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UNPPG: A New Jersey Order Mill With Hefty Fees

“Yanky” Tauber is an affluent, affable guy. If one had met him walking down the sidewalk in the Bronx, they might believe he was simply yet another college freshman heading off to daven the Catskills for the weekend. He and his business associate Yisroel Cherns, though, both run a business known as United National Property Preservation Group or UNPPG as it is known to most folks. Tucked away minutes off the Garden State Toll Parkway in Montvale, New Jersey, Tauber and Cherns have been quietly streaming Work Orders for Safeguard Properties (SGP) for quite some time now.

I had the opportunity to meet both Tauber and Cherns when I hosted them for a day long visit on my farm last year. Had they each not been adorned with their culturally iconic skull caps; the yarmulke which is a mandatory accoutrement for the Orthodox Jews, they would have appeared to simply have been city folk from Knoxville in the country for a visit.

Foreclosurepedia is constantly pushing the envelope to gain a complete understanding of the Mortgage Field Services Industry. To do such, we implement an enormous Intelligence Apparatus rivaling many Fortune 500 Companies and Third World Countries.

Yanky, as he likes to be called, is a man full of energy and on a mission. The world has taught him a few lessons which require a hands on philosophy. With three chairs parked in the gravel driveway to my austere home; the view of my my Barn To House Remodel rising behind us, Yanky’s animated discussions were diametrically opposed to the studious attention to an iPhone which Cherns cradled in his hands as if monitoring the telecommunications spectrum for an Emergency Alert. Ironic, really, as without a Signal Booster there is no Signal where I live; they pump in Sunlight in our County with one stoplight.

The reasons for the meeting are steeped in the Mysteries which are Foreclosurepedia. I venture the guess that Tauber and Cherns were as intrigued by whom I was as my neighbor’s were to whom they were; it was a classic Hollywood scene with the distant sounds of banjo music anticipated at any moment and renditions of Deliverance dancing upon air.

The narrative, though, is not so much about the psychoanalytical breakdown of Orthodoxy and the Modern Business World as it is about how religious ties are consummate bedfellows with business.

There have been some recent Publications with respect to UNPPG by Contractors asking some pertinent questions. In Hartford, Connecticut, a Contractor recently inquired on Craigslist,

UNPPG. Anyone having problems with them in ct (Ct)

Anyone having problems with Unppg. Home preservation company
Lack of work. Not getting paid Or not getting
Paid in full for jobs you have done.
I get like 1 job a week. And wait for 2 months
To get paid. Would love to know if if anyone else
Is like this been with them a long time. Getting bad
How do you make a living with no work and waiting
That long to get paid.

On Preservation Talk, there is a long thread ongoing with respect to UNPPG, which stated in pertinent part,

Ladies & Gentlemen, after further investigation of this third party paper pusher, they are just pushing work orders for Safeguard, so word to the wise…Stay Away from these guys. We attended a online phone conference training session last week with them and hadn’t even sent them their required paperwork to begin performing work orders, they began to send us work orders. We replied back to them to have all three work orders reassigned to another vendor and that we respectfully regret that we were not going to work for peanuts. Update, haven’t heard back from them for several days now. Our cut was 40% of what they get paid from Safeguard and they stated that their were paid 80% of the basic standard fee schedule established by Safeguard.

Thank you, but no thank you we’ve been down this road before….hope this helps others here……….

Over on, an Instagram viewer, the concerns become a bit more clear and valid,

unppgMake #money #preserving #forclosed #homes!! Very basic contracting work. We will provide you with locks for the property on your first job. #paid #training!!! 10 properties for your first 3 days…we will get you #started the same week and #guide you through your #work. #Serious #inquiries only!!

Apparently, UNPPG has not learned the lessons upon which the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has built their entire framework around with respect to the Independent Contractor vs Employee Determination. Thus, UNPPG vis à vis Safeguard Properties, could potentially be on the hook for hiring EMPLOYEES — #paid #training. Gotta love the Hash Tag enthusiasm, though. Reminds me of the Jimmie Fallon – Justin Timberlake Hash Tag skit. Damn sure watch that one to truly understand the mentality!

There is apparently a new, recent addition to UNPPG or else their Web Developer really dropped the ball. It would appear that they have additionally set up shop in Washington, DC, with an Atlanta, Georgia, phone number. Odd, I thought, as they have no business license in our Nation’s Capital — if you are setting up your Main Headquarters, why not have a phone there as well?


We reached out to Yanky Tauber for Comment on this Article; however, neither he nor any UNPPG Representative have responded. We are going to stay on top of this Story as anytime we see movements within the Safeguard Properties Portfolios which impact Contractors we are going to report upon it. We are also following up on possible Foreign National Associations which have been implicated stretching from the Middle East to Russia.

We invite anyone with relevant information to feel free to reach out and drop us a note. As with all Sources, we will protect your Anonymity if so desired.

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