Safeguard Properties INSPI Software A Liability To The Industry

This is an Op Ed sent in by one of our readers in the #ForeclosurepediaNation on 20 December 2015. Fact of the matter is that the Chabad Mafia at Safeguard Properties (SGP) could give a damn. SGP is a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Member and is on the Financial Terrorist watchlist by Foreclosurepedia. It was sent to the following people:

Chad Emery at Freddie Mac, Drew McDonald at Fannie Mae, Craig H Karnes Director of the M&M at HUD, Jeremy Barrick, Thomas Cox, Joe Iafigliola, Jennifer Jozity, and Alan Jaffa all at Safeguard Properties.

Safeguard Management,

In your rush to force even more massive increases to data and photo requirements for Lock box data, grass cut QC inspections and REO and Wells Fargo REO interior orders, your scripts have massive errors.  It is clear your rush to force these increases onto inspections contractors clearly demonstrates Safeguard did not even test the scripts before deploying them.   These new Mobile INSPI scripts were updated Monday December 14th.

All contractors are well aware that Safeguard only cares about gaining Market Share and associated Revenue and will do anything and everything they can to achieve this goal, even if it is at the expense to contractors, the GSEs and taxpayers.

Your inspections department has confirmed that 1000’s of inspections contractors have been flooding the inspections department with calls since December 14th.

What is known is that the scripts that were supposed to only be added to grass cut QC, REO and Wells Fargo REO inspections, but were added to every inspection type, including all occupancy inspections.

Inspections contractors have been begging you to put the old scripts back in place because now a basic occupancy inspection that should have about 15 to 20 questions and 5 required photos, now has 50+ questions and 10+ photo requirements.  Questions about GFI outlets, water heaters, interior debris, interior condition, and Uniform Code standard ratings among others have nothing to do with occupancy inspections.  Most inspections contractors are only able to complete 4 inspections per hour at best, WHICH MEANS WE ARE ALL EXPERIENCING FINANCIAL LOSSES.  Because of this contractors do not have an incentive to do a good job.

This is causing massive increases in labor costs, and has caused every inspection contractor across the country to fall behind.  Compromising compliance turn times, as well as quality as inspections contractors are being forced to cut corners just to keep from drowning.  You are adding massive risk to the GSEs and financial institutions by keeping these erroneous scripts in place.

As soon as Safeguard was alerted to the error and confirmed by Safeguard on Monday December 14th, Safeguard should have used COMMON SENSE and immediately put the old scripts back in place.  The fact that it has been 7 days and management has not even used COMMON SENSE to put the old scripts back in place only exemplified Safeguards mismanagement and abuse of contractors, ineptitude to make the RIGHT DECISION, and complete disrespect for contractors time and financial situation.  Contractors are FAILING because of your mistake and you are doing nothing about.

Your inaction screams that Safeguards opinion on this matter towards inspection contractors is that “This is your problem not Safeguards,” even though Safeguard caused the problem.

The fact that each contractor has to answer 1000’s of unnecessary and irrelevant questions every day on all inspection work orders, which has caused massive delays, in turn will result in inspection Contractors to have to WORK THROUGH THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND AND NOT BE ABLE TO SPEND TIME WITH THEIR FAMILIES AS THEY HAD PLANNED.  They need to do this just to try to catch up with all the work they have fallen behind on.

They have fallen behind because SAFEGUARD made a massive mistake, and will not fix that mistake.

So while Safeguard’s owners, executives, VP,s and the rest of management is enjoying the holidays with their families, you have effectively destroyed the holidays for every inspection contractor nationwide. So thank you, thank you very much.  Your appreciation for contractors is now loud and very clear.

The question is, is Safeguard going to try to blame contractors for falling behind or start to send emails/calls to inspections contractors THREATENING that their accounts will be capped, work reassigned or issue chargebacks because Safegaurd made a massive mistake?

Well, I am including various GSE’s within this message to ensure that Safeguard does not try to screw over inspections contractors even more.  In fact, I hope that this compels GSE’s to look into Safeguard operations and how they manage and COMPENSATE all contractors.

What Safeguard is doing demonstrates a strong need for CONTROLS AND ACCOUNTABILITY to be added to PPI industry by the regulating GSEs.  Safeguard clearly is unable to make sound reasonable decisions when allowed to operate freely without said CONTROLS and OVERSIGHT in place.

Finally FOR THE LOVE OF GOD can you please fix the INSPI mobile application.  Safeguard’s IT department has acknowledged that since the Beginning of September 2015 the application has been crashing continually throughout the day for all inspections contractors.  As many as 40+ times a day, requiring a hard restart of the device, causing significant delays all day long.

This only compounds the anger and frustration inspections contractors have right now with the continued increase in data and photo requirements and the associated contractor labor costs, but Safeguard not only refuses to increase fees but is using creative excuses to decrease them even lower.  Apparently, $1.50 to $3.00 fee is ok as long as long GSEs don’t know.

Please address these issues ASAP.

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