Mickey Snow Bonds Out And Dyes Hair

On 16 December 2015, Mickey Dale Snow was planning his Pedophile Tour Redux and eagerly waiting to fall into the loving arms of his son Russ and daughter Katrina. A TWENTY ONE MILLION DOLLAR BOND was posted by Russ and Katrina — ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN CASH AND TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS IN ASSETS. So, the next time one of these Order Mills tell you that you need to do it for less because they make no money, ask them how much they donated to the Mickey Dale Snow Defense Committee. A Source close to the Investigation whom stated that 16 December 2015 kicked off the No Child Safe in Rockingham County Campaign and also stated Snow & Co. were getting ready to dye Grandpa Snow’s hair around that same time. It would seem apparent to me that they are all, while reading Foreclosurepedia, holding hands singing Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. Fact of the matter is that Foreclosurepedia was closely examining the situation before we wrote anything. The first sentence ought to tip the hand pertaining to that.

Foreclosurepedia additionally spoke with the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Joseph R. Holstead, Acting Chief, Media Division. Holstead works specifically for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which is under the umbrella of DHS. Holstead had responded to earlier communications and was a refreshing change to the normal gridlock within the Beltway. As many are aware, Foreclosurepedia filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with several US Government Agencies whom were involved in the Snow International Manhunt. With respect to USCIS and its ancillary agencies, we are attempting to obtain information pertaining to Snow’s medical records while in

The News and Record of Greensboro North Carolina reported on 21 December 2015 in a 1800EST article by David Britt and I’m going to quote here,

Mickey Dale Snow, who in October fled the country to avoid prosecution on sex crimes involving minors, walked out of the Rockingham County jail on Thursday night after his children paid $1 million in cash and put up $20 million to ensure he wouldn’t run away again.

You know, this is the same ol goddamn story that we keep hearing about the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, ladies and gentlemen. Michael Breese, HomeStarL and M Breese Property Solutions, that companion to Eric Miller, the NAMFS Executive Director whom is paid more than ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES, is a prime example of what I am talking about. Breese, whom now owes well over One Million Dollars without interest that I can track down, is a sterling example of what Eric Miller has brought to the Mortgage Field Services Industry. The Pox upon both Houses. Make no mistake what so goddamn ever that Eric Miller the executive director of the NAMFS Regime is doing what he does best rolling out the NAMFS House of Fraud.

The Image at the left is of a text message between Londa Breese and Michael Breese wherein Breese does just about everything but confess where he spent Labor’s money he stole through Unjust Enrichment.

Here is one of the latest Sources to step to the plate,

If you really want to investigate Mickey, you may want to check into the renters that live in the roach motel behind the Eden office. Most are drug addicts who gave him their ss numbers to use for all of the illegals who he works under the table. Another topic is how records were falsified prior to a [Redacted] audit which was always scheduled in advance.  Falsifying IRS tax documents, the list goes on and on. […] I didn’t want to go to work everyday worrying if that would be the day the Feds came to arrest everyone in the office. The sad truth is his children are as crooked as he is. You haven’t even begun to get to the tip of the iceberg.

As I type this today from the Foreclosurepedia Western Command Center outside Area 51 in Nevada, I must ask myself at what point in time will Labor rise up and proverbially bitch slap this him. Now, I know that many of my Clients are NAMFS Members; however, most agree that they are disturbed by the fact that they can neither vote upon the Executive Director’s position nor are they receiving any response from NAMFS on their issues. Now, I am NOT a man whom is ill spirited nor am I a person who would incite violence — there are lawfully ordained mechanisms within our system of justice which allows us to exercise our constitutional rights. The more and more closely as as I look at the the nebulous presentation which is Mickey Dale Snow; Snow Enterprises; Tongsua Management and Russ and Katrina Snow along with Porn Tongsua and Mary Hewitt I find myself as a Stranger in a Strange Land. I find myself to be a Voice in the Wilderness and even those Christian Clients I have whom preach the Good Book all over Social Media, seem to forget that Christ and not NAMFS is to whom they will ultimately account to.

Stay tuned tomorrow when we reveal how Snow got a walk on a firearms charges and several other items which a felon does hard time over.

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