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How To Donate To Foreclosurepedia

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Foreclosurepedia Has Your Six. Over the past year and a half Foreclosurepedia has assisted Contractors in obtaining tens of thousands of dollars which recalcitrant Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services have refused to pay. From the beginning, Foreclosurepedia has been a Friend of Labor; Foreclosurepedia has ensured that cutting edge Property Preservation Industry News, Commentary, Training and Networking have always been available to both Contractors and Brokers alike.

Keeping the Light at the end of the Tunnel lit is a difficult task. To date, not a single Contractor whom we have helped get paid has Contributed to the Cause. While Thank Yous are appreciated, Foreclosurepedia is hopeful that those whom have benefited from our Actions would take a moment and Donate.

As the Editor In Chief of Foreclosurepedia I receive no pay and never will. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of all Subscriptions and Donations go to expenses associated with Foreclosurepedia such as Server Expenses, Data Storage, Investigations and our newly expanded Video Series which assists the New Contractors in their entry into the Property Preservation Industry and solidifies the Seasoned Contractors with respect to applicable regulations and their implementation.

Foreclosurepedia is hopeful that this Quarter, we will be able to expand into a Cloud Based Server. This will allow for us to bring on several Critical Projects. First, it would allow for far more rapid load times and facilitate the ability to create a real time communications hub for Contractors and Brokers to both Network in a Dedicated Social Media Platform.

This Server would additionally allow for the first ever dedicated Network to facilitate a One Stop Shop for Contractors and Clients to both conduct real time negotiations within the Property Preservation Industry and additionally allow for seamless transition into US Government outlays.

Foreclosurepedia has always been there when both the Contractors and Brokers needed us. Day or night, we responded to the query and have helped thousands. Now, Foreclosurepedia is asking both the Brokers and Contractors alike to step to the plate and bring our Vision into a Reality! Help Foreclosurepedia continue to deliver the Services and Information which made Foreclosurepedia a Household Name. Not tomorrow, TODAY!

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