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Social Media: How Foreclosurepedia Can Help You

For several years now Foreclosurepedia has been working with Clients to organize their Social Media Strategy Campaigns and drill down on quality Recruitment Programs. I had never given much thought to advertising these kind of things as most of the people in my world know what I do and how to contact me. I received a call yesterday which made me decide to discuss a little bit about what I precisely do at Foreclosurepedia for Clients.


Probably the biggest thing I do, by in large, is Consult with Clients. Consulting is an arcane art. While the vast majority of Clients know generally what they want to do or want done, some simply do not have a clue as to what they need or how to get there. For example, I had a Client in Taos, NM, whom was referred to me a couple of months back whom is a prime example of the latter. She had been in the Industry for several years and was additionally a real estate broker. Her budget was tight and really what she thought she needed was a few doors opened within the Mortgage Field Services Industry to be able to do some more work orders. I have a few friends in the Screenwriters Guild (it is known as Little Hollywood actually) outside Taos and decided to fly out and take a look at her operations.

Kate, as we will call her, was a 40 something Hispanic Female whom had a pretty good set up. She had the tools, equipment and covered a substantial area. She ran a partial W2 operation and brought on W9s as needed. I spent a day riding around with one of her W2 employees and met with a couple of her W9s. I spent the next day pouring over her books and quietly watched how work came in, was dispatched out and ultimately packaged for her Vendor. Finally, I war gamed her operation with a few phantom work orders.

Kate’s problem was not that she didn’t have the right Vendors, her problem was that she was not capitalizing upon the work she had. What I mean is that Kate was leaving a tremendous amount of money on the table when she submitted results. Additionally, Kate was missing out on a prime opportunity to convert her broker’s license into capital: Broker Price Opinions (BPO). Finally, Kate was not properly employing cutting edge, open source technology and instead was relying upon archaic, proprietary platforms like Property Preservation Wizard whom held her product hostage and would voluntarily release it to any Vendor for the asking under audit.

Finally, Kate was not capitalizing upon the municipal, county, state and federal contracts available to her as she did not have a DUNS Number nor a SAM Account. Billions of dollars, each year, go untapped with respect to municipal, county, state and federal contracts. Additionally, the close examination of the W2 vs W9 systems; the capitalizing upon the tax credits for hiring the unemployed and veterans and the further monies available for retraining them are cash cows unto themselves.

I have some Clients whom I Consult to for just about everything under the sun. My recent Boston visit dealt with the close examination of a Firm whom was being pitched to a Portfolio Provider. Generally speaking, when new, second tier options are available they need to be located (which I do) and then the Vendor needs to ensure that their selection is not going to end up on the Front Page of Foreclosurepedia or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) — The Disgraced Former Secretary of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is a prime example. Some Clients simply want to be able to sleep at night knowing that they are not going to deal with Compliance issues whether they be Contractor vs Employee Status; Information Security; or Industrial Espionage — Yes it occurs and I work both sides of the fence on that issue.

Operations — #OpXXXX

Vendors are not the only ones whom have a need to successfully pursue agendas. In upwards of 38% of my Operations Portfolio are funded by Contractors. Operations may be as simple as a Social Media Strategy (SMS) or exotic as in clandestine usurpation. SMS encompasses the creation of a proverbial footprint for Clients. While many currently have websites and personal social media accounts, ensuring that each and all are properly communicating the Brand Message requires finesse. In many cases, Foreclosurepedia comes in and creates or restructures existing websites to both generate revenue streams — Google AdSense is a prime example — and legally stream Contractor Applications to the Client while compartmentalizing Vendor information. NAMFS Regime Member Joel McCall is a prime example of that which will go wrong when Vendors and Contractors alike think they are capable of micromanagement.

Not to long ago, a Vendor had a material issue with a recalcitrant Contractor. A remodel had gone South and the Contractor had decided to roll the Regulators over onto the Vendor. The Vendor’s hands were tied and to make things worse the Contractor felt they were entitled to payment. Here is a newsflash, it is a brave, new world. Asset protection is no longer a term used to specifically define your wife’s purse or your Hummer. Without divulging identifiable data, suffice it to say that my Client and the party came to an equitable solution. The postmortem, though, is that had Foreclosurepedia entered the fray far earlier, both the price and the negative impact upon my Client’s Vendor would have been far different.

Postmortems are something that Foreclosurepedia performs on each and every Operation whether originating under our roof or others. This allows Foreclosurepedia to have Operation Plans (OPLAN) ready, off the shelf, for virtually any potential end game.

Operations cover a veritable Rabbit’s Hole of possibilities. The interoffice romances of last year become this year’s honeypots. Sometimes Contractors have issues as we saw with both the Berghorsts and the Buczeks. They are additionally One Way Streets. What I mean is that an Operation is based upon a narrative which will not be altered. After Foreclosurepedia verifies the veracity of the #Op, we drill down and go dark with the Client. There is no intermediary; there is no intercession in that another Party finances an alternative. That would be both unethical and potentially illegal. Take the Berghorsts, for example. Heather and Doug Berghorst had the opportunity to simply pay the people they owed money to and #OpBerghorst would have concluded. So, as the veracity of the claims that she owed money had been verified a year in advance, the groundwork had already been laid by the Berghorst’s own hands. Nothing unethical nor illegal with respect to #OpBerghorst. Each Operation carries its own risk which is why Foreclosurepedia goes dark with the Client. Heather Berghorst had hired a lawyer to threaten me with federal racketeering for simply teeling the truth to a targeted audience. Berghorst, Eric Miller whom is the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, Assurant Field Asset Services, Vendor Resource Management, Boyd Property Preservation and Buczek Enterprises have all threatened Foreclosurepedia during the course of our Operations — NONE HAVE EVER OR WILL EVER BE SUCCESSFUL!

Some Operations are prudent. Recently, a Client approached us to go over a rash of missing HVAC Units. The reality is that theft is generally not as simple as crack heads targeting an empty house. Granted, it was an unsanctioned #Op, it was necessary as the Client was in jeopardy of loosing their Contract. Turned out that a Contractor had been lining up the thefts. We discovered the patterns in the paperwork which led us to monitor the Contractor’s communications and movements via GPS. This, in turn, allowed us to intercept and debrief the High Value Target responsible. To make clear, Foreclosurepedia is not law enforcement; what the Client did with the information is not our concern. We allowed our Client, though, not to become embroiled in exotic and complicating factors while at the same time to capitalize upon the end results thereof.

Sometimes, a Client simply has a need to gather intelligence. Whether that intelligence pertains to pending litigation, whom their competition is or will respond or a plethora of other reasons — I had a Contractor hire me to stream info for a Portfolio Pitch to ensure that his numbers beat his Competitors. Intelligence Operations are probably the most common we participate in. It is worthy to note that they are not always successful nor do they always produce the desired information.


It goes without saying that Vendors have a need for both Compliant and Skilled Contractors. They additionally have a need for competent staff. If there is one thing Foreclosurepedia is able to drill down upon it is liability. The Industry has diversified into a wide array of service niches. The days of cleaning a toilet and cutting the grass are gone. Last month I supplied information to bid upon the Maintenance side of the Industry while servicing an additional Client whom needed Contractors to provide the Maintenance itself upon Fannie Mae Owner Occupied properties. The metrics used in the Recruitment Category are not quantity; the metrics are the quality of the quantity provided.

The dynamics of recruiting are not simply just finding people whom pass background checks. The Industry has plenty of folks whom are Department of Transportation qualified to hold shovels in an upright position. Recruitment deals with determining whether or not a Contractor understands that a load bearing wall is not an option, it is a requirement. Additionally, the ability to discern that mobile technology is not ran upon a flip phone and real time is not an antonym for pretend time.

Measurable metrics include the evaluation of both potential Vendors and Contractors for Financial Institutions and Portfolio holders. My recent trip to Boston included an eight hour presentation coupled with an overview of all documentation, technical writing and the actual source code of the platform being utilized to ensure seamless API protocols.


Foreclosurepedia has been on the front lines and in the trenches with Vendors and Contractors alike. Agility and the ability to improvise, adapt and overcome are not punch lines for cocktail parties. Crisis Management is our forte; we recently brought to a conclusion several delicate issues revolving around Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Complaints. We understand the need for quiet resolutions; we understand the further need for plausible deniability. When Clients engage Foreclosurepedia, nothing is left to chance. Your Objective becomes our Mission. While we do not publicly list our Portfolio of Clients, those with a Need To Know are capable of verifying our credentials. Whether your Objective is simply creating a Social Media Footprint or the neutralization of a caustic problem; whether you have a Compliance issue or need comprehensive Contractor overhaul, Foreclosurepedia stands at the ready to assist you. Lay your burdens upon our shoulders and get back to doing what you do best: Making Money. Feel free to reach out today for a No Cost Initial Consultation.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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