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MFS Supply: All Roads Lead To Safeguard

Have you ever had an itch inside of your mind which feels much like a Mack Truck jack knifing?  MFS Supply was originated by Alan Jaffa (he apparently has a disdain for the name Amir).  For those whom do not know good ‘ol Al or have been under a rock, he is the son-in-law of Robert Klein, founder and Chairman of Safeguard Properties.  Jaffa formed Mendamir Locks, LLC, on 21 February 2006.  The Secretary of State of Ohio states the Certificate Number is 1610013 .  On 28 September 2006, we see that the name MFS Supply come on the radar screen.  Same Certificate Number, 1610013.  The new twist is that Jaffa names Michael Halpern as the new agent of MFS Supply.  Don’t worry, we will connect the names and dots momentarily.  See, Contractors shouldn’t have to dig through piles of shit to find the bottom of the barrel.  Alas, the Nationals today are so buried that the analogy is not dissimilar.  Matter of fact, take a spin through the Categories listed.  This will clue you in a bit of the sheer scope of what is going on!

Jaffa’s stellar rise began with the marriage of Klein’s daughter, Edna.  He was quoted by Crain’s Cleveland Business as saying, “This is a Family Business.”  That kind of took me back a bit as I was multitasking by watching the Godfather.  He also went out of his way to state during the Interview that, “My wife and my four children are not in the Family Business.”  In 1995 he was brought into the Family Business as its 35th employee.  By 1999 Jaffa was the Vice President of Safeguard Properties.  In 2002 he was promoted, yet again, to the position of Chief Operating Officer.  Finally, in 2010, Jaffa was made Chief Executive Officer.

Now, Jaffa was privy to the day-to-day operations of Safeguard Properties.  Common sense would dictate that there was a market for the locks and accouterments associated with the Property Preservation Industry.  When we look at MFS Supply today we see that they are the dominant market controller of the Industry with respect to material products necessary for the day-to-day operations.  Logical step in capitalism or calculated risk to corner the market through religious connections?  You be the judge.

None of this would be that questionable until you began to connect the dots.  The Klein, Jaffa and Hallpern Families all have an honorable mention in the 2012 Hebrew Academy of Cleveland‘s recent auction booklet.  Odd, as the Cleveland Academy is orthodox and yet no yarmulke?  Anyway, hallakha is not en vogue in Boardrooms these days.  The relationship is not that they are Jewish, although they are.  What is established here is the fact that they are are interconnected in both business and non business aspects.  While the relationships may very well be innocent, it has always raised red flags for me in the past.

So, I believe that the question is a fair one.  Is this approaching a monopoly control of both access to materials used within the Property Preservation Industry and is Safeguard Properties pulling the strings.  Are outfits such as NAMFS giving a nod to the possible collusion of Sherman Act violations?  I don’t know.  We have reached out to several lawyers regarding this matter and are preparing a Question of Law Paper for the Attorney General’s Office for the State of Ohio.  Who knows, after reviewing the Federal Election Commission reports and using Big Data computations a pattern is emerging.  I have a feeling that Senator Rob Portman might be able to shed some light as his FEC Filings sure the hell did!  Beachwood is the epicenter and all roads seem to lead to Timberlane instead of Rome.  Our upcoming Article on Safeguard Properties, when juxtaposed with this one, should be extremely interesting reading as the rough draft reads:  The Gang’s All Here!

Paul Williams
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