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This entry is part 7 of 70 in the series All The Usual Suspects
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Shari Nott: On Midwest Property Preservation Companies

This entry is part 7 of 70 in the series All The Usual Suspects

Shari Nott, the public facing Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Field Network (NFN), issued a diatribe condemning what may only be described as fellow National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members in the Mid West. Nott stated in 2011 on the NFN Facebook Page,

Certain industry leaders have with malice and forethought, kept you cash tight and indentured to them.  When you dare to fight for equity, they have replaced you as an honest hardworking contractor with thugs and transients.  They are morally corrupt and attempting to steal your integrity.  These industry leaders from the Midwest know they are forcing you to lie, cheat and short cut to make ends meet based on the fees they pay, and they are happy with themselves over this.

NFN has been on a recent hiring and acquisition spree. Anderson|Biro, a headhunting firm out of Cleveland, Ohio, recently tapped some former Field Asset Services — now Assurant Field Assets (AFAS) — talent. That talent included some in the Senior C Levels.

The problem with acquiring talent is that when you do not inform your talent of the inner workings of your Company vis-a-vis the stiffing of fellow NAMFS Members, then your talent ends up in the cross hairs when they attempt to recruit.

The Story doesn’t stop here, though. We are following up on some leads that would tend to implicate the hands of Jack Jaffa in play. We have corroborated through three High Value Sources that this the case. Jaffa is the brother to Amir Jaffa, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Safeguard Properties (SGP). We have nothing solid as of yet and would invite either Jack or Amir to verify or disavow at their leisure.

As the story goes, Jack used to work for SGP years back. In what would appear to be a text book False Flag Operation, Jack reached out to Amir about some long term and outstanding payment issues ($50,000 is the general consensus). Amir told Jeff VERY PUBLICLY that he could wait like everyone else. This was allegedly the precursor to the reintegration of the East Coast Operation Sector.

Personally, I believe it. Quite frankly I have released a tremendous amount of information which implicates that virtually each and every Mortgage Field Services Company; pre or post conveyance, are intricately connected. My humble opinion is that we are bordering upon Federal Racketeering at worst and the process of controlling both federal contract bidding as well as private portfolios are extremely suspect.

So, how about good ‘ol Shari Nott? Well, I have extremely well documented cases which I have not released, documenting the allegations of enormous sums of monies owed to fellow NAMFS Members. It would seem that her Facebook Notes are hypocritical, at best. It would seem that it is Business As Usual for NAMFS Members.

As a matter of fact, as recently as 08 January, 2014, even NFN employees were condemning Nott and her cronies. Here is what one said on Glassdoor,

Pros – The only thing good I can say is not about the company, but about the former and current employees who are good hearted, kind, considerate conscientious, and hard working, but just got caught up in a web of lies and deceit.

Cons – The powers that be have no morals, rude, disrespectful and full of self. They have no concern for others and their only concern is self. They run a game on the vendors and always looking for ways to penalize them or not pay them at all. We are asked to lie to make the numbers look good.

Advice to Senior Management – Get over yourself. Stop hurting others. Treat people as you want to be treated. Make 2014 a new year to do the right thing. It is never to late to start. Karma is real, and when you get yours, I don’t want to be in the same city.

No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I’m not optimistic about the outlook for this company.

We are not really surprised. NFN brought talent in from a well situated, family owned New York Property Preservation Firm and royally screwed them. Sucking the talent dry and screwing the Company to the tune of a conservatively estimated figure of $700,000, is not the epitome of sound business practices. Then again, when have we ever witnessed a NAMFS Member following sound practices?!

Chris Crandell is the NFN Chief Operations Officer (COO). Crandell is a man whom has been down the rabbit hole. We have a substantial media morgue and file on him over on the Foreclosurepedia ISTAR Database. While Crandell seems to think that he has things under control, I would beg to differ. More on this in an Upcoming Article where we really get into the nuts and bolts of whom Crandell is. — BTW, thanks for viewing my LinkedIn Page Crandell.

Ironic, really, when in West Long Branch, New Jersey, Ted Sherman and Josh Margolin recently spoke about the Jersey Sting at Temple Beth Miriam. The drama of NFN seems to continue unabated. It is apparently a rabbit hole unto itself. My personal advice to any Contractors looking to do work for NFN is to run — Run Fast and Run Hard!

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