Would You Trust National Field Network To Pay For YOUR Data?

The NFN Three Want The Case Closed! Does The Foreclosurepedia Nation?

Shari Nott and Jack Jaffa are being sued for their typical National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) behavior in an Involuntary Bankruptcy against they filed by Minority Females and Labor. Asserting all types of claims and counterclaims, one of them is that Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS), a US Department of Housing and Urban Development HECM Contractee owes them millions. As in all things even remotely associated with Jack and Shari, the tax man cometh. In court documents exclusively obtained by Foreclosurepedia, RMS is demanding the return of all of their paperwork — photos, documents, invoicing, etc. — maintained on servers that Nott and Jaffa pay for. Here is the Notice,

As innocuous as the Notice may appear, the reality is that ambulance chasers such as David Shaver, Counsel for the NFN Three, have proven that they are more than happy to bill out hours for Clients whom are not their own and then turn their back on Minority Females and Labor. RMS is basically stating that they want all of their data that NFN currently maintains in their own hands. I want that to sink in for just a moment. RMS currently has access to the data. Why do you think RMS does not trust Nott and Jaffa to safeguard the data and continue paying the bill? Now the NFN Three are playing this off — Nothing To See Here Just Keep Moving Along. Not so quick, I say.

So, do you trust Shari Nott and Jack Jaffa to preserve evidence in a case wherein Minority Females and Labor are owed money?! To date, Shari Nott and Jack Jaffa have not exactly been the model type of citizens whom have exhibited a tremendous amount of regard for the proper stewardship of both property and funds. I mean that kinda goes to the entire point of having an Involuntary Bankruptcy and one that many legal professionals opine opened up with three initial slam dunks. I mean we wouldn’t even be having this question had Jack Jaffa and Shari Nott paid their bills. Don’t even get me started on the religious angle today being that I am agnostic!

No, I would highly recommend that the Foreclosurepedia Nation mount up and demand a hearing and that the Court obtain a cash advance to maintain the entirety of those servers, from Nott and Jaffa, and that all of that material be presented to each of the potential claimants. I mean why would anyone have any complaints about the preservation of evidence?

They Didn’t Trust The NFN Home Team Either!

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