4. Sentinel Field Services refused any further work to Shawntell Nash an African American female for contacting HUD with Contract Concerns.  Karnes knows about this.  Does HUD penalize whistle blowers?
  5. What are the duties of HUD pertaining to the treatment of known properties contaminated with mold and methamphetamine.  Specifically, what laws, rules or regulations deal with this and the reporting thereto.
  6. Will FHA insure a lender’s note for known properties contaminated and not remediated by mold and methamphetamine?

The response?  Typical two step shuffle.  You see, Washington now knows that a bull dog is on the loose.  Problem is that you can’t euthanize me Sullivan.  When you read the response you need to remember that Sullivan’s job is to answer questions of the media!  Even more of an enormous problem that Sullivan could ever understand.  First we now have a lawyer representing the Industry recognizing me as a media outlet and now the US Government does not contest it either.  Jesus, I should really get a job in this Industry and teach Damage Control!

Dear Mr. Williams, our procurement office will/has responded to many of these same inquiries.

Brian Sullivan
(202) 402-7527

Now, the only thing I can come up with is the simple fact that I am a US Citizen.  I mean, after all, if I were homeless it appears from Sullivan’s Twitter thread, I would get all the assistance in the world brought to bear upon my issue.  Sullivan is paid by my tax dollars.  All of you reading this in the US pay Sullivan’s salary.  If Washington is hiring Public Affairs Supervisors whom do not even have command of the English language it is scary at best.  “Will/has” does not exactly explain anything.

First, I never asked Craig Karnes, HUD Atlanta Procurement Officer about Mold and Meth let alone whether or not FHA would insure those types of notes.  Second, I never asked Karnes whether or not HUD allows Convict to work upon HUD REO Properties.  Third and most importantly Karnes has refused to answer any of the aforementioned questions with specificity.  Now, I will say that Karnes has been cordial and forthcoming in that which is allowed for his pay grade.  You see, what Sullivan in his Savalis esque attitude and hair cut has displayed is contempt both for the Law of the Land and a penchant for throwing people under the bus.

I would strongly encourage all those whom read my Articles to ask these same questions of Sullivan and his supervisors.  Ask your representatives at both the State and Federal levels why it is that Sullivan does not have to answer questions of United States Citizens concerning the use of tax payer funds.  Send a strong message that Sullivan’s cavalier attitude borders on the unconstitutional and will ultimately initiate an inquiry into both how Business As Usual in Sullivan’s Office is conducted and further the long overdue reprimand for actions unbecoming of an employee of the United States Government.

You cannot hide crimes Sullivan.  You cannot brow beat legal inquiries pertaining to operations at HUD like your private fiefdom.

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Paul Williams
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