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Safeguard Properties: How NAMFS Members Are Getting Worse By The Day

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Offender Members seem to have cranked up their criminal activity to make this a holiday season to remember! Many in the Foreclosurepedia Nation recall the multiple victims of Amir Jaffa and Robert Klein, the Orthodox Jewish business owners of Safeguard Properties (SGP) in Valley View, OH, whom continue to commit atrocities against Christians in the United States. Unlike their religious counterparts — or perhaps identical if you look at Myer Lansky whom is one of the most well documented Jewish Mobsters of all time — these swine allow Contractors to kick in the doors of innocent homeowners, steal everything they own, and then refuse to justly compensate them. I mean while Klein and Jaffa state that the error rate is minimal, the reality is that if it were their homes kicked in, that “minimal” number wouldn’t matter! I say they are allowing this to happen as it has not stopped, to date. This lies squarely at their feet and no two ways around that in my opinion. No one and I MEAN NO ONE in the Mortgage Field Services Industry has been more successful at committing atrocities against both Contractors and Homeowners than SGP. Is the insanity considered to be a Hate Crime? Well, if you ask me, the answer is yes. This is the targeting of Christians, best I am able to tell. Now, if SGP would like to send me a list of the Jewish homes which have been wrongly kicked in or the Jewish Contractors they have fucked, I will gladly print on those and perhaps change my opinion. The reality is that they cannot.

CitiMortgage and its agents confused his handyman’s special — a small, long-vacant foreclosure he purchased for cash at 1526A Thackery Avenue in Scranton [Pennsylvania] — with a home it foreclosed on two doors down.

In several visits from June through July, the bank cleared Mr. Treat’s building of its contents, including tools, building materials and replacement windows.

The bank changed the locks and crudely padlocked and posted the home.

This came as a great shock to Mr. Treat, who had no mortgage on the home and no relationship with Citi.

Unable to reach an agreement with the bank or the company that did the property clean-out, Safeguard Properties of Valley View, Ohio, Mr. Treat sued them and CitiMortgage Inc. of O’Fallon, Missouri, for the $3,500 estimated worth of what they removed and $5,000 for trespassing and damages.

Whether it be the Hlista matter wherein Alexandra and Anthony Hlista have filed federal racketeering charges against SGP; that of Kim Rebbe wherein SGP Contractors brought a moving van to do a clean out of an occupied home, or the Illinois Attorney General filing a massive lawsuit against SGP, the organized Orthodoxy in Ohio are actively involved in destroying lives. Time and again, Jaffa and Klein lay supine while engorging themselves upon the rape of innocent Christian men and women. The common denominator in all of this has been the NAMFS Regime,

Heather Berghorst, the disgraced hag and former NAMFS Regime Secretary oversaw the national operations of NAMFS Regime Offender Members and the wake of destruction left behind. In fact, Berghorst is facing multiple counts of embezzlement, fraud and larceny leveled by Contractors in federal court; willful and malicious injury charges leveled by 5/3 Bankcorp, and Lake Michigan Credit Union has entered the litigation as well.

We are beyond the point of the dog and pony show of how Aspen Grove and their Irish bullshit are going to change things. This is the epitome of federal racketeering and organized crime. More on point, this is precisely the problem with people in this Industry being allowed to call themselves Independent Contractors when each and all turn blind eyes to the fact that there is no Labor Organization to oversee issues. While the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) is attempting to organize Labor, Foreclosurepedia is today officially announcing the fact that we are directly involved with ongoing discussions with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. While I am not at liberty to discuss the when, where or substance of these discussions, I am at liberty to state that during 1QFY2015 there will be a sit down as I just got off the phone with a very influential person opening these doors. One way or another, Labor will address the atrocities ongoing; United We Stand and Divided We Bargain!

Paul Williams
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