GAO Kicks One CWIS Protest Out And Keeps Other Against PK Management

We Publish The First GAO Protest Verdict And Opine Upon What Is Coming Next

When it comes to criminal behavior National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members certainly know how to pull it off. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently allowed Best Assets and Innotion Enterprises to rake in millions from US Taxpayers all the while not enforcing a damn thing against them. Common sense and the letter of the law would have advised HUD Secretary Ben Carson to take a break from working with John Bravacos and the rest of the Carson Family and begin working towards open and competitive offerings. That wasn’t the case, last month, when it came to Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Illinois. Here is the meat of what CWIS LLC had to say with respect to their appeal,

CWIS argues that HUD lacked a valid legal and factual basis to award a contract to PKMG on a sole-source basis due to unusual and compelling urgency, rather than holding at least a limited competition; that even if there were a valid basis, the 12 month term exceeds the time necessary to conduct a competition for the requirement; and that the unusual and compelling urgency cited by HUD is negated by a lack of reasonable planning.

And while GAO kicked out B-416544, which consisted of Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Alaska, they still have to contend with the Illinois GAO Protest under B-416530.1. As you will be able to read, the language GAO uses to rely upon the dismissal is just about as spurious as Secretary Carson’s continued protection of Pedro Kolychkine.

Foreclosurepedia will have a full breakdown on tonight’s Foreclosurepedia Podcast.


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