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SecureView: As If MFS Supply Wasn’t Enough Of A Stranglehold!

One of my first challenges of investigative journalism came from a pundit over on the Drive By Social Media. She said, “If you think you’re something, connect the dots from Safeguard Properties to MFS Supply.” So I did just that and Published my findings. I revealed how Robert Klein’s son-in-law, Amir Jaffa originated MFS Supply as Mendamir Locks which then became MFS Supply. I have always opined that to control both pricing, labor and material in a given segment is an Anti Trust Violation. With Safeguard Properties now being sued for Federal Racketeering in the Western District of Pennsylvania and additionally being sued by the Attorney General of Illinois, it would appear that I am not the only one with issues pertaining to this National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member.

Lo and behold, like the echos of jack boots on the march, the Safeguard Properties Patriarch put into play an outfit called SecureView. The below, from the SecureView website, reminded me of the Propaganda issued by the former Reich Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. Why? Neither Klein nor his kind have given a rat’s ass about Contractors even when Senator Bob Corker’s office was notified of their hiring of known felons whom were defrauding East Tennessee Christians.

Robert’s deep concern for communities suffering from the devastating effects of economic downturn and an ongoing foreclosure crisis, has led him to seek out ways to ease the burden on America’s most vulnerable populations. Robert believes the SecureView product provides an answer by securely boarding homes, improving property appearance, supporting home values, and increasing neighborhood safety.

This Article, though, isn’t about false gods or Klein’s dismal failures at Safeguard Properties. It is about the obvious demagoguery; the attempt to pander as a Red Herring and a False Flag Operation in an attempt to gain Market Control. Matter of fact, we are hearing on both Preservation Talk and Facebook about the underpinnings of where we are going with Herr Klein’s latest commercial endeavors,

Effective already in ohio and illinois. Boarding windows is no longer valid and must be used with safeguards NEW company secure view (they will deny its them) You cannot use home depot plexiglass or anyone elses but ordering from THEIR company.

We attended their MANDATORY meeting at a foreclosed house with all the other vendors in the area so they could show us how to install it. Plexi glass window and the 2×4 being replaced with a flimsy black peice of plastic. Meeting was mandatory or all your work would be stopped.

BUT after attending this meeting you are REQUIRED to purchase $2,100 of this secure view materials (they give you a list of how many sizes you are to have in stock at ALL times) or your work will be stopped. You are required after the meeting to sign up on secure views website and enter your credit card information and security code before your allowed into the site. Price is $115 for a 4×8 sheet (not including the $75 shipping) or boarding one common window, and we beleive the guy slipped up on price per window @$124

Sound like Asset Management Specialists Air Freshener hustle?! Now, here is the deal: If Contractors take this upon themselves, so be it. I will field ZERO Complaints unless you have filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). For any of you out there whom are into the Nazi Dictation, more power to you. Someone impacted should simply file an Anti Trust suit; a Qui Tam if you get bored enough to Google Qui Tam.

The reality is that SecureView is yet another NAMFS Member out cornering the market to make money. That money will come at the expense of the Contractor. No contradicting the facts. NAMFS is on their website. They are for profit. They will make profit by utilizing Contractors. If Herr Klein was sooooo concerned, why not simply DONATE the product to Contractors to help “…ease the burden on America’s most vulnerable populations[?]” Well, I will tell you why: Klein needs money and much like the god worshiped in all religions, he needs A LOT OF MONEY.

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