SEAS LLC: Why Paid Spokespersons Are Not Always Good PR

While SEAS LLC is definitely making some strides in attempting to offer up their dialogue with Contractors, many of the concerns appear to be falling upon deaf ears of late. The SEAS LLC RFQ Zone Map is the biggest issue with virtually everyone I have spoken to. The size of the Zones would require veritable armies which, in theory, simply implements the creation of yet more Order Mills — or the transition to W2 Employees. Folks like SEAS LLC Paid Spokesperson Terry Platt over at Cubic Yard aside, I believe that many Contractors have a point.


Curious about this, we reached out to SEAS LLC for an update on this issue and have yet to be able to corral Kim Fatica, SEAS LLC Image Consultant. We additionally are still concerned about SEAS LLC continued demand that if any Contractor inquire as to the status of their Pay from the Originator, they may be sued for FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Platt likes to take public jabs at me; the truth of the matter is that unlike Platt I do not sell out the Contractors by pandering to the Order Mills. The reality is that pretending to produce informative media is ethically hampered when you are on their Payroll.

Terry Platt’s biggest problem is himself. Cubic Yard could have held it’s own; its original content was good material. When you are identified, though, as being on the Payroll of those whom you attempt to report upon, it destroys any credibility one might have. With that said, though, below are a couple of graphics that perhaps Terry Platt might want to help whitewash — oops, my bad explain — with another Paid Viagra-esqe monologue. Perhaps Terry could help us all understand precisely how wholesome the entire Operation is?

Mark E Newkirk

Mark E Newkirk Recently Interviewed By Terry Platt

Thomas R Newkirk

Thomas R Newkirk



Robert R White

Robert R White

Now, I reached out to SEAS LLC and they had no official comment which is neither here nor there. The reality is that, on the one hand, I am supportive of their opening dialogue with Contractors. On the other hand, though, when I have to contend with their Paid Mouthpiece picking fights in a sandbox, we start to open up cans of worms NO ONE LIKES. To be precisely clear on what I am saying: I have not released the Aggregated Data … yet. Platt is way out of his league here; there are those whom understand the implications from these charts. It would serve them well to have SEAS LLC leash in their new pet.

With that said, everyone stay tuned. You see, the beauty in the Freedom of the Press is identifying the unique talents of those whom are capable of identifying familial relationships. Messy business; those family trees, really. Make no mistake, though, I think no more about shifting gears and rearranging my current Editorial Calendar than I do passing salt at the dinner table. The Ball is in Your Court …


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