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Quarantine: The Lambert Dynasty Circles The Wagons

We received an odd email today from ashleygreen…  Normally, I don’t release this type of information.  I fought with myself as whomever drafted this sent it through the Contact Us Button on Foreclosurepedia.  The writer of the email claims to be Brandon Lambert’s sister.  The email was not earth shaking; I have posted it below in the outside chance that the writer is whom he or she states they are.  What I found to be very odd is the fact that this person refused to respond to my email to them.  I informed the person that our information came from both employees and Contractors alike and that Mr. Lambert was in some fairly serious trouble.  Chances are pretty good that there will be an aid and abet charge hung on the necks of those whom give him comfort and safety while on the run.

With that said, we welcome the writer to contact us and submit evidence that they are, in fact, the sister of Lambert and evidence to the contrary which would disprove the statements of the aforementioned employee and Contractor whom have been defrauded by Lambert.  This is a tragic case really.  Lambert and Mathis have brought pain, suffering and misery not only to those whom the defrauded but now to Lambert’s family members.  My suggestion is that Lambert contact all those whom he has defrauded and make payment arrangements INCLUDING the investor whom was taken for tens of thousands of dollars and that they both report to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and give Affidavits to Craig Karnes, HUD PCO, and the Veteran Affairs Office of Inspector General.  They may also want to make arrangements with AMSREO and CWIS LLC whom had to pay us for services rendered to Lambert and those companies had to pay for out of their own pockets.  Finally, they would also want to cease and desist from spinning up new companies across state lines and filing samesaid by and through the Secretary of State of Georgia and any other Secretary of State.

While I sympathize with this person, until he or she makes contact with us my hands are tied to either confirm or deny the veracity of this message as it could well be Lambert attempting to continue his hustle.

Name: Ashley

Email: ashleygreene…

Company Name: zionville used cars


I have a question reguarding the lambert and mathis page. First off he is not with his sister and “check kitting hubby” And could you please explain that to me, because i am taking some offense to it concidering i am his sister, and you are posting imformation that is not true. And we do not participate in any of brandon’s illegal doings. Because first and for most we do not agree with the “things” that brandon does. So if someone is giving you imformation stating he is with his sister it is a lie. If these statements are true about what brandon and jason are doing we are NOT for it or do we back it. I’ve only seen mathis twice for a very short period and he does not really talk, so i know nothing about him. But it doesn’t look very good by what i read. I’m not trying to cause problems i just want that known that we his family are not behind him in this matter. We always wanted nothing more than for him to live a honest life. Please contact me back. Thanks!

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