State of Play: Ongoing Flat Earthers and Other Musings

From time-to-time I slum around the Net tracking our information and the response it gets.  I equate the cathartic experience much to that which Galileo Galilei must have experienced when he took on the Collegio Romano.  You see, it is a truly sad state of affairs when the Industry has to crawl through the gutter and are only able to present three or four to challenge the proverbial heresy I publish.  All whom read my Articles know whom these Inquisitors are; the inability to articulate their own thoughts or create their own Sites, what a sad state of affairs.  I digress for I fear the Industry stooges will be confused by the mutisyllabic polemic.  So, let’s dumb it down a bit to make sure they have a fair chance at keeping up.  Let us set the stage and introduce what shall become known as a modern day Il Saggiatore.

To understand the genesis of the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) one must first believe the earth is not flat!  For the NPPG to have meaning, there must first be a need for it.  I proffer that there is.  NPPG is not dissimilar to the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, Incorporated (NAMFS) from the point-of-view that each organize to effect change in the Industry.  Beyond that, though, there is no comparison.  First, NAMFS wants money, lots of money, by way of comparison to NPPG.  NAMFS is rapidly approaching a half million dollars a year in both solicitation and expenditure.  NPPG, on the other hand, has a budget of zero.  As a matter of fact the Constitution does not allow for payment to a single Office Holder in NPPG.  Why do I bring this up?  Well, there are a couple of folks on a privately run Facebook Group whom feel that the NPPG generally and myself in particular want to enrich ourselves.  Now, with $2 Inspections I do not know how this will happen, but hey they seem to spin the merits of how good the Industry has been and really Contractors should be grateful for everything they have received.  Um, yeah.

I normally reserve my scrutiny for the Power Brokers of the Industry as they are the bane of my existence and all Contractors whom are honest and law abiding.  You see these vermin require time to be taken away from the War to focus on this trivial battle.  So be it.  Did you really think that your little Areopagus would reign forever?  This diatribe, though, is directed squarely at those whom would sulk in the shadows and spew their rhetoric believing that there are no consequences.  Never in my life did I ever think that Contractors would lower their heads and be condemned by even non Contractors!  Pull the rolls my friends; take time and measure in figuring out why people have a vested interest in keeping a status quo!

The new and unknown are always feared by those whom are both illiterate and uneducated.  The truth is blinding in its brilliance to the masses whom are accustomed to being dolled out snippets from their Masters whom lead those same Sheeple to the slaughter by nose rings!  Ah, let me back up just a little bit, though.  The beauty, the true beauty of the distribution of Truth is that there is a very wide Platform for distribution.  Take my Site for example.  Now, I have been attacked for not putting headers here and expanding there.  Newsflash:  This is a personally owned Website!  Whom are the few to dictate to me what to write or how to write it?  Were you out doing a winterization today?!  Did your pay get cut recently or are you a W-2 employee?!  Ah, you see anyone whom first and foremost is NOT a Contractor should be taken with a grain of salt; far be it from me, though, let them spin up their own Websites and publish from there!  For you see the only opportunity to be heard is confined within the private settings which will never be heard on Google as Google cannot scan private groups!

Where were you people at when the Industry began cutting pay?  Where were you when HUD 3.6 was challenged?  I don’t remember you on the Conference Call I had with Pedro Kolychkine and Art Martinez!  Where were you when I began to assist Contractors with their fraud issues pertaining to not being paid?!  The reality is this:  Your ability to even attack me would never have existed had I not went to bat TIME AND AGAIN for Contractors!  Make no mistake you know whom you are.  As a matter of fact I have sent my phone number to one of you to call me to discuss the vile you throw my direction.  In this we see the true colors; we begin to understand the simple fact that you have absolutely ZERO interest in the Truth.

Do you really think that those within the Industry whom are going to call the shots in the future want to hire a bunch of Contractors whom sit around and gossip like high schoolers in a locker room; bragging about their whiskey bottles and posting their profanity pins?!  Let me be FAR more blunt:  No Fortune 500 Company let alone financial institution is going to hire Contractors whom have no guidance nor ability to proffer concise and cohesive protocols to accomplish that which the Clients want.  You are fools!  You keep working for the 28 cents on the dollar while by Q4 we Guild Members being to upward progression to the 70 and 80 cents on the dollar!

You see you people and your Sponsors miscalculated.  My interest has never been to organize all the Contractors!  My interest has been to organize those Contractors whom were both legitimate and credentialed.  I have absolutely no interest in helping Craigslist Crackheads.  They are the reason that the Industry has nose dived.  When I speak of collateral damage they are whom I speak of.  I also have zero interest in organizing Contractors whom want to sit around and sing Kumbaya; the reality is that a systematic approach must be taken for success.  I have no interest in leading anyone.  The NPPG is forming a Council whom will make decisions on behalf of its Membership. The NPPG does not recruit; we really do not want folks to come and ask for membership.  We would far rather reach out to those whom are like minded from the sense that they are tired of $2 Inspections and feel that there is a pervasive amount of illegal activity ongoing in the Industry which should be reigned in.

In conclusion, you Flat Earthers out there whom feel either myself or NPPG is going to make your lives miserable:  you are probably correct.  It is just the beginning.  We are not forgiving of those whom are blissful in their ignorance at the trough.  We will never apologize for what we have started nor where it goes.  We will fight tyranny anytime and anywhere.  Change is coming.  I eagerly await your apologia; oh, my bad.  Private groups never get scanned by Google do they!


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