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Safeguard Properties Makes The Today Show

Safeguard Properties (SGP) made the Today Show dealing with their illegal breaking and entering of homes to enrich themselves. As everyone remembers, we assisted one homeowner in Illinois get part of her money back; we are hopeful that she will be listed as a Jane Doe in the Illinois Attorney General’s lawsuit and witness list. We will have the full story over on the Foreclosurepedia YouTube Channel later today.

This, when coupled with the fact that Amir Jaffa, Chief Executive Officer of Safeguard Properties, entered into a Contract hiring Felons Brandon Lambert and Jason Mathis of GM Property Services whom targeted Christian Females in East Tennessee to defraud makes me believe this is no longer a myth.

Safeguard Properties, a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is not the only NAMFS Member alleged to have committed criminal acts. Heather Berghorst, Owner of Berghorst Enterprises is additionally facing scrutiny for a Ponzi like scheme wherein Contractors were strung out 60 – 90 days while she was paid in as quick as 14 days. Word on the bricks is that many Contractors will never be paid and will have to Lien Properties controlled, in part, by Altisource.

This is the domino effect. With A2Z Field Services (A2ZFS) facing Congressional Scrutiny over their Patriot Act requirements to allow for their Agents to kick in Contractor’s doors in the dead of the night and spirit away documents and undergarments of children if they see fit — WITHOUT WARRANT — this sick Industry is going to succumb to its own Greed.

You can bet Foreclosurepedia is going to be there to document the fall of each and every NAMFS Member until the very end.

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