JTRS: How Mickey Snow Built Russ A Real Estate Empire

Foreclosurepedia just finished debriefing a High Value Source in Florida whom had intimate knowledge with respect to the Real Estate Empire which Mickey Snow created in Florida. In fact, this HVS, alone, had knowledge of the transfer of over FOUR MILLION DOLLARS OF REAL ESTATE IN CASH ONLY TRANSACTIONS. Foreclosurepedia is currently liaising with several US Government Agencies to ensure that our reporting does not hamper ongoing investigations; however, the following is considered to be undisclosed, but sanitized information.

What we know for sure is that Mickey Snow used Tongsua Management LLC as his own, personal entity. Generally, to be approved into the 8(a) Business Development Program and become certified, a small business must be owned and controlled at least 51% by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals who are American citizens. In the application of Tongsua Management LLC, it would appear obvious, to me at least, that Somporn Hewitt, the owner, did not have and was either unable or unwilling to exercise operational command and control over her firm. While Tongsua Management LLC’s  ownership structure, on paper, looked well and good, the reality is that Mickey Snow ran their operations from a back office. Specifically, we now have multiple confirmed reports of such.

Going all the way back to 2008, Mickey Snow began making cash purchases of properties in Volusia County, Florida, with himself; Snow Enterprises; and joint tenants with the right of survivorship (JTRS) ownership with his son, Russ Snow. When it became apparent that the Snow Enterprises General Headquarters in North Carolina would not continue to hold water with respect to the purchases, Snow spun up Snow Enterprises Southeastern down in Volusia County, Florida. We also know that as the screws began to tighten, Mickey Snow began to work with Victor Bugariu, a Florida Real Estate Broker, and Diversified Asset Management LLC was born.

What many people are not aware of are the vast real estate purchases in Volusia County, Florida, alone by Mickey Snow with Russ Snow listed as JTRS which means joint tenants with the right of survivorship. If the deed was prepared properly, it means that when one of the owners dies, the interest of that owner passes automatically to the remaining owner(s) without having to go through probate. Here is a list of those properties,

Our discussion with the HVS today also shed some light on a few other matters which will be fully fleshed out towards the weekend. First, it is now very apparent that Mickey Snow was a dye in the wool racist. As the HVS put it, “I don’t understand how every other word was nigger this and nigger that. I mean with Pon being Thai and all.”

A View Of Snow Enterprises In Eden, NC

A View Of Snow Enterprises In Eden, NC, December 2015

In closing, many folks have raised the issue that I never give folks like Mickey, Russ, Katrina or Somporn Hewitt the opportunity to comment. The below will assuage those misguided beliefs. Fact of the matter is that I probably have enough material to write for the next 20 years. The main problem is that I am a one man show and vastly underfunded. I mean it’s not just Snow Enterprises that I am investigating here; it’s not just Bettie Jane Swindell Snow whose entire life was destroyed towards the end by thugs sicked on her; it also includes Eastern Reality & Investment Corporation formed back in August, 1969. Yeah, probably didn’t see that one coming, huh?!

Interview Request With Tongsua Management LLC

                                                                 Interview Request With Tongsua Management LLC

Interview Request of  Snow Enterprises

                                                                             Interview Request With Snow Enterprises

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