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The Alliance: Inside The Mindset Of The Industry Axis Of Evil

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime has been quietly annexing power and control over Contractors within the Mortgage Field Services Industry for the past several years. Contractors, in a Policy of Appeasement reminiscent of Lord Chamberlain’s Policy towards the Nazis, have simply laid down and taken it on all fours. The comparison is most poignant in that the Playbook is identical. The NAMFS Regime’s latest conquest has been a media outlet; Terry and Vickie Platt’s CubicYard,  by and through which it now has salted every level of Columnists with NAMFS Regime Members and Sympathizers.

Let me be very clear here about what is taking place and why Robert Klein and Amir Jaffa should take note. Safeguard Properties, ironically, stand as the last line of defense between an Industry which is allowed to autonomously make business decisions and one which must pay money in a Pay To Play Scheme. The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime has every intention of forcing each and every National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mill to bow upon one knee and pay homage to them. Eric Miller and Adam Miles, as I type this, are gnashing their teeth in glee with respect to the Coup they launched on behalf of Wells Fargo. When I originally discussed the Plans of the Axis of Evil, vis-a-vis Aspen Grove Solutions, I was labeled a madman. Today, though, it is self evident.

We are in a perilous time. The planned and coordinated assault upon Contractors, by and through the Axis of Evil and the usurpation of media, has begun. Terry and Vickie Platt have been publishing for quite some time on the Mortgage Field Services Industry as their Amazon eBook Store shows. Ironically, most of their publications have been somewhat condemning of the very same Order Mill Caste System they have now joined. One of the most important things which Adolf Hitler realized early on, was that he had to control was the media. With Propaganda Minister Platt’s Path paved by Joe Hummel of Keystone Property Services LLC and Michael Evangelo of National Mortgage Field Services (NMFS), the Axis of Evil are now building their ability to use Propaganda Minister Terry Platt as a Proxy. This is an identical script playing out following the rise to power of Joseph Goebbels.

Realizing early on that he could not hack it in the investigative journalism world, Reichsminister Terry Platt began to cavort with the NAMFS Regime. At first it was tepid; initially asking Foreclosurepedia to buy his websites for $2500 for an assortment of reasons, Propaganda Minister Platt realized that Foreclosurepedia was not rich and he would have to rethink his strategy. When Platt began to conspire with Joe Hummel of Keystone Property Services LLC and Michael Evangelo of National Mortgage Field Services (NMFS) to be initiated into the NAMFS Regime, Reichsminister Platt realized he would need money. As publishing upon the truth was not a profitable endeavor, he began to turn to NAMFS Regime Members.

SEAS LLC was under an enormous assault for refusing to pay Contractors monies owed — much of this backlash continues today with Contractors claiming to be unpaid on half a dozen forums. Robert Kapeluch was having some soreness in areas over the slap down by Altisource in their demands for SEAS LLC to pay a Virginia Contractor. Straight out of the Nazi Playbook to destroy people whom speak out about criminal activity, SEAS LLC hammered out a Contract Caveat to ensure that Contractors would become sub humans should they ever challenge the Reich. This is from the most recent SEAS Contract Foreclosurepedia possesses,

Contractor further agrees not to communicate with any SEAS customers, suppliers, purveyonrs [sic], or contractors regarding outstanding payments owed to Contractor under this Agreement. The violation of this provision will cause Contractor to become liable to SEAS for liquidated damages of $50,000.

If you were as good of a contractor as you all claim to be then you wouldn’t have time to search around the internet talking badly about a company being late with one or two payments, as you would all be busy in the field working.”  The reason I took the time to point out this issue, in particular, is I want to demonstrate precisely how Propaganda works. Take a look at how the SEAS LLC Propaganda Machine has redacted the name of the original SEAS LLC person posting this. I believe it additionally violates the recent Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council‘s (FFIEC) Social Media Policy.

Good Afternoon,

If you read further into the comments on this post, you will see that we have made sure outstanding payments have been made to Jimmy. We did recently have an issue with our payment system with was sent out in a memo to all active contractors. This has been fixed and all payments have been issued. You have to understand that from time to time a company will be late with a payment for reasons that they cannot control but to resolve to posting things on the internet slandering a company that has paid everyone correctly most of the time in not acceptable.

If you were as good of a contractor as you all claim to be then you wouldn’t have time to search around the internet talking badly about a company being late with one or two payments, as you would all be busy in the field working.

All contractors will be paid for work they have completed as we have always done. I apologize that recently we had an issue. This is not normally the case.

Any contractor with payment issues please contact our accounting department and it will be resolved as quickly as possible. Please be sure to send a detailed aging report to help speed up the process of getting your funds to you.

Thank you
Southeastern Asset Services

As you can see, the name has been altered. This is how Propaganda works in Dictatorships; you erase anything negative you have ever said or has ever been said about you. Screw the fact that the Profile violates LinkedIn Policy, this was done with intention and purpose. So, it is no wonder, then, that SEAS LLC knew whom they needed to begin to team up with:  Propaganda Minister Terry Platt. The following is from Nazi Propagandist Joeseph Goebell’s Propaganda Playbook,

4. Propaganda must affect the enemy’s policy and action.
a. By suppressing propagandistically desirable material which can provide the enemy with useful intelligence.

SEAS LLC began paying Propaganda Minister Terry Platt to develop and publish a series of articles in what appears to have been an attempt to stem the tide of bad publicity Foreclosurepedia was churning out with respect to their targeting of a Virginia Contractor. It became more apparent that the Propaganda Message SEAS LLC wanted distributed was calculated to sway a select audience and silence others. Why else hire a polished media professional? No two ways around it. It was coordinated and well orchestrated. Whether or not their Spin Master oversaw it; whether or not Reichsminister Platt ordered it — SEAS LLC did host him a month or so ago right before the NAMFS Regime Committee Member’s narcotics revelations came out — it remains to be determined.

JPMorgan tried a live Twitter Q&A last year. It was an #EpicFail. I mean in the same mentality as SEAS LLC in that they just figured they would show up on Social Media and everyone would fall all over themselves trying to get hired and be cool. Did I say #EpicFail?! Whomever at SEAS LLC decided to alter the Profile should receive a Pink Slip today, period. This will turn out to be one of the biggest disasters ever for … Altisource.

Ah, yes Altisource. You see, Altisource is having a tremendous amount of trouble with Benjamin Lawsky vis-a-vis Ocwen in New York right now. The last thing that Ocwen needs is a tremendous amount of media swirling around asking questions such as why, precisely, is it that Altisource continues to back peddle on the hiring of qualified Contractors whom are willing to work. I actually asked that question earlier today and received no reply. As Ocwen, though, is directly under the scrutiny of Lawsky, I believe the question is prudent to ask why it is one of their larger Order Mills are redacting Social Media.

The Propaganda Machine; the Axis of Evil in which SEAS LLC partially funds by its payments for advertising and propaganda writing by Reichsminister Platt, is ultimately going to backfire. As we begin to drill down on precisely how deeply entrenched the NAMFS Regime Members are with the furtherance of Propaganda, I predict it will begin to ultimately bankrupt more firms. I am rarely wrong.

We are all in dark times. While I am loathe to support Safeguard Properties, I must speak my belief. Klein has been the only one, to date, whom has both publicly and privately addressed the take over of the NAMFS Regime by Wells Fargo in their forcing of the Aspen Grove Solutions upon Contractors and Order Mills alike. Alliances are made all the time and Contractors should begin to contemplate whether or not they will forever be subservient to a Propaganda Machine which will increase the demands and lower what little pay there is. Safeguard Properties could … could … be something to begin to look at. There is no difference between Aspen Grove’s First Advantage Background Check than with any other done for one hundreth of the price — except other firms are not being sued under class action litigation for botching the background checks. Klein and Jaffa both have the opportunity to make history in a positive manner. Stay tuned as we continue to unravel the Propaganda Ministry which has received legal standing within the NAMFS Regime.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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