Why Buczek Enterprises Was Allowed To Fleece Contractors

What I am going to release this evening is highly compartmentalized information. This information was never intended to see the light of day; however, as both Buczek Enterprises and Altisource have decided to turn their backs upon promises each have made to Contractors, I am going to ensure that the American Public become aware of the fraud and deceit both have perpetrated. Blind to all logic and law, both Buczek Enterprises and Altisource have engaged in questionable actions which have amounted to the total destruction of the innocent men and women. Property Baggage has the beginning of a visual map to show precisely how bad the defraudment has become just by Buczek Enterprises!

For nearly a year now, Altisource has known about the fact that they have been sending work to National and Regional Order Mills whom are defrauding Contractors in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. What have they done? Not much, really. This is not the first nor the last occasion wherein Altisource has known and stood by while Order Mills hired directly by them have purposefully defrauded Contractors.

As early as the 20th of November, 2013, Altisource knew that there was a problem with Buczek Enterprises not

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