Milo Radulovich: How Eric Miller Perceives Non NAMFS Members

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has been on a rampage for the past 4 years since Foreclosurepedia began divulging confidential information with respect to the Miller Boxcriminality of many NAMFS Members. At the helm has been Eric Miller Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, whom receives over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS Mickey D SnowPER YEAR CONSUMING NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES and has, in my opinion, unjustly enriched himself and his family upon the backs of Labor. As Foreclosurepedia recently revealed, Assero, an Eduardo San Roman company out of Levittown, Pennsylvania, has been implicated in calculated and conspiratorial civil rights violations against Ironclad Preservation, a Firm out of Deland, Florida, based only upon Ironclad’s association with Foreclosurepedia. I further submit that, after close examination of Assero’s leadership — Lee Mertins whom is a former Asset Management Specialists (AMS) Top Executive implicated in potentially millions of dollars of fraud against the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) — Foreclosurepedia stands by its condemnation of Eduardo San Roman and Assero. Eduardo San Roman stands as a testament to South Miami’s hatred of both Christianity and heterosexuality in my opinion. I base this upon the obvious support of Lee Mertins whose not so closet homosexuality is widely known within his former AMS Circles. The exploits of he and Brian Nesbit were #Epic as discussed with us during a confidential debriefing.

Milo Radulovich was an American citizen born of Serbian ethnicity in the former Air Force Reserve lieutenant who was accused of being a security risk for maintain a quote close in continuing relationship in quote with his father and sister in violation of Air Force Regulation 35-60. His case was publicized nationally by Edward Murrow on 20 October 1953 on Murrow’s weekly program, See It Now.

It would seem that anyone, or perhaps even anything such as a Contract, that stands contrary to that which Eric Miller wishes to push forward as an agenda stand as a clear and present danger to both Miller and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services in the same way that Senator Joseph McCarthy. during the 50’s, destroyed anyone who did not agree with he upon the Communist agenda. So to Miller and the NAMFS Board of Directors appear to be following in the same footsteps as Foreclosurepedia remains the only Media Outlet to question not only their veracity but the legality of their very existence. I think it is fair to say that when you examine the OVER FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS which has been extorted from the NAMFS #FraudFest Presidential Sponsor, over the past two years; when one unbiasedly looks at the publicity of all other NAMFS Presidential Sponsors and ZERO for the 2014 and 2015 NAMFS Presidential Sponsor juxtaposed, it is pretty clear what kind of Regime NAMFS has become and precisely whom its despot is.

What we know for sure is that Eric Miller’s stellar rise in his quest to take command and control of the NAMFS Board of Directors culminated with the appointment as NAMFS Executive Director. That position has never been relinquished as NAMFS spirals into financial insolvency, as I interpret the Tea Leaves vis-a-vis the NAMFS IRS Form 990. Additionally, Miller’s uncanny upward mobility a was nearly simultaneous with that of Mickey Dale Snow, Snow Enterprises and Tongsua Management — as if one was dependent upon the other.

At the end of the day, it is pretty self evident that Eric Miller will stop at nothing to ensure the complete and total assimilation of Labor. Miller’s disdain is duly noted throughout the Rank and File of NAMFS with most concurring that Miller is simply the appointed pawn of both Safeguard Properties (SGP) and Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS). This comes as no surprise as Foreclosurepedia revealed that Susan Bunnell, Wells Fargo Senior Vice President and Counsel for Contracts and Technology emphatically denied that Wells Fargo required Background Checks for Labor as they were not deemed to be Third Party Service Providers (TPSP).


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