Five Brothels Sued By Roundpoint Mortgage

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The cesspool of which the Mortgage Field Services Industry has become; the truly incestuous orgy of fraud now endemic is best identified by a simple thumbing through of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Member list when juxtaposed with a federal docket sheet. What would anyone expect, though, from Eric Miller, the Executive DireAnd what precisely do I mean by that? What I mean is when you take a look at, for example, Steven Hayden’s LinkedIn profile, go no further than the below to view the All in the Family incestuous lineup of Matt Martin Real Estate Management, PEMCO — gotta love that 8(a) diversification from mom and dad to daughter; Vendor Resource Management — we all remember the bitch slapping VRMs SVP Brandon Kirkham took when he tried to threaten Foreclosurepedia IN RE: VA Contract # VA798-12-C-001 and how are those VA Contracts treating you now Kirkhan — well, our dear Steve Hayden appears to be a lightning rod to all including Five Brothers and Roundpoint.

Hayden's LinkedIn Profile

Hayden’s LinkedIn Profile

While normally not a big deal as all criminals, as I perceive these people to be, need guidance, the incest is making even the sexual deviants blush,

Kirkham got his start at the now infamous Countrywide. Quite a few of the Preservation Industry players count themselves part of the Angelo Mozilo clan. Countrywide was a mansion built on a swampland of toxic loans given out to just about anyone who applied. Brandon Kirkham was just getting started though. Kirkham was the Co Founder and President of Compliance Connections, a Division of Safeguard Properties. I really do not need to say much else there, do I?!

“No, no, no, we didn’t do anything wrong,” he tells Bloomberg about claims that Countrywide precipitated the housing market crisis by issuing loans for houses that were grotesquely overpriced to borrowers that could not possibly have paid the money back. “Countrywide or Mozilo didn’t cause any of that.”Quoted from the Consumerist and more than likely similar to that which Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, will say at his sentencing hearing I continue to act out in my head.

Five Brothels, the hack firm which brought us #Fraudsters like Berghorst Enterprises, et al., is being sued by Roundpoint Mortgage. Joe Badalamenti, the ancient sod up in Michigan, hasn’t had a good Q3 – Q4 FY 2015. Five Brothers is being sued on all quarters now and true to form Tom Kalas, Bada’s dainty son-in-law, appears to have pulled out all stops in an attempt to demonstrate that I have forgotten more law than he will ever learn. This comes on the heels of the $100 Million suit against Five Brothels and US Bank. That suit is questionable, though, in its current format. Regardless, Bada and his ilk are beginning to realize the costs associated with fucking people.

Old habits die hard, especially when there’s no incentive to do things differently, says Rachel Steinmetz, a senior underwriter-turned-whistleblower who worked at subprime lender GreenPoint Mortgage, later bought by Capital One, until June 2006. The same shenanigans are going on again because the same people are controlling the industry.

It is the same old song with the same old spin. Eric Miller, the NAMFS Executive Director whom is PAID OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES, is additionally still running coverage for these criminals. That’s right, I am stating that it is my opinion that Joe Badalamenti; Tom Kalas and the rest of the Mickey Dale Snow, baby raping NAMFS type Members are nothing more glamorous than two bit hoods trying to run roughshod over Society. And I will tell you another thing, Miller and his clan have a very rude awakening to face come Mid January, 2016. His continued involvement into non NAMFS affairs has officially blurred the Office he holds as well as created yet another Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 13909 Complaint.

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