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SEAS: The NAMFS Sponsorship Hangover May Be Too Much!

I am making an IMMEDIATE POTENTIAL OF FRAUD ALERT ON SEAS LLC AND ALTISOURCE. Robert Kapeluch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SEAS LLC, has an issue. His recent sponsorship of the Presidential Gala for the National Association of Mortgage Field Services set SEAS LLC back between THIRTY OR FOURTY THOUSAND DOLLARS! Now, even though Thomas Newkirk funds Mark’s expeditions, from time-to-time the Bills become problematic.

SEAS LLC 2013 Annual Report
SEAS LLC 2013 Annual Report

Direct Deposit is not a complicated nor novel process. I have done it multiple times for folks whom were hired to create files for me on Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. As many of my Remote Contractors were spread throughout the United States and Canada (I had to have some skip tracing ran on First Service employees whom used to own Field Asset Services). It would appear, though, from a recent email purported to be from SEAS LLC that Direct Deposit has become far more complicated. The question is this: Is the issue discovered the lack of funds perhaps?

Those of you receiving Direct Deposit payments from SEAS LLC will be delayed a couple days while paper checks are issued on Thursday. Everyone will be paid for their work, but we were not able to resolve an issue we discovered Tuesday with our Direct Deposit process until late this afternoon.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. SEAS LLC apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

Best regards,–

Director of Operations

As if the question of financial solvency wasn’t enough, we drilled down on SEAS LLC most recent Contractor Application. Wow, is all I can say! Page 20, on the below SEAS LLC Contractor Application is INSANE!

Contractor further agrees not to communicate with any SEAS customers, suppliers, purveyonrs, or contractors regarding outstanding payments owed to Contractor under this Agreement. The violation of this provision will cause Contractor to become liable to SEAS for liquidated damages of $50,000 …

The rest of this portion is so ludicrous that it isn’t even worth printing.

Robert Kapeluch and his Altisource Sponsors whom keep him equipped with work are some of the most pathetic excuses for humanity I have ever seen. This from Robert Kapeluch I would expect. Even after being Ordered to pay Brandon Pribble the monies owed, Robert Kapeluch attempted to bind Pribble to a Document which would allow Robert Kapeluch to sue Pribble for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS if Pribble ever said anything about SEAS LLC for the REST OF HIS LIFE.

The above Demands by Robert Kapeluch and the tacit approval of Altisource to further facilitate the possibility of Robert Kapeluch and SEAS LLC to defraud Contractors by not paying them — let’s not for get that SEAS LLC has been plagued for A VERY LONG TIME WITH NOT PAYING CONTRACTORS — goes beyond the pale. I have never in my life heard of any Contract even in the Soviet Union which prevents a Contractor from being able to collect monies owed.

Altisource has set the tone here. Altisource is making it clear, at least in my mind, that they are condoning Order Mills not paying Contractors. Altisource, by and through their proxy SEAS LLC, is making it clear that the current wave of National Association of Mortgage Field Services Members whom refuse to pay Contractors such as Carol Boyd, owner of Boyd Property Preservation and Heather Berghorst, owner of Berghorst Enterprises, is supported by Altisource.

No other way that Altisource will be able to spin this. Contractors need to pay particularly close attention to Altisource and any work which they may be forced to do for them. Here is a Foreign National Corporation which condones the removal of Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights by SEAS LLC. In violation of the Uniform Commercial Code, SEAS LLC and Robert Kapeluch is overtly threatening and intimidating Contractors to remain silent if SEAS LLC never pays them. It strikes me as typical National Association of Mortgage Field Services mentality.

Altisource is supporting the Ongoing Violations of Civil Rights by their continuing delivery of work across state lines via electronic means. While I have some respect for their legal counsel, whom I have had conversations with and whose name will remain unmentioned, I believe that even the Canons of Ethics under Luxembourg standards would be strained to continue to deliver work to SEAS LLC.

The World Court in The Hague, the Netherlands, would probably find interest in this case. I actually sent an email to them as this is precisely the example of Human Rights Abuses that seem to be en vogue these days for investigation. To tell someone that the only way that they can ever work is to never be able to ask for their money; to never be paid is the reward for a Contractor’s work, is Soviet style Gulag mentality that even Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn would have written upon. I would additionally remind Counsel that American Bar Licenses may be challenged even though the possessor is extraterritorial. I state this as when an Officer of the Court has active knowledge about a potential for either an unethical or illegal business deal, they have an obligation to act upon it.

Make no mistake whatsoever Foreclosurepedia will not stand by as other Contractors; Contractors whom are afraid to even say whom they work for on Social Media, bury their heads in the sand. I never have nor ever will have respect for these type of people. I do what I do because it is the right thing to do. With nearly a quarter of a million dollars returned to Contractors and only one thank you email, it should be apparent by now that The Oracle is on a Mission against the Industry and the Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

When the National Association of Mortgage Field Services targeted me the battle lines were drawn. If Eric Miller thinks that his little Wounded Warrior Project Home Remodel is going to spin the good PR, he is sadly mistaken. Ever walk Point Eric? Yeah, just like with the Priests up at the NAMFS Convention, just another Spin Segment.

I am advising that all Contractors whom have current business relationships with SEAS LLC begin to extricate themselves as rapidly as possible. SEAS LLC appears, to me, to pose a clear and present danger to Contractors and their ability to ever be paid.

SEAS LLC 50K Demand
SEAS LLC 50K Demand



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