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MCS: Rolling Out The NAMFS Regime Protocols

I had two very interesting calls and multiple emails today with respect to Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) and the NAMFS Regime. Their latest set of Demands; the implementation of MCS Memo #1118 (Shown Below), is the latest attempt which may only be characterized as either financial suicide or the desire for employees as opposed to Contractors. Today’s MCS Conference Call left more Contractors with Questions rather than Answers.

For example, what information is passed from Aspen Grove iReport to the Requester? Where is the information obtained from? Is there any challenging of the information. If someone looses work because of the Report are the allowed access to it?

All of these questions revolve around Federal Law. Make no mistake whatsoever Foreclosurepedia will assist ANYONE whom is harmed by Aspen Grove and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) whom have rolled this out with only several months of contemplation AND ZERO TRANSPARENCY!

No one is above the law; not Aspen Grove, not Eric Miller and his NAMFS Regime, no one! This is not Nazi Germany even though

many within the NAMFS Regime would rather believe otherwise. Even the National Security Agency is being called on the carpet for their heavy handed tactics with respect to their demands for data. Ever more so the reason for the Mortgage Field Services Industry to resist the NAMFS Regime’s dictatorial demands to submit to both their Training and Background Checks.

No one is saying NO to the Background Checks. You may not tell Contractors where they must purchase their products! I mean even the Freshman Lawyers Guild that the NAMFS Regime loves to sick on me know this! What people are saying is why are they having to both pay multiple times and additionally having the Deck Stacked by lap dogs of Robert Klein and Wells Fargo? Many, even as I type this, have already conveyed this was the final straw for them with respect to Membership in NAMFS. I applaud that! The NAMFS Regime has stepped across a line in the sand.

This is an additional burden being placed upon Contractors; an unfunded mandate. Even though Contractors have already performed Background Checks, MCS — the very same MCS whom is not licensed to conduct business in many States it works in — wants more money for the NAMFS Regime.

The question that presents is what kind of kickbacks are the NAMFS Regime getting? Maybe none — maybe enough to help fund Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director’s, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR PLUS A YEAR SALARY WHICH CONSUMES ALMOST SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES YEARLY!

Do the math: Now, I am hearing the price is around $59 a pop. Maybe more, maybe less. Multiply that by each and every person required to submit. Do that each year! That is one hell of a racket. Especially, considering that Aspen Grove does NOT HAVE ACCESS TO ROOT LEVEL LAW ENFORCEMENT SERVERS! The NAMFS Regime does not want true background checks or they would have Contractors go down for FIVE DOLLARS at the Courthouse to have FBI NCIC Reports ran via fingerprinting!

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