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Dropping Your Price? Think Again!

I hear everyday how some Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime pressures a Contractor to drop their price on a bid — The Party Line of the Regime is that it does not meet the Estimator Bid. First, those people whom lower their bids are not Contractors. While I have no respect for the Regime Members like Carol Boyd whom set up fold up tables and allowed her Order Mill Processors to use their own computers — The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) will love to audit the rest of the NAMFS Regime for this blatant crime — the reality is that the Mortgage Field Services Industry is simply saturated with hacks and people whom predominately were unemployed and needed work. The Background Checks? Yeah, right. Give Aspen Grove a call and ask them the ratio of Pass to Fail and precisely what the percentage of Fail is at.

Many Contractors begin by undercharging for their work — and then get stuck in it — hoping the volume will justify the price. The reality is that the Vendor Managers will promise you anything to cut the price so they are able to get a bonus and make their boss more money. The reality is that Contractors do not negotiate a price; finding the right clients who pay you what you’re worth is too much work for these quasi employees. Then they get trapped — both financially and professionally — because they are settling for less and injuring all the true Contractors.

I have absolutely zero respect for those parading around on the Drive By Social Media pretending to be Contractors when they are simply glorified Order Mills.  A prime example is Ronald Starusnak (the Third he adds to his last name as III). This guy is a real piece a work. A couple months back he gets jammed up by the police and charged while doing an FAS WorK Order and spends DAYS jamming up Facebook with inquiries. Then, he gets pissed off at Buczek Enterprises and pretends to be some deep cover agent for National Field Network and Lender Processing Services passing on quasi confidential information like he was now an Industry Insider.

Ronald Starusnak IIINFN told me today they fired Buczek. I asked specifically since I went to a property and the wint stickers said buczek. LPS also.

Ronald Starusnak IIIYep, I don’t want to talk too much about business since they probably wouldn’t want me to but LPS asked since we do a few Buczek LPS properties. Lps is no longer Lps too.

… Bit more intel on the Hacknuts fellow Paul:

  • Anyone have pictures of drywall debris in a dumpster / truck / trailer? … don’t ask

I am sickened by the garbage I read anymore. A year ago, I had thought that the Industry was somewhat salvageable. Today? With people like Starusnak — Hacknuts as he is referred to by real Contractors — I realize that when the Industry finds behavior like this acceptable; make no mistake I have ran this by his Clients, and do nothing then it is a testament to why we are in the state of affairs that we are.

All Hail the toothless crackhead driving the Pinto with the broken window in the hatchback driving 50 in a school zone in reverse having a death grip on a 40 of Old E and a crack pipe dangling from his lips as the electric cord to his lawn mower drags.

At the end of the day, most of the legitimate Contractors have left the Industry already. I am even migrating away to cover those remaining and their criminal actions against homeowners. I stand by my predictions — all of which have come to pass — including the fact that the Industry is thinning out the herd with respect to the National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills. Soon, all that will be remaining are those whom have W2 Employees.

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