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Fadie Hany Arney: Terry Platt’s Aspiring Lawyer

Fadie Hany Areny, also known as United Soldier of Allah, is back on the front page again. Many of you on here have read about Fadie Hany Arney whom is the orchestrator of The Grean Team and his illicit attempts at recruiting Contractors to enrich both him, Tom Cono and the rest of the Grean Team Board of Directors and shareholders. Early on, The Grean Team was attempting to use the credits due WorkMarket as their own. We addressed that and the fact that they were streaming insecure data through http as opposed to https and The Grean Team finally buckled and addressed the issues. By in large, we chocked up Arney and his hustlers (I kept the Arizona Guy out of this in respect) to simply another hustle to fleece Contractors and left them to their wares. Arney, though, revealed new aspirations over on Terry Platt’s CubicYard,

FH Arney Enters Law School
FH Arney Enters Law School

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the above, I wanted to share with you what Fadie Hany Areny’s opinion is of women. It would appear that the root of all evil begins and ends with them. When you read further and view many of his photos and his belief that money and possessions are far more important than women, you will understand the below,

This Guy Is Beyond A Hypocrite!
Screenshot From A Grean Team Source: This Guy Is Beyond A Hypocrite!

So, back to the meat of the article. Wow, law school. I mean there are some aspirations. The only problem is that to take most State Bar Exams and to become a Member of the American Bar, you have to have good moral character. You see, Arney has had a pretty shady past. Oh, I know everyone out there is saying to themselves why pick on the kid. I’m not. You see, we aren’t talking about getting a cab permit here; we are talking about getting a law degree. The California School of Law is really more of an online class — you are only eligible to take the California Bar Exam. More on point, though, why not legitimately take classes in one of the several states he alleges to live in — Arizona and California these days. More on that in a moment. First, let’s look at Arney’s online confession to fraud,

My name is Fadie Hany Areny, as you all remember my old user name was Areny Investments and I had screwed up big time with Nick Johnson and the Bigger Pockets community by telling lies rather than the truth.  [ … ]

For everyone who has no clue what I am talking about I am sure you can find it on this forum, but what happened was that I was asked by my Uncle to sell his properties that he had in Arizona which were not owned by me at all. So what I went ahead and did was go ahead and post about the properties as if they were owned by me, the first mistake. Then I proceeded with very little information on the actual properties and posted false information that the properties were in fact positive cash flow properties when in reality the cash flow was negative from every property, my second mistake.

Becoming a lawyer is not simply taking some tests. People entrust their very lives into the care and custody of lawyers which is precisely why there are Canons of Ethics. Every state bar application process includes a character and fitness component. Generally, the Affidavit of Personal History deals with an applicant’s business involvement, participation in civil litigation, financial history, criminal history and general fitness. An applicant’s candor when filling out the APH, and during the entire character and fitness process, may be the most telling indicator of the applicant’s current character and fitness. If an applicant is not truthful concerning a past incident, that lack of candor may say more about the applicant’s true character than any incident that may have previously occurred.

While Arney’s glamorous selfie photos some of which are semi nude, the dehumanization of women and others both by glorifying and possessing marijuana (a few below), might be trendy within the world he lives in, the reality is that they are indicative of the same 19 year old whom lied to potential investors several years ago. It is troublesome in an industry wherein the excesses of greed and sloth are prolific. They are, in my opinion, a testament to the fact that Arney and his compatriots he intends on placing on these Councils to oversee Contractors are but a means to an end. That end is to categorically screw every Contractor Arney is capable of reaching.

Areny is no stranger to attacking bloggers and those whom he dislikes although it never ends in anything but Arney having his tail between his legs. When John Wright began covering Fadie Hany Areny and Areny’s National Mortgage Investigation INC (the Company collapsed by the look of Areny’s inability to reregister his website on the 7th which we are buying) Areny decided to take a swing at Wright and half a dozen other folks in court. In fact, Areny, in typical fashion, picked some pretty serious enemies to sue including a law firm. When he realized that things were going South, it appeared that Areny even attempted to mount a PR Campaign as even Reuters was duped into a PR Newswire Release. We published the entire lawsuit at the end of the article. The reality is that Areny’s court case was seriously flawed and he voluntarily dismissed it. Get Out Of Debt Blog sums up Areny’s lawsuit and state of mind most eloquently,

But here [is where] the suit crawls into consideration for the most bizarre lawsuit category when it includes statements such as:

  1. Mr. Neilander has harassed and abused Plaintiffs by referring to Mr. Areny as a “silly boy”
  2. …has referred to legitimate businessman Mr. Areny as a “scum bag,” a “stupid fool,” “stupid little punk kid” and a “dumb ass”.
  3. Stalking and repeatedly harassing Plaintiffs into paying what amounts to nothing but mafia type “protection” plan where Defendants have told Plaintiffs that Plaintiffs will not be “protected” unless they “cough up” the money and equity in NMI.
  4. Ms. Baroni made the representations that she was a partner of billionaires like Oprah Winfrey and others as an inducement to Mr. Areny to believe that Ms. Baroni and Baroni Enterprises had “Wall Street” money to invest in Mr. Areny’s business.
  5. Now is a good time to start believing in Jesus my brother.
  6. Just stop now. you are too dumb to be in business.

Now, remember the law firm that I stated Arney decided to sue along with Wright? Yeah, Brookstone. Their Counsel opined, with respect to Arney’s suit, through Vito Torchia, Jr, Esq., whom issued this Public Statement,

I appreciate the opportunity to respond to the above referenced matter.

I have reviewed a copy of the alleged Complaint. Let me start off by quoting former President Ronald Reagan: “There you [Stein] go again!”

I know nothing about Michigan Law or what is alleged in the draft of the Complaint I have seen. So, beyond a few factual observations, I can’t comment on a lawsuit that supposedly was filed in Michigan under Michigan law. I don’t even know if what I have seen is the same as what may have been filed.

Brookstone and Damian have nothing to do with anyone in Michigan, or with Mr. Areny, outside the fact that he briefly retained a lawyer who also works with Brookstone regarding a matter in California.

Rather, it seems that Brookstone is being sued on the bizarre theory that if we know anyone in a dispute, we must have conspired to cause the dispute. If it were proper to sue lawyers every time a proposed or actual deal sours, then lawyers would be defendants in just about 100% of all lawsuits. To the contrary, knowing someone, or giving advice to a client who is involved in a dispute is not a basis for legal action – whether, as here, the advice was completely unrelated to the dispute, or, even if the advice is related to the dispute. To the best of my knowledge, that principle is enmeshed in state laws throughout the United States.

Even before anyone knew about this lawsuit, Eric Wittenberg, Mitchell Stein’s partner in the so-called Spire Law Group, sent emails to Brookstone clients and defendants in this lawsuit gleefully referencing the lawsuit. It is implausible that Wittenberg could have so quickly known about this lawsuit if he did not have a hand in it. Further, the draft complaint I have seen and the press release issued in support of the lawsuit includes verbatim the language and allegations Stein has used in other lawsuits he has filed since the California courts and State Bar seized his practice.

As it pertains to Brookstone and Damian, the lawsuit is just bizarre. The complaint and press release seem to be yet another in a long line of failed attacks launched by Stein and his associates. Just since his practice was seized in August 2011, Stein or his colleagues have launched five federal court actions, numerous State court motions and the Legaspi lawsuit in California attacking Brookstone and Damian for one imagined slight or another, usually wrapped around alleged dark conspiracies to hurt Stein and homeowners. Every one of these lawsuits has been dismissed (except only the last one, filed just a few weeks ago which undoubtedly will face the same demise in due course) and all of Stein’s motions making these attacks have failed.

It is all too easy to file a lawsuit or issue a press release. The attack, untrue or bizarre though it may be, garners a lot of attention and the eventual dismissal usually does not. Sadly the fact that the theories have no relation to the law doesn’t stop someone from filing a lawsuit.

I encourage you to obtain whatever was actually filed, read it and come to your own conclusions about whether it states any cause of action against Brookstone and Damian, or whether it seems like a petty school yard fight in which I could almost imagine one of the protagonists shouting: “I’m rubber, you’re glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.”

In short, Brookstone and Damian have nothing to do with Michigan or the war of roses depicted in the draft I read. Whether anything in the complaint is true is beyond my perspective. Whether anyone else, including the plaintiff, did anything that is legally actionable requires knowledge of the true facts and of Michigan law, both of which I lack. What I do know, is the draft I read makes no allegations that could remotely subject Brookstone or Damian to any liability to anyone.

The whole story is here on PiggyBankBlog

To give you an idea of how completely off the fucking wall Fadie Hany Areny is with is belief that he is Elijah Muhammad reborn in his ability to presciently change the future, take a look at some of his delusional tweets,

28 JunFadie Hany Areny @WeAreNMI
We have uncovered and unearthed an entire International money laundering scheme and no one even knows about it! Wake up people you are zzz.

28 JunFadie Hany Areny @WeAreNMI
What are we doing to change our world? It is simple, we are suing all of the banks in our country and their international entities too!

On the 14th of April, 2012, Arney sent John Wright an email. The excerpt which Wright provided to Steve Rhode, the Get Out Of Debt Guy, is most telling about Fadie Hany Areny and Arney’s beliefs. In essence, Areny has always felt that either by deception or by force, he was entitled to whatever he wanted. We see that, today, in The Grean Team. When Arney could not buy the Contractor Database List from the Society of Field Inspectors (SOFI), he then went and saddled up with Terry Platt over at CubicYard along with incorporating Tom Cono’s resources along with those of WorkMarket.

“Oh and by the way- I’m looking forward to our story on Monday! It’s going to be interesting on how you are going to make up the story on how Craig is secretly behind everything and that he is using me as a “fall” guy. Man oh man that is going to be an interesting read. Nothing will be as interesting as the blog posting we are going to write on Tuesday though. You forget- I have the ability to spend more $ on marketing anything I want than you will ever have. Once again- underestimating me. You thought I was a kid, you thought. And you thought wrong. Wright is wrong again. (laughing) (wink wink).”

As if The Grean Team couldn’t get any worse, read this: The Grean Team, Inc.’s dispatchers are able to use satellite GPS to locate all of our Field Service Specialists. So, Fadie Hany Areny and the boyz are now going to track Contractors like common criminals. Oh, what’s that John Doe you stopped in for a hamburger? That will be a back bill! Imagine, though, something goes South and they need a Fall Guy. Now, you and your family’s every move is recorded by The Grean Team — does that ankle bracelet come in fashion colors?!

It gets better by the minute, though. At the bottom of The Grean Team’s website, they display the Logo of the Better Business Bureau. The Link is dead and goes nowhere. Now, remember all of their Propaganda about being Software Scientists and Moving Mountains? This is why it goes nowhere —  TypeError: jQuery(…).offset(…) is undefined  var scrollTarget = jQuery(this.hash).offset().top;   fix this you idiot: var scrollTarget = jQuery(this.hash).offset().top; and then fix this error  Rl=function(a,b,c){a&&a.fb(b,c)};var Sl=function(a,b){if(/\.google\.com/.test(document.location.hostname))for(var,1),d=window,e=0;2>e;++e)try{var d=d.parent,;if(f&&f.test&&a in f.test){f.test[a].apply(f.test,c);break}}catch(g){}}, — what a bunch of pathetic hacks.

Tom, you gotta get off that ship, bro! It is sinking fast and I MEAN FAST! The Green Business Certification was the final straw. I mean what a bunch of bullshit! Remind me again, Fadie Hany Areny, how you deal with mold in an environmentally friendly way?

Back to the Better Business Bureau, though. The Grean Team has the Logo, but NO BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU in the State of Arizona seem to know who the hell they are! Here is a Search of the Southern Arizona Better Business Bureau and here is the only other one, a Search of the Central, Northern and Western Arizona Better Business Bureau. Shit, what did you expect anyway!  😉

What we are witnessing is an Axis of Evil with Terry Platt, the Propaganda Minister of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, as the media outlet. To drill down a bit, let’s take a look at precisely how Areny and the Axis of Evil have begun their end run to take over what few Contractors remain in the Industry. All the usual suspects are gathered round over on Terry Platt’s CubicYard. You have Joe Hummel of Keystone Property Services LLC whom is still terrified to call me or take a phone call to explain why he does not have to have a business license or how precisely it is that Safeguard Properties is capable of sending him work, across state lines, using electronic means. As we all remember, Hummel was part of the Bret Douglas Movement visiting Florida early on. Neither Douglas nor Hummel had ever been known within the Industry and yet both were almost immediately elevated to positions of power on Committees at the NAMFS Regime. We are now beginning to realize why Hummel and his firm Keystone Property Services LLC, an unlicensed North Carolina Business, has such contempt for Robert Klein. In this email between Hummel and I, Klein is spoken of by Hummel as a mere peasant. The implication is that Hummel is far superior and deserving of adulation,

I have been working with other regional companies like me about current industry issues, and trying to get them to voice concerns, LOUDER! I am getting involved even more with the NAMFS to try and make a difference, and as it starts, a lowly spot on the conference committee is where I found a temp home.

First order of business: how to help Safeguard not screw everyone over?

My own experience is seeing my receivables stretch 120-180 days in some cases, and compliance standards seem to help them stretch them further, and the awesome ability to complicate resolve with HUD price reductions that make no sense. HUD is reducing prices now?  Frustrating.

I agree DC is where to go, and this years agenda seems to be promising with HUD cash going to Philadelphia ahead of other states. My headquarters is in Reading PA, and I anticipate a lot of HUD work being approved in Philly, but I am worried companies like safeguard will ultimately eat all that money, leaving most vendors with scraps, and all liability! Again, frustrating.

I should have said something to Robert Klein last July when I was in the elevator with Him in Cleveland, but what is he going to do? They took his mic away at his own conference, from babbling!

So, Hummel obviously has contempt for Robert Klein. Not a wonder as Hummel also supports the Aspen Grove Solutions model to force all companies to submit to their Pay To Play scheme wherein hefty fees are levied for background checks. While I may not always approve of SGPs interactions with Contractors I have been most animated in my compliments towards Klein for taking a stand against this illegal monopolization by Aspen Grove Solutions.

Hummel was the first recruit by Propaganda Minister Platt. Tom Cono was next. Cono is interesting in the fact that he professes to dislike the NAMFS Regime. Privately, Cono has exchanged extremely disdainful comments pertaining to both Eric Miller and the NAMFS Regime as well. That is why I was surprised that Platt would bring him into the fold, but then I realized that Areny is a pretty good used car salesman — Cono is Areny’s alleged unpaid associate in The Grean Team.

Knowing that the stakes were high, the NAMFS Regime Members decided to begin to financially back Propaganda Minister Terry Platt. Michael Evangelo, a financial supporter of Propaganda Minister Terry Platt and owner of National Mortgage Field Services (NMFS), began to quietly roll cash Platt’s way. It was no coincidence that Evangelo is also an ardent supporter of Aspen Grove Solutions as he wrote on their website as recent as April, 2014. Six days ago, PR Web proliferated the article in a full media frenzy.

In what must be a stinging blow to the Platt, Hummel and Evangelo love triangle is the Revelation that Fadie Hany Areny was the 121st Signatory to the Petition to Sue Safeguard Properties. I mean the NAMFS Regime really needs to do some homework. We have unlicensed businesses, narcotics, fraud, corruption — now, we have a traitor in the middle of a bunch of treasonous vipers. Look, I am no NAMFS Regime Supporter, but maybe they should hire me to do a bit of due diligence before they end up in a world of shit.

  • 121. Fadie Hany Areny from Phoenix, AZ signed this petition on May 17, 2014.

    All of the nationals do this. We need all of them to be held accountable. Share this!


Let’s get something straight, the media blitz is being bankrolled. My guess is that the NAMFS Regime, vis-a-vis Propaganda Minister Terry and Vickie Platt, are attempting to saturate Google — to no avail. The downfall is that now all of them are hooked at the hip with Propaganda Minister Terry Platt’s obvious dislike of Muslims. Gee, Fadie Hany Areny, did you know your Propaganda Minister, Terry Platt seems to be a Muslim Hater?! Yeah, that one is going to leave a mark, isn’t it. Run that one by me Areny. Is the Almighty Dollar so valuable that you would get in bed with a Muslim Hater? I mean what does Allah say about the Infidel?! Nothing new.

Propaganda Minister Terry Platt has had his hands in quite a few piles of proverbial shit, really. SEAS LLC has has been bankrolling for quite some time now. SEAS LLC has paid for articles to be written and advertising as well. So, yet another NAMFS Regime Member financing the exportation of questionable activities. Albeit, SEAS LLC may not have intended their money to finance such it is nonetheless and they seem to have no concerns whatsoever about potential ethical appearances. I mean connecting the dots is not that difficult. SEAS LLC is pretty familiar with controversy. So, financing a newly crowned NAMFS Regime Member isn’t beyond the pale— oh, that’s right you didn’t know that both Keystone Property Services LLC and National Mortgage Field Services signed letters that got Propaganda Minister Terry Platt admitted into the NAMFS Regime. Yeah, nothing new as SEAS LLC is well aware that Propaganda Minister Platt gives the platform to both unlicensed businesses — Keystone Property Services LLC — and documented fraudsters — The Grean Team by Fadie Hany Areny’s own public confession.

We have multiple cases of Propaganda Minister Terry Platt infiltrating both Regional and National Order Mills. Several prominent California firms are amongst the Clan although they both say that they have severed ties. The Fadie Hany Areny story, though, is now forever enmeshed within the Terry Platt landscape. The emails back and forth between Platt and Areny are pretty easy to keep up with, it is the phone calls that I will have to work on. You see, there is always a Source somewhere whom feels disenfranchised.

Foreclosurepedia has actually taken the 5th spot on Page One of Google for the Search Term Fadie Hany Areny. It would appear that Propaganda Minister Terry Platt needs to step up his Game in his nonsense about being able to achieve a Google SEO formula. The reality is that Propaganda Minister Terry Platt is simply blowing a bunch of hot air. I had a lot of respect for his old website; I used to go there back in the day. With his new sell out to the NAMFS Regime; his Pay Me To Write My Rag, and his coddling of NAMFS Regime sympathizers, CubicYard is what it was intended to be: Propaganda.

Curious about Fadie Hany Areny’s coding capabilities? Here is his Four Slices Of Pizza from 2 months ago and I am not shitting you! What I really, REALLY loved, though, was his perpetrating like he was Anonymous!

Tomorrow we are going to begin to release some of the Interviews we did with Fadie Hany Areny’s high school friends and early business associates. It is simply amazing how interconnected the Internet is with the Dark Net. Make no mistake about one thing: Fadie Hany Areny will never get a law degree while I still breathe; not on my watch. While Areny and Cono may attempt to continue to lure Contractors into their spidery web — and that is the fault of Contractors — no way in hell are the sacred tomes of law going to be exploited by Areny.

Stay tuned as we reach out to Lowes and Home Depot to confirm their Sponsorship and Approval of Anti Muslim Terry Platt and his Widgets. Should prove to be interesting!

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