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Cyprus: A Shot Across The Bow

I rarely dabble in the intrigue of geopolitical matters as most folks have difficulties keeping up with what is going on with their check book let alone the Industry.  With that said, this situation is beyond salvage.  Not all of my Sources deal with the Property Preservation Industry.  I try to keep a productive Stable; information is the most powerful commodity on the face of Terra Firma.  Make no mistake whatsoever the chaos you are witnessing overseas is coming home to roost.

I believe, as a few folks above my pay grade do, that the Market we are witnessing today is fluffed higher in points than it really should be.  While I do not have time to get into a dissertation on Economics, suffice it to say that I believe there will be a Market Correction sometime around Q2.  The Federal Reserve Board’s dismal Quantitative Easing (QE) has done nothing other than completely destroy the ability of this generation to properly amass savings while additionally drive the distinct possibility of hyper inflation.

To understand a System, any system, one needs to distinguish the Signal from the Noise.  I laugh when I read about the housing market booming!  Bah, what about the 74%+ of homes which are on the back burner and not on the market?!  Yeah, let’s not even talk about the new trend of rolling out the Inventory for Bulk Purchasing.  Pay attention folks. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development is even knee deep in this.  Statistics are skewed in the same way that the linear language you are reading is.  To what end is the question.  Why place complete command and control of housing; documentation to the Nth degree of bids necessary to bring them online, unless you had a reason.  A REAL good reason.

Did you wonder why the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has an Open Purchase Order for over 1.6 BILLION ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION?!  Now remember, DHS is DOMESTIC!  Look, Forbes, the Denver Post … hell all credible publications have reported on this.  At the height of the Iraq War soldiers were discharging about 6 Million rounds per month.  Did I fail to mention that they are getting Hollow Point Rounds?  These are forbidden under International Law.  Ever wonder why DHS has begun placing Mine Resistant and Protected Vehicles (MRAP) on US Streets?  2717 to be specific.

If you think that the 1.6 Billion rounds are for target practice, DHS expends about 15 Million rounds per year.  Simple math would reveal that they would have enough ammoprisoner boxcars to last a century.  I like that:  let’s remove all the guns from US Citizens so that only DHS and criminals have them.  You see, though, there is more here than meets the eye.  One needs to separate the Noise from the Signal.

Let’s not bullshit around folks.  Things are going South; they are going South in a very bad way and spiraling out of control.  When on the very same day that Gabby Gifford’s husband got up on Capitol Hill and condemned each and all for wanting to protect the 2nd Amendment, her husband Mark Kelly went out and bought both assault riffles and high capacity magazines.  Why he did or did not only he truly knows.  I have my opinions.

This Article Is My Thank You In Support Of A Source Out In The High Desert Who’s Missives I Enjoy Greatly! 

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