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Half Baked: Work Market and The Grean Team Cirlce Like Sharks

With the decline in Inventory within the Mortgage Field Services Industry, the sharks have begun circling for opportunities. The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime rolled out with Aspen Grove Solutions and sold their Membership up the Creek. With nothing new under the sun, we turn our focus today upon The Grean Team. A simple search of the Company turns up The Grean Team’s patriarch, Fadie Hany Areny. Arney, The Egyptian Don as he calls himself, additionally is the Shot Caller for Grean Team Preservations. Now, we did a huge work up on Arney and his side kick and Grean Team Vice President, Matthew Disraeli earlier last year. The interesting thing is that the Arizona Secretary of State lists Areny’s business in Arizona; however, Areny’s LinkedIn Profile has him in Detroit, Michigan.

Areny’s Google Search aside, the Arizona Secretary of State’s listings of Companies is a veritable Web and menagerie of Firms:

Oddly, The Grean Team has an address of 11409 N MOON RANCH PL MARANA, AZ 8565 and The Grean Team Preservation has an address of 4729 E SUNRISE DR #413 TUCSON, AZ 85718. So, let’s not bullshit around.

More troubling, though, is the Egyptian Don’s proclamation that he has deceived and defrauded others in the past,

My name is Fadie Hany Areny, as you all remember my old user name was Areny Investments and I had screwed up big time with Nick Johnson and the Bigger Pockets community by telling lies rather than the truth.

I was asked by my Uncle to sell his properties that he had in Arizona which were not owned by me at all. So what I went ahead and did was go ahead and post about the properties as if they were owned by me, the first mistake. Then I proceeded with very little information on the actual properties and posted false information that the properties were in fact positive cash flow properties when in reality the cash flow was negative from every property, my second mistake.

So, The Grean Team is off to a GREAT START; real confidence builder! We counseled Thomas Cono, owner of MegaTec Asset Management,  about our extreme reservations with respect to Areny and Disraeli last year and again this year — obviously, to no avail. The Grean Team, a consortium of sorts, seems to have a veritable litany of work they would appear to do. What is not clear is whether they, as a Company, do the work or they subcontract the work out. Do they pay? Hmnn, Foreclosurepedia will most assuredly be notified if they do not!  😉

The Grean Team Litany of Services
The Grean Team Litany of Services

The Grean Team also appears to capitalize upon a Who’s Who of Clients. We are currently in the process of verifying whether or not the below people are, in fact, Grean Team Clients and whether or not the Grean Team has these Firm’s authorization to even tacitly imply such,

Companies, Institutions, and Agencies such as JP Morgan Chase Bank, Bank of America, Ocwen Loan Servicing, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, Wells Fargo Bank, Ally Bank, Carrington Mortgage Services, Nationstar Mortgage, PNC Financial, SunTrust Mortgage, US Bank, Fifth Third Bancorp, Citi Bank, VA, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, American International Group, State Farm Group, Subway, Allstate Insurance Group, Berkshire Hathaway, USAA Group, Travelers Group, A2Z Field Services, McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Volkswagen Group, Exxon Mobil Corporation, Sprint, CVS Caremark, AXA, CoreLogic, Lender Processing Services, IBM, Costco, Cyprexx Services, Assurant Field Asset Services, Mortgage Contracting Services, Five Brothers, Mortgage Services International, and Altisource have already experienced The Grean Team, Inc. difference.

The angle, it would appear, that the Grean Team is attempting to take is a lukewarm hot linking and streaming between they and Work Market. Work Market is a hodgepodge of using Amazon EC2 in order to pair Labor with Management. The technology is really not novel; Foreclosurepedia utilizes Amazon AWS; EC2 is part of the same Platform, to store and stream our Foreclosurepedia Podcast.

What is novel is the behind-the-scenes relationship between The Grean Team and Work Market. Foreclosurepedia actually spoke to both Thomas Cono, Executive Vice President of The Grean Team and Jack Barcroft, an Account Executive at Work Market about a month ago. With specificity to Barcroft, Foreclosurepedia was originally contacted by him for exploratory information with respect to the Mortgage Field Services Industry. In both cases, Foreclosurepedia stressed its LOATHING for those whom were Order Mills and those whom prey upon both Contractors and circle like vultures in an attempt to consolidate such.

So, what is the true reason for The Grean Team’s sudden entry into the Mortgage Field Services Industry and their disingenuous presentation? Here, let me put what I am talking about in their own words,

The Grean Team, Inc. has earned a reputation as the World’s leading provider of eco-friendly field services that are both effective and trustworthy. — Asides [sic] from providing you with the best field services in the World (Perhaps an overview of English 101?!) — With our cutting edge technology — here is where I just gave up on the outlandish claims.

Let’s look at The Grean Team’s Claims. First, I am unable to even FIND the Grean Team anywhere let alone any studies which confirm their Reputation; Eco Friendly, while a great catch phrase is actually regulated. For example, are their vehicles Electric or do they use Eco Boost Technology — hell, my 2013 Ram 1500 does! If so, where is this information at — remember, this is just logistics and not even the entirety of the Company. Next, setting aside the lack of grammatical skills, let’s talk about the “…best field services in the World… [.]” So, how is this determined and what impartial, accredited third party confirmed this? Finally, and this one is the BIGGEST DEMONSTRATION OF WHY THESE FLY BY NIGHT VULTURES POSE A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO ANYONE IN THE MORTGAGE FIELD SERVICES INDUSTRY, the Claim of “…cutting edge technology…” must have sacrificed security and poses a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO BOTH THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF ALL CLIENTS THEY INTERACT WITH AND ADDITIONALLY HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BREAK HAVE A DOZEN PRIVACY REGULATIONS,

A Blatant Security Issue as it is http and not https
A Blatant Security Issue as it is http and not https

This is the fundamental problem with virtually each and every NAMFS Regime Member and Non Member. No one is using proper security credentials; the streaming of information like the above referenced is not just madness, it could get someone KILLED!

Here is the sad, but true reality: The Grean Team is a Half Baked concept which was rolled out far too early. In an inherently insecure world, the blatant disregard for Information Security telegraphs the fact that The Grean Team either lacks the ability to comprehend the 21st Century and the challenges which Mortgage Field Services Clients face or they lack the capital to invest in Consultation to troubleshoot these issues, in advance. The pedestrian formatting of The Grean Team’s Website and lackluster display of the vernacular stands as a testament that someone, for some reason, put the need for hocking their wares in front of providing a quality product.

We will follow up with our Inquiry with respect to the Fortune 500 Companies aforementioned and Publish with respect to the veracity of whether or not The Grean Team does, in fact, currently have relationships with each and all. As for me, I would personally take a pass on The Grean Team and Work Market. Far too much risk attached; risk in that The Grean Team is obviously stuck on amateur hour and risk attached with Work Market in that they have partnered with The Grean Team in an attempt to exploit the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.




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