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This entry is part 63 of 70 in the series All The Usual Suspects
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Spectrum Field Services Works To Save Shari Nott and Jack Jaffa

This entry is part 63 of 70 in the series All The Usual Suspects

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) never fails to amaze me. For years, Shari Nott, a protégé of NAMFS Founder John Ward, defrauded millions of dollars from innocent and hard working Minority Females and Labor. Keeping her partner Jack Jaffa — the same Jack Jaffa whom owns Jaffa & Associates and is also brother to Safeguard Properties CEO Alan Jaffa — out of the spotlight worked until finally Foreclosurepedia stepped in documenting Jaffa’s ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ownership of National Management and Preservation Services dba National Field Network (NFN). Today, with debt towering over SIX POINT EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS, Nott is back at it again using her tried and true network of NAMFS cartel members spinning up yet more fraud under the canopy of Eviction Support Services Unlimited LLC (ESS). ESS, as many will recall, is one of the companies that Shari Nott spun up while heading out the door under the watchful eye of Chris Crandell and Jack Jaffa. While not the only company whose genesis was born and financed by and through Nott and Jaffa’s fraud, it is now the one which is front and center in a whirlwind of fraud, deceit and attorney incompetence — Ambulance chaser David Shaver’s to be most specific.

And it is bad. Look, Nott’s salary consumed the entire final year’s worth of gross revenue — and then some, as federal court records show in documents exclusively obtained by Foreclosurepedia,

Well, ESS is headed up by Shari Nott and apparently even Fannie Mae (FNMA) could give a damn. Ironic, really, when when you look at the pile of shit which Ken Carroll, Counsel to FNMA throughout the course of the $6.8 Million fiasco, has overseen. Carroll, whom NFNs original Counsel, Victor Deutch, reached out to in an attempt to silence Foreclosurepedia, is a former federal prosecutor. Don’t let that fancy title confuse you, though. Carroll has overseen one of the largest, massive, and coordinated campaigns targeting innocent and hard working Minority Females and Labor which we have uncovered within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Fuck Ken Carroll and fuck the wife cheating Timothy Mayopoulos, President of Fannie Mae!

And when you talk about a cesspool, Mayopoulos is up to his neck in it. Parading around as a liberal, Mayopoulos was banging Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bancorp’s former chief legal officer, Heather Russell. And all bullshit aside, Fifth Third Bancorp has one hell of a financial interest in Fannie Mae and its sibling company, Freddie Mac, selling off mortgages which get — and you are going to love it as this is a repeat of 2008 — bundled into securities guaranteed by the government. While Fifth Third canned the homewrecker, Russell, Fannie Mae kept Mayopoulos whom had known Russell since his Bank of America days from where he moved on to Fannie Mae.

After nearly a decade of tireless efforts by the NAMFS All White Board of Directors to carve a statuesque appearance for Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, the reality is that he is nothing more glamorous than the mid-level bureaucrat whom still is unable to properly fit in a suit. Miller, whose salary eclipses over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR, has many questioning whether there will be an additional decade to come. The main reason is that Miller’s salary consumes over EIGHTY SIX PERCENT of all NAMFS member dues now.

To give you an idea of precisely how horrible NAMFS has been under the Miller Regime, go no further than to look at the loss of Membership NAMFS has experienced since Foreclosurepedia launched #OpNAMFS. Nearly One Billion Dollars worth of annual contract holders are now gone.

What is most concerning is the willingness by NAMFS members to continue assisting their fellow brethren in committing criminal fraud. Whether or not Shari Nott’s intentions were good when she siphoned off over ONE MILLION DOLLARS to a hodgepodge of companies instead of paying Minority Females and Labor what she owed is immaterial. What is material is that she and Jack Jaffa are having one hell of a party at others expense. And make no mistake whatsoever that dollar for dollar, Miller has been dipping his beak into every pot and his hand into every pocket.


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